How to use "pervasive" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "pervasive" in popular movie and book plots

  • Puzyrev vigorously initiates an investigation, but the pervasive reporter Pukhova constantly and unconsciously interferes with his course.  - Private Detective, or Operation Cooperation
  • Adam’s stance against their pervasive competition for victimhood also leads to a divide with his Shiite Syrian friend, YAMEN.  - An Ishmael of Syria
  • These forces maintain control by separation of loved ones, shoot-on-sight curfews, forced disappearances, random checkpoints and frequent electronic identity checks, limitation of motor vehicle usage to official transport by special permit only (most citizens must walk or ride bicycles), pervasive visual propaganda, slave labor in a facility called the "Factory" for any transgressors (and their families) who are not executed, and electronic surveillance with Host-provided drone aircraft that launch from the wall.  - Colony (TV series)
  • Sir Thomas and his fellow Conservative win the election, but it is annulled on petition, and the borough is disfranchised by Parliament because of its pervasive corruption.  - Ralph the Heir
  • In the background looms the tragedy of the suspicious death years ago of the first-born son; a pervasive and never spoken of subject.  - Falling Angels (film)
  • After visiting with his ex-wife Anne Esterhazy about their own "anomalous" child, Kott hears of the theories of dr Milton Glaub, a psychotherapist at Camp Ben-Gurion, an institution for those afflicted with pervasive developmental disorders.  - Martian Time-Slip
  • Liberation in 1949 and the period of the Five Year Plans are referred to in passing as “By then an earthshaking change had occurred in our land, characterized mainly by pervasive turmoil.  - The Ancient Ship
  • On the way home from the marriage ceremony, Kien, a virgin, has brief but intense fantasies about consummating the marriage, revealing his ignorance of sex as well as disturbing ideas about women (misogyny is one of the most pervasive themes in the book, usually to the degradation and downfall of the characters, though not explicitly condemned by the narrative): But Kein was surreptitiously contemplating the skirt.  - Auto-da-Fé (novel)
  • Fighting against the pervasive pessimism of the world (people tend to avoid relationships, as one can be taken by a Passenger at any moment), he tries to connect with his fellow victim.  - Passengers (short story)
  • Earth in the future has become a rough society where pervasive bureaucratic regulation by a global (and extra-solar) UN means everything happens slowly, permits and licenses are required for most activities, all law-abiding citizens are tracked by computer implants constantly, and workers at all levels are unmotivated.  - Freehold (novel)
  • The rest of the story deals with the aftermath of this tragic event, with all the inevitable undercurrents of guilt, penitence and pervasive heartbreak that stem from it.  - Amar (film)
  • When an interior slice of Betts's polymerized head is examined, the agents discover that his frontal lobe displayed signs of pervasive cancer.  - Leonard Betts
  • The entire reason that the Coca-Cola Company wanted to use water from Antarctica's melting ice in its soda was because of the pervasive danger of bio-terrorism contaminating the water supply.  - The Brief History of the Dead
  • He also notes more pervasive racism, when a popular black athlete is denied entrance to the Hasty Pudding Club, and when a drill instructor punishes him during his service in the Marines when he inadvertently invites him to a segregated restaurant off-base, which the drill instructor interpreted as taunting.  - The Class (Erich Segal novel)
  • In addition to adopting set designs of the original film, this version has more emphasis on a strong and pervasive theme of class struggle in a dystopian, plutocratic society and expands it to examine the relationship of robots with their human masters.  - Metropolis (2001 film)
  • Anderson has unwittingly entered a world of pervasive surveillance – the agents, cameras, bugs, and tracking devices of numerous public and private agencies see almost the entire operation from the earliest planning to the execution.  - The Anderson Tapes
  • This invisibility is pervasive except for one flaw: when red light is focused on the wearer, he becomes visible.  - Mr. India (1987 film)
  • Based on a true story, the plot revolves around the efforts of debate coach Melvin Tolson (Denzel Washington) at a Historically Black College Wiley College to place his team on equal footing with whites in the American South during the 1930s, when Jim Crow laws were common and lynch mobs were a pervasive fear for blacks.  - The Great Debaters
  • This produces the novel’s first and most pervasive irony: Phallos is pornography with virtually all the sex excised.  - Phallos (novella)
  • The Outer Band Individuated Teletracer (known by the acronymBIT) is so pervasive and invasive that no one can escape its prying eye, at any time or within 500 miles.  - O.B.I.T.
  • The author here creates a fictional dystopia strangely reminiscent of pre-revolutionary France, or perhaps WWII occupied France, incorporating a 'resistance', internal government factions vying for power, and using the ancient Jewish fiction of the Golem to personify the insidious and pervasive powers of 'secret police' and state control.  - The Golem's Eye
  • ] Singleton's abilities bring him high command, although his piratical activities encourage the growth of a callousness so pervasive that at times it leads to cruelty.  - Captain Singleton
  • He also fails to raise civic awareness due to pervasive corruption and a general lack of seriousness.  - Anniyan
  • Ellis and Jayne move to fictional Midland, an affluent suburban town outside New York City, which they no longer consider safe due to pervasive terrorist acts in a post-9/11 America.  - Lunar Park
  • The Corry is in no formal sense a gay club, indeed it is made clear that there are non-gay members, but there is a pervasive homoerotic atmosphere.  - The Swimming Pool Library
  • Although dead, Rebecca's presence is nonetheless pervasive - several things throughout the house - stationery, handkerchiefs, bed linens, even the master bedroom door - bear her ornate "R" or "R de W" monogram.  - Rebecca (1940 film)
  • Hilarity ensues as Bareja gives the audience a guided tour of the corruption, absurd bureaucracy, pervasive bribery and flourishing black market that pervaded socialism in the People's Republic of Poland.  - Teddy Bear (1980 film)
  • At one point, he falls in love with a female satyr-like creature who recounts to him the full Gnostic creation myth; Gnosticism is a pervasive presence in another of Eco's novels, Foucault's Pendulum.  - Baudolino
  • But something far more sinister lurked behind Ahn'Qiraj's walls: the Old God C'Thun, an ancient entity whose pervasive evil had suffused Azeroth since time immemorial.  - World of Warcraft
  • Based in the Wolf 359 system, the Bureau is so pervasive that some Federation citizens charge that it runs the government.  - Escape Velocity Nova

