How to use "pique" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "pique" in popular movie and book plots

  • She shoots her expensive widescreen TV through the screen in a fit of pique and complains that "the world is unfair" because her TV is wrecked but Roger Willemsen is still alive.  - Ruf! Mich! An!
  • Around this time, their actions pique the interest of Detective Holliston, the cop assigned to Lila's case.  - Lila & Eve
  • Confronted by the Clan Lord Abe Masayori for trespassing in his lands of Oshi, Nariatsu kills him in a fit of pique and rides home.  - Eleven Samurai
  • Hitchcock arranges for special theater instructions to pique the public's interest such as forbidding admittance after the film begins.  - Hitchcock (film)
  • This, as well as the mention of Pernell's name, pique Robdal's interest.  - The Frog and the Pussycat
  • In a fit of pique and to the surprise of everyone, including Chun Tung, Chloe holds a spot news conference in which she announces her imminent marriage to Chun Tung.  - Let It Be Love
  • In a pique she goes to sleep and dreams, while her new dress with its flower design is draped over a chair.  - Blind Wives
  • In a fit of pique over being fired and having her reputation damaged by Hilly's lies, Minny baked her own excrement into a chocolate pie for Hilly, who ate two slices before being informed by Minny of the pie's ingredients.  - The Help (film)
  • The FBI and the mob not wanting Spenser to investigate the case only serve to pique his interest.  - Back Story
  • Upon learning that Nationals will be held in New York this year, they decide to perform "Empire State of Mind" in the school courtyard, hoping to pique the interest of their schoolmates.  - Audition (Glee)
  • In Swords and Ice Magic the duo face a series of challenges from Death of greater or lesser subtlety ("The Sadness of the Executioner," "Beauty and the Beasts," "Trapped in the Shadowland" and "The Bait"), the pique of deities they formerly worshiped whose names they now rarely even use in vain ("Under the Thumbs of the Gods"), a voyage to the strange equatorial ocean of Nehwon ("Trapped in the Sea of Stars"), and recruitment to succor Nehwon's Iceland, the legendary Rime Isle, menaced by Sea Mingols and a pair of refugee gods ("The Frost Monstreme," "Rime Isle").  - Swords and Ice Magic
  • In a fit of pique Escargot eats a pie that his wife had been withholding to bribe him into attending a revival meeting.  - The Stone Giant
  • Gabrielle advises her that men like variety, and to try different wigs to spice up their sex life and pique Tom’s interest.  - If There's Anything I Can't Stand
  • Her complete change in appearance and demeanour means that it is Boadicea rather than Olive who is the centre of attention, and in a fit of pique Olive accuses her of throwing herself at the Lieutenant and suggests she should be sent to boarding school for a year.  - Meadowsweet (novel)
  • Not long after, Morgan's daring exploits on the Spanish Main pique the interest of King Charles II of England, and Morgan agrees to attack only Spanish vessels in return for English ships and men.  - Morgan, the Pirate
  • She eventually confronts Henet, who in a fit of pique admits she hates Renisenb and hated Renisenb's long-deceased mother.  - Death Comes as the End
  • Armstrong finally goads Professor Lindt into revealing his anti-missile equations in a fit of pique over what Lindt believes are Armstrong's mathematical mistakes.  - Torn Curtain
  • Fulvius takes the opportunity to implore Sophonisba on Cabiria’s behalf, but in a fit of pique she tells the distraught Roman that Cabiria is dead.  - Cabiria
  • Zola is reluctant to give up a comfortable life, but she brings forth new evidence to pique his curiosity.  - The Life of Emile Zola

Example sentences for "pique" in interesting articles

  • “Although Gass’s pique at having to defend his identity is understandable, it does not follow that his case raises larger legal questions that appellate courts must resolve at this time,” the court stated.John felt betrayed by the whole process.  - Who Is Watching You?
  • ones for old bugs) would be sufficient to pique the interest of potential bidders.  - Why the NSA Dump Isn't from an Insider
  • Give enough time and they will…maybe not out of curiousity but out of any of the other possibilities laid out by the consultants mentioned in the article, and then some. redflux Posted 18 May 2006 at 01:46 pm I say no warning (at least on the surface) … you’ll just pique curiosity! put the warnings underground so that if anyone actually does start to dig … then they get the warning … and make it revolting but relatively harmless ..  - Warning signs for the year 10,000
  • These are the people who think the government is always watching them, when in actuality the government is looking for patterns of usage that don't stick to the norm (so these people likely do pique interest, but they aren't ever really monitored because outside of a few similarities they will continue to act normally for themselves). Successful, "Bad" people are much better at blending in with society than these people. Will it gain anything for the government? Not really other than allowing them to be able to connect a few dots for communications in the past.  - What are the implications of NSA surveillance on the average Internet user?
  • This is a fifteen second description of your company, designed to pique their interest.  - Lanyrd: From idea to exit the story of our startup

Meaning of "pique" in English

  • tightly woven fabric with raised cords
  • a sudden outburst of anger
  • cause to feel resentment or indignation

Meaning of "pique" in Hindi

  • चिढ़ ( Chidh)
  • चोट करना ( Chot karana, chot karanaa)

Synonyms of "pique"

  • irritation
  • temper
  • offend

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