How to use "player" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "player" in popular movie and book plots

  • The size of the house depends on how much treasure the player gathered before the end of the game.  - Luigi's Mansion
  • At this point, the player has to choose between the Team, Wits, or Fists Path, which influences the way the stones are acquired.  - Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
  • Robert "Dutch" Holland (James Stewart) is a professional baseball player with the st Louis Cardinals.  - Strategic Air Command (film)
  • Essie is married to Ed Carmichael, a xylophone player who lives with them and helps distribute Essie's candies.  - You Can't Take It with You (play)
  • Final Fantasy V features five player characters, though only four of which are playable at a given time.  - Final Fantasy V
  • During the game, the player can have a total of five, or fewer, characters in the party at any given time.  - Final Fantasy IV
  • The game's plot is then portrayed through the eyes of Ramza Beoulve, who is the player character of the story.  - Final Fantasy Tactics
  • She discovers the papers in his pocket and an experienced chess player explains to her the matter of the notes.  - The Luzhin Defence
  • Set in 2794, Marathon places the player as a security officer aboard an enormous human starship called theESC.  - Marathon Trilogy
  • The night after Blanche’s arrival, during one of Stanley’s poker parties, Blanche meets Mitch, one of Stanley’s poker player buddies.  - A Streetcar Named Desire
  • The player takes on the part of Prisoner 849, aboard the prison spacecraft Vortex Rikers.  - Unreal (1998 video game)
  • Elliot is a basketball player who enjoys a game with his friends.  - Nights into Dreams
  • The player assumes the role of one such hero.  - Hexen: Beyond Heretic
  • The player must first fight through the undead hordes infesting the location where the elders performed their ritual.  - Heretic (video game)
  • The player realizes that the Dark Wanderer's mission is to reunite with the other prime evils, Baal and Mephisto.  - Diablo II
  • The player begins in a tiny hamlet, near which he/she used to live.  - Castle of the Winds

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