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Example sentences for "piety" in popular movie and book plots

  • Pu notes the importance of filial piety in his postscript, and narrates another tale concerning a bailiff who initially orders his adulterous wife to hang herself, only to rescind his command when her pleas for mercy become intolerable; thereafter, the couple make amends.  - Traveller Tong
  • As part of his scheme Soon-bong takes his children to court, since he has received none of the filial piety that he is due; he asks instead for a cash sum that none of them can pay.  - What Happens to My Family?
  • He is defiant, but when Charles places the crown on his head he is devastated by the filial piety the gesture represents.  - King Victor and King Charles
  • Werner Herzog wrote and directed the ninth episodes which shows the piety of people today, especially the descendants of the original Christian followers in Latin America.  - 2000 Jahre Christentum
  • The story begins with the sons of the Hung-mo (Hongwu) Emperor returning to the capital city as a show of filial piety to their father, who has fallen extremely ill.  - Relic of an Emissary
  • Mary became famous not only for her piety but particularly for her mourning.  - The Life of Saint Mary the Harlot
  • After hearing of Kaylor's disappearance, Reyes theorizes that Fassl's piety and his unwillingness to acknowledge his darker half has given him the unwanted ability to physically change into another, more violent person.  - Underneath (The X-Files)
  • Would La Régnie, who scents crime everywhere, immediately believe me if I accused the honest Cardillac, the very embodiment of complete piety and virtue, of attempted murder.  - Mademoiselle de Scuderi
  • This convoluted tale of palace intrigue, suspicion, unreciprocated love, seduction, villainy and piety was interspersed with excellent music.  - Raja Mukthi
  • He does not find the spiritual peace he sought even though he follows a strict regimen of ascetic piety to the point of flagellating himself half to death.  - Martin Luther (1953 film)
  • During her travels, she meets a boy who was brought up as a girl, tricks a holy man, swims in the Roman baths of Aquae Sulis, takes part in a battle, and witnesses Arthur's brutality, piety and immorality, all the while observing her master create the fantastic stories that have made 'King Arthur' one of the most famous men in legend.  - Here Lies Arthur
  • Failing to fulfill acts of filial piety prevents him from gaining respect or status among the kitsune, and so for centuries he has sought out this drum.  - Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura
  • Before her wedding, Undine encounters an acquaintance from Apex named Elmer Moffatt, a character with "a genuine disdain for religious piety and social cant", as the scholar Elaine Showalter observes.  - The Custom of the Country
  • A fearsome and occasionally violent presence at home who insists on strict rules of Muslim piety and sobriety in the house—for example, his wife is hardly ever allowed to leave the house, to maintain the family's good name—al-Sayyid Ahmad permits himself officially forbidden pleasures, particularly music, drinking wine and conducting numerous extramarital affairs with women he meets at his grocery store, or with courtesans who entertain parties of men at their houses with music and dancing.  - Palace Walk
  • Stanley Rode admits to Smiley that his murdered wife's apparent piety and good works concealed an unsavoury selfishness and vindictiveness which repelled him.  - A Murder of Quality
  • Her piety is a cover up for her romantic love for the chain-smoking chaplain.  - Dark Habits
  • The book offers a sublime combination of religious piety combined with realism of the church's place in modern society rarely found in American literature, and which perhaps only the recent books by Jan Karon about an Episcopal priest's life in modern-day North Carolina can match.  - The Bishop's Mantle
  • The play also attacks the false piety in attitudes to sex, politics and religion.  - The Quare Fellow
  • After a pleasant sojourn at the Citta del Monte, Orsini meets the saint, whose obvious piety deeply affects both him and Belli.  - Prince of Foxes
  • Arda Viraf is chosen for his piety to undertake a journey to the next world in order to prove the truth of Zoroastrian beliefs, after a period when the land of Iran had been troubled by the presence of confused and alien religions.  - Book of Arda Viraf
  • Frightened into piety by Father Maxi's fire-and-brimstone sermon, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny begin to attend Sunday school classes with a nun named Sister Anne, who teaches them about Communion and confession.  - Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?
  • The tension between Kieu's impulsive tendencies and filial piety is evident.  - The Tale of Kieu
  • Jane serves as a foil for Diana; although Diana loathes Jane's religious piety and optimistic outlook on life, she seems to genuinely care about Jane's wellbeing, as evidenced by her and Tom's attempts to help Jane when it comes to the matter of dealing with Harvey's manipulation of Jane's love for him.  - Waiting for God (TV series)
  • The second story is based on the life of St Hilarion and tells of Josephus, an early Christian hermit who acquires a reputation for piety but is inwardly troubled by self-loathing and seeks a confessor, only to find that same penitent had been seeking him.  - The Glass Bead Game
  • She resented the rigid piety of her childhood.  - Daniel Deronda
  • She instead finds her experience to be frightening and disorienting; appreciating the witty sarcasm and adventurousness of her friend Doreen, but also identifying with the piety of Betsy (dubbed "Pollyanna Cowgirl"), a "goody-goody" sorority girl who always does the right thing.  - The Bell Jar
  • Furthermore, he asks to see their king, Theseus, saying, "I come as someone sacred, someone filled with piety and power, bearing a great gift for all your people".  - Oedipus at Colonus
  • The act of filial piety wins reprieve from Emperor Taizong of Tang and the imperial consort who was birth-mother to the Emperor bestows money to Mulan to provide for her parents and wedding funds for the princess who confessed to having promised herself to general ().  - Hua Mulan
  • Tesimond also claimed Fawkes was "a man highly skilled in matters of war", and that it was this mixture of piety and professionalism which endeared him to his fellow conspirators.  - Guy Fawkes

Example sentences for "piety" in interesting articles

  • Acknowledging this fact could help us tailor our counterterrorism priorities—and publicizing it could help us erode the powerful images of strength and piety that terrorists rely on for recruiting and funding.  - The Case for Calling Terrorists Nitwits
  • Not since the 1920s has there been so little cynicism and so much public piety about the person who takes a risk, goes out on his own, makes it all work.  - The Case Against Credentialism (1985)

Meaning of "piety" in English

  • righteousness by virtue of being pious

Meaning of "piety" in Hindi

  • ईश्वर भक्ति ( Ishvar bhakti, eeshvar bhakti, ishwar bhakti)
  • धर्मनिष्ठता ( Dharmanishthata, dharmanishthataa)
  • धर्मपरायणता ( Dharmaparayanata, dharmaparaayanataa)

Synonyms of "piety"

  • piousness

Antonyms of "piety"

  • impiety
  • impiousness

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