How to use "perturb" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "perturb" in popular movie and book plots

  • By doing this and by bringing her presents he was protecting her from the industry and the cursed humanity that could perturb her serenity, "por ninguna vía la industria ni la malicia humana podía perturbar su sosiego".  - El celoso extremeño
  • A number of minor annoyances also perturb him throughout the day: a fly lands on his cereal at breakfast, which he inadvertently eats; an insurance salesman named Ray comes to the door, to which Furrows responds by feigning interest and, shortly after promising to take out a number of policies, slams the door in Ray's face with the words "I'd rather be dead"; an automated survey about carpet cleaning calls him repeatedly; his boss' wife comes by to pick up a book he was writing, and he (eventually) tells her off.  - High Strung (1991 film)

Example sentences for "perturb" in interesting articles

Meaning of "perturb" in English

  • throw into great confusion or disorder
  • disturb in mind or make uneasy or cause to be worried or alarmed
  • cause a celestial body to deviate from a theoretically regular orbital motion, especially as a result of interposed or extraordinary gravitational pull
  • disturb or interfere with the usual path of an electron or atom

Meaning of "perturb" in Hindi

  • बेचैन करना ( Bechain karana, bechain karanaa)
  • घबराना ( Ghabarana, ghabaranaa)
  • घबरा देना ( Ghabara dena, ghabaraa denaa)
  • बाधा डालना ( Badha dalana, baadhaa daalanaa)
  • क्रम बिगाडना ( Kram bigadana, kram bigaadanaa)
  • उद्विग्न कर देना ( Udvign kar dena, udvign kar denaa, udwign kar dena)
  • व्याकुल कर देना ( Vyakul kar dena, vyaakul kar denaa, wyakul kar dena)

Synonyms of "perturb"

  • trouble
  • disorder
  • unhinge
  • distract
  • disquiet
  • derange
  • cark
  • throw out of kilter

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