How to use "plethora" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "plethora" in popular movie and book plots

  • He finds the exterior of the house being scrutinized by a plethora of men and later finds Angie at the mercy of Mintz, who demands that DaVinci give him a "letter".  - DaVinci's War
  • During the production a plethora of disasters befall the cast including: doors sticking; props on the walls falling down; floors collapsing.  - The Play That Goes Wrong
  • However, the Vikings are nothing if not persistent, releasing Trolls, more wolves and a plethora of troops (as well as potent Norse magic).  - CastleStorm
  • When they open the box, the two discover a plethora of VHS tapes.  - Holly Jolly Secrets
  • Aunt Kate has a plethora of dogs and cats, and even a rat, that Ellie must care for, but once Aunt Kate leaves ghostly manifestations begin to occur.  - Devil May Care (Peters novel)
  • (David James Elliott) - a former Tomcat pilot - Mac investigates a plethora of cases including desertion ("The Promised Land"), oxygen deprivation ("In Thin Air"), sexual harassment ("Offensive Action"), a mishap aboard the USS Seahawk ("When the Bough Breaks"), and a death during surgery ("Complications").  - JAG (season 8)
  • Brent somehow finds an exit, which leads to a room filled with a plethora of toys, and a large painting on the wall.  - Crazy Eights (film)
  • "Stolen Moments" shows a shy and pretty Cindy Craig who has trouble meeting men, living her life in an apartment with a plethora of pets.  - Twists of Terror
  • Now stationed out of Falls Church, Virginia, they prosecute and defend a plethora of cases including the theft of the Declaration of Independence ("We the People"), a brig-break ("Secrets"), the bombing of a mosque ("Jinx"), and a sexual harassment allegation ("Crossing the Line").  - JAG (season 2)
  • In addition to syphilis, Mac Sam has a plethora of other diseases, all of which he refuses to treat medically simply because he has lived longer than he expected without treatment.  - The Miss Firecracker Contest
  • On Belshazar, there is a large forest known as the Bloomenwald, which is the source of a plethora of naturally occurring psychedelic drugs.  - Child of Fortune
  • He uses the flesh of the women to feed a plethora of cats that he keeps in a pit, and keeps their heads as trophies, pickled inside glass jars.  - Blood Feast (1972 film)
  • Bound by a plethora of traditional beliefs, customs and rituals that constitute life within four walls of the joint family, Unni is unable to be the husband that he would have liked to be.  - Agnisakshi (1999 film)
  • The first chapter features the same snowy environment outside as in the real world - albeit, with an array of weird and wonderful creatures - but, upon completion of the chapter, the pair move into Spring, where the environments are very flowered, colourful and are inhabited by creatures such as giant honeybees, hard-shelled sheep and a plethora of insect species.  - Axel & Pixel
  • Bolphunga spends weeks there tracking Mogo's plethora of power signatures, but never finds the elusive Lantern.  - Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
  • There are a plethora of people with unknown or mistaken parentage in the story.  - Amarte así, Frijolito
  • This prompts a plethora of anti-slavery movements across the galaxy that are supported by the underground organization known as the Freedom Flight, and which accompanies the criticisms against Daala for the persecution that she is bringing against the Jedi.  - Allies (Star Wars novel)
  • Although secure in his marriage, with a paid-for house, no children, a car and a comfortable living, he is dissatisfied with the grind of modern living—such as his daily commute by train, often overcrowded and "27 minutes late" due to a plethora of reasons—and undergoing a mid-life crisis, keeping himself entertained by fantasies.  - Reggie Perrin
  • Through the plethora of voices, Glancy is presents the knowledge of Indian Removal, with the perspectives of those who walked, suffered and died along the trail.  - Pushing the Bear
  • She hands him a drive with a plethora of files detailing the names, locations, and plans of every member in the Legion before shooting herself.  - Dead Heat (Rosenberg novel)
  • Weathers wins the trial and in doing so attracts a plethora of new clients to the firm which skyrockets him to be a junior partner.  - From the Hip (film)
  • While Momo works in the background and plays matchmaker with Rito, a plethora of beautiful girls gradually enter Rito's life and warm up to his kindness, including Golden Darkness, who has since lived peacefully on Earth but struggles to escape her dark past.  - To Love-Ru
  • Gary Starke (Garcia) is a New York City ticket scalper who, in the old traditional style of scalping "works the street", known as "the walk", as opposed to the plethora of modern-day ticket brokers who ply the Internet for sales.  - Just the Ticket
  • Humanity has spread throughout the galaxy using the wormhole technology copied from the alien routers, forming a plethora of societies and 'polities'.  - Glasshouse (novel)
  • The Dude manages to escape the compound with a plethora of weapons, deciding to wage a one-man war against al-Qaeda, his uncle's murderer, his cheating wife, the police and the many people who want him dead.  - Postal (film)
  • Cameron Walker's (Goss) world revolves around him and his extended family living in Hamilton, Ohio, which includes