How to use "petulant" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "petulant" in popular movie and book plots

  • In Manhattan, Anran acquires a new boyfriend, a petulant painter called Michael (Qin Hao).  - But Always
  • A letter from Tatiana telling him that she will be delayed arriving in Baden due to the illness of her aunt puts Litvinov in a petulant mood.  - Smoke (novel)
  • As petulant as ever, she knocks him unconscious with a well aimed stone when he professes his love for her.  - Conan the Magnificent
  • After Duck directly challenges Don, Don informs him that he is not under any contract to the agency, to Duck's petulant surprise.  - Mad Men (season 2)
  • Her dad's old camera in hand, she records telling moments in the lives of the inadequate humans around her: her antidepressant-dependent mother; her moody sister; petulant dinner guests.  - The Hedgehog
  • However, the daughter only appeared because she was under duress, and behaved in a most petulant and churlish manner.  - Yingying's Biography
  • Camila grew up to be a rather unstable young woman with a petulant and selfish nature.  - Vidas robadas (Mexican telenovela)
  • Held captive with the petulant figurehead ruler of Jamaillia known as the Magnadon Satrap, she discovers that her worth to their captors is only as high as her erstwhile companion's.  - Ship of Destiny
  • Alas, the petulant pooch does not take direction well, nor does he respond positively when the cameraman announces that he's "ready to shoot".  - Rover's Big Chance
  • Franklin sharply rebukes Adams for his lack of diplomatic acumen, describing it as a "direct insult followed by a petulant whine".  - John Adams (miniseries)
  • Louise is in love with Gray, but petulant and angry to be living amidst Chinese people and Japanese bombing.  - China Sky
  • One thousand years later, St Patrick's Day in modern-day Los Angeles, a petulant sixteen-year-old girl named Bridget Callum, a descendant of the O'Day bloodline, has gotten into a fight with her boyfriend, Cody Ingalls.  - Leprechaun 2
  • His petulant attitude gets him locked up in one of Wayne Manor's many rooms, but he easily escapes.  - Batman and Son
  • The newly appointed Prime Minister, William Pitt the Younger (portrayed by Simon Osborne as a petulant teenager), wants to declare war on Napoleon Bonaparte, give "tougher sentences" for his geography teacher "Banana-Breath" Scrigshanks, and, most of all, strike the idiotic Prince Regent from the Civil List.  - Dish and Dishonesty
  • After much soul searching, Elliot decides she has to turn herself around and, after getting a completely new look, marches into the hospital and forces the petulant head of Radiology to testD.  - My Own American Girl
  • Hollander plays Maximilian II (often called Junior), the ignorant, vindictive and petulant ruler of a troubled (but unnamed) country.  - Land of the Blind
  • Caesar is also clearly irked by the petulant young king.  - Caesarion (Rome)
  • Poirot meets the petulant Lady Hoggin and her put-upon companion, Miss Amy Carnaby, who is clearly frightened of her employer.  - The Labours of Hercules
  • Peter Brock (Michael Bryant) is the selfish and petulant head of a research team for Ryan Electrics.  - The Stone Tape
  • A very petulant Dejiko stands her ground, and the tutor finally relents and lets Dejiko and Puchiko go outside the castle grounds, on the condition that they take Gema with them as a chaperon.  - Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat
  • Salieri reels at the notion of God speaking through the childish, petulant Mozart: nevertheless, he regards his music as miraculous.  - Amadeus (film)
  • The Misfits are composed of petulant rich girl Pizzazz (real name Phyllis Gabor) and her cohorts: no-nonsense guitarist Roxy (Roxanne Pelligrini) and kind-hearted, sensitive keytar player Stormer (Mary Phillips).  - Jem (TV series)
  • The gods are revealed to be petulant children who have no interest in answering mortal prayers.  - Erik the Viking
  • The first four golden tickets are found by the gluttonous Augustus Gloop, the spoiled and petulant Veruca Salt, the gum-addicted Violet Beauregarde, and the TV-obsessed Mike Teavee.  - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Meaning of "petulant" in English

  • easily irritated or annoyed
    - not the least nettlesome of his countrymen

Meaning of "petulant" in Hindi

  • झक्की ( Jhakki, jhakkee, zhakki)
  • दुःशील ( Duhshil, duhsheel)
  • अविनीत ( Avinit, avineet, awinit)
  • गुस्ताख ( Gustakh, gustaakh)
  • ढीठ ( Dhith, dheeth)
  • चिडचिडा ( Chidachida, chidachidaa)
  • चिड़चिड़ा ( Chidachida, chidachidaa)
  • व्यभिचारी ( Vyabhichari, vyabhichaaree, wyabhichari)
  • लंपट ( Lanpat)
  • बदमिज़ाज ( Badamizaj, badamizaaj, badamizaz)
  • बदमिजाज़ ( Badamijaz, badamijaaz, badamizaz)
  • धृष्टतापूर्ण ( Dhrishtatapurn, dhrishtataapoorn)

Synonyms of "petulant"

  • peckish
  • tetchy
  • peevish
  • techy
  • nettlesome
  • fractious
  • cranky
  • scratchy
  • pettish
  • irritable
  • testy

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