How to use "plaintive" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "plaintive" in popular movie and book plots

  • She tells him that she knows that she will one day reach similar state and that there will be no one to help her in the same way, a plaintive declaration that clearly troubles the silent and pensive House.  - The Dig (House)
  • A strobe light flickers as Jimmy Scott croons a plaintive jazz ballad, "Sycamore Trees".  - Episode 29 (Twin Peaks)
  • A plaintive Jack decides to just sit at the bar and listen to the singer's story while watching to see if any guy comes up to her.  - Love Is Blind (The Twilight Zone)
  • Paul sings, a cappella – in both English and Polish, the plaintive "Ever Homeward", the only song in the film.  - The Miracle of the Bells
  • The director nevertheless manages to secure funding from a man called Baron Felix, who himself secures one of the actresses named Sabine, to the chagrin of Sabine's plaintive boyfriend.  - For Ever Mozart
  • The plaintive drone of a weeping woman, cruelly punctured and shattered corpses, a pool of blood "that never dries", and a disembodied Italian voice with unexpected musical tastes all imply the wrath of wraiths behind recent atrocities.  - The Italian Secretary
  • As these are unable to speak, Bdelycleon says a few words for them on behalf of the accused and then some puppies (the children of the accused) are ushered in to soften the heart of the old juror with their plaintive cries.  - The Wasps
  • The Chorus of Old Men commiserates with the young man in a plaintive song.  - Lysistrata

Example sentences for "plaintive" in interesting articles

  • In my ears rang her plaintive words, so emblematic of the tough spot in which we both now found ourselves.  - In the Basement of the Ivory Tower
  • In my ears rang her plaintive words, so emblematic of the tough spot in which we both now found ourselves.  - In the Basement of the Ivory Tower (2008)
  • The body count never seems to have been determined, although the BBC puts it in the “thousands.”“In one truck,” wrote Colin Smith in a March 3 dispatch for the Observer, “the radio had been knocked out of the dashboard but was still wired up and faintly picking up some plaintive Arabic air which sounded so utterly forlorn I thought at first it must be a cry for help.”Iraqi prisoners of war, captured by the U.S.  - The War Photo No One Would Publish

Meaning of "plaintive" in English

  • expressing sorrow

Meaning of "plaintive" in Hindi

  • विलापी ( Vilapi, vilaapee, wilapi)
  • फरियादी ( Phariyadi, phariyaadee, fariyadi)
  • शोकसूचक ( Shokasuchak, shokasoochak)
  • दुःखपूर्ण
  • शोकार्थक ( Shokarthak, shokaarthak)
  • दुःखपूर्ण ( Duhkhapurn, duhkhapoorn)
  • शोकपूर्ण ( Shokapurn, shokapoorn)
  • विषाद-पूर्ण ( Vishad-purn, vishaad-poorn, wishad-purn)
  • विषादपूर्ण ( Vishadapurn, vishaadapoorn, wishadapurn)
  • शोकाभिव्यंजना ( Shokabhivyanjana, shokaabhivyanjanaa, shokabhiwyanzana)
  • दुख भरा ( Dukh bhara, dukh bharaa)

Synonyms of "plaintive"

  • mournful

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