How to use "phoenix" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "phoenix" in popular movie and book plots

  • Fêng-chien was once hurt by the gold phoenix hairpin made by Chung Tʻien, as no one can survive being hurt by Chung Tʻien's metalwork.  - The King of Blaze (manhua)
  • Safe in mr Hu’s antique shop in Chinatown, mr Hu reveals that the coral rose is actually the phoenix which has the power to transform evil beings into good ones.  - The Tiger's Apprentice
  • Fairy Tail's master Makarov Dreyar and guildmates Gajeel Redfox and Panther Lily arrive with news that Carbuncle is working for Duke Cream, the ruler of the neighboring country of Veronica, who plans to combine Éclair's stone with the other half in his possession to summon a phoenix that will grant him immortality.  - Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess
  • He locates the second, the phoenix mirror, in a basement hidden beneath his father's dojo.  - Shenmue (series)
  • On the idyllic phoenix island in the south china sea a golden city becomes the birthplace to a new form of Kung Fu.  - Return of the Kung Fu Dragon
  • However, during the Empress' daily walk around the imperial garden, the phoenix headpiece suddenly weeps tears of blood.  - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
  • Upon reading a newspaper article, Tess discovers that the phoenix has been captured in the Phoenix Park, and is now on display in Dublin Zoo.  - Midnight's Choice
  • The book ends as Tess prepares to become a phoenix and fly with Kevin over the city.  - Switchers (novel)
  • The phoenix also symbolizes the faithful followers through the baptismal altar where the sinful self dies and the new hope within Christ comes to life.  - The Phoenix (Old English poem)
  • She dubs the former superheroes the Phoenix Group because like the mythical phoenix they plan to rise from the ashes.  - JLA: Act of God
  • To assemble the muffin, Timmy must bake it with magical forms of common cake ingredients, namely super strong hair raising flour, a phoenix egg, pixie sugar, and mooncalf milk.  - The Fairly OddParents: Shadow Showdown
  • Jean Grey, with help from her students, fends off the attack, eventually manifesting a phoenix raptor display in psychic dominance.  - Imperial (comics)
  • The pilots kill them all and the phoenix shatters the ice.  - Salamander (anime)
  • However, two unforeseen events occur: Conan is forewarned of the impending coup d'état by the long-dead sage Epemitreus, who marks Conan's sword with a mythical phoenix representing Mitra, a Hyborian god.  - The Phoenix on the Sword
  • The empire of Jehanglan is sustained by the Phoenix dynasty, which draws its power from a phoenix trapped a thousand years ago.  - Dragon and Phoenix
  • Weapon X forces Magneto to come clean; he says that he saw the flaming phoenix emblem in the flash of light when the bombs stopped, and decided to accept that the world saw him as its saviour.  - Age of Apocalypse (limited series)
  • Ren decides to help Ryo after deciding there may be money to be made in Ryo's mysterious phoenix mirror; Lan Di took the second mirror, the dragon mirror, when he killed Ryo's father.  - Shenmue II
  • The Regis transforms the Invid race into a massive phoenix of pure energy, in the same manner by which the Invid first arrived on Earth, and ascends into the sky.  - Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles
  • As the nurses get him to put on some overalls, the viewer sees that he has a tattoo of phoenix on his chest.  - Santa Sangre
  • The warrior must also find three sacred artifacts to call upon the power of the phoenix to defeat Deathtoll.  - Soul Blazer
  • He locates the second, the phoenix mirror, in a hidden basement beneath his father's dojo.  - Shenmue
  • The following morning, Granger teaches Montag and the others about the legendary phoenix and its endless cycle of long life, death in flames, and rebirth.  - Fahrenheit 451

Example sentences for "phoenix" in interesting articles

Meaning of "phoenix" in English

  • the state capital and largest city located in south central Arizona; situated in a former desert that has become a prosperous agricultural area thanks to irrigation
  • a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Tucana and Sculptor
  • a legendary Arabian bird said to periodically burn itself to death and emerge from the ashes as a new phoenix; according to most versions only one phoenix lived at a time and it renewed itself every 500 years
  • a large monocotyledonous genus of pinnate-leaved palms found in Asia and Africa

Meaning of "phoenix" in Hindi

  • फ़ीनिक्स
  • फीनिक्स
  • अमरपक्षी
  • अपूर्व व्यक्ति
  • एक पौराणिक पक्षी

Synonyms of "phoenix"

  • capital of arizona
  • genus phoenix

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