Example sentences for "pervasive" in interesting articles

  • To that end, we encourage companies considering opening foreign offices to think carefully about a given country's track record on freedom of expression. As for India, we believe that by placing such pervasive restrictions on free expression, the Indian government is losing an opportunity to be an important part of the digital revolution.  - India’s Downward Spiral
  • AT&T illegally monitored all of its traffic for years.Monitoring internet traffic at this level of detail would make pervasive censorship possible.  - The Invisible War for the Open Internet
  •  But it’s the mundanities of the drug war, the criminal-justice system and everyday policing that are far more destructive, pervasive and pernicious.  - ‘Do Not Resist': A look at the normalization of warrior cops
  • “I was a mess, with nothing to me, until the idea of following the mujahid’s way gave me rules to live by”: to channel his energy into jihad and defend his Muslim brethren under attack from infidels in France and everywhere, “from Palestine to Burma.” Because many foreign volunteers are marginal in their host countries, a pervasive belief among Western governments and NGOs is that offering would-be enlistees jobs or spouses or access to education could reduce violence and counter the Caliphate’s pull.  - The War ISIS Wants
  • All of that is captured in a pervasive feeling: rats are gross. Extermination efforts in South Georgia.  - On the front lines of humanity’s high-tech war on rats
  • It’s like MSG to make the msg taste good. Reply to This Comment Irusan January 27, 2017 at 8:14 am 0 Racism is “thrown in” because it is pervasive in American life.  - I was trained for the culture wars in home school
  • Craigslist itself is unimpeachable.In other words, that pervasive laissez-faire attitude that Reham Fagiri considers a design flaw might actually be the site’s biggest strength.AptDeco does not have the luxury of benevolent inaction.  - Craigslist Is Ugly, Janky, Old School, and Unbeatable
  • Qi’s confluence of features, including an optional type system (actually, its type system might be more accurately classified as “skinnable”), pattern matching,3 and an embedded logic engine based on Prolog, make it a very compelling choice indeed. newLISP newLISP raised some ire at one point or another because of its design choices, specifically its choice of pervasive dynamic scope and fexprs (pdf).4 I like dynamic scope under some circumstances, but I can’t say that I’ve followed it to its logical end for any application of significant size or complexity.  - The German School of Lisp ("Fluchtpunkt Lisps")
  • It’s like MSG to make the msg taste good. Reply to This Comment Irusan January 27, 2017 at 8:14 am 0 Racism is “thrown in” because it is pervasive in American life.  - I was trained for the culture wars in home school
  • degree” means. They should also understand “The Bullying Culture of Medical School” and residency, which is pervasive and pernicious—and it contributes to the relationship failures that notoriously plague the medical world.  - Be a nurse or P.A. instead of a doctor: the underrated perils of medical school
  • I use copy and paste while programming all the time, but never in a way that runs counter to Curly's Law. But pervasive high-speed internet -- and a whole new generation of hyper-connected young programmers weaned on the web -- has changed the dynamics of programming.  - A Modest Proposal for the Copy and Paste School of Code Reuse
  • No, it should go to the kids with severe learning disabilities and pervasive developmental disorders, such as mild autism.  - Why Do Schools Stigmatize "Gifted Children"?

Meaning of "pervasive" in English

  • spreading or spread throughout
    - the pervasive odor of garlic
    - an error is pervasive if it is material to more than one conclusion

Meaning of "pervasive" in Hindi

  • फैलती हुई ( Phailati hui, phailatee huee, failati hui)
  • व्यापक ( Vyapak, vyaapak, wyapak)

Synonyms of "pervasive"

  • permeant
  • permeative
  • permeating

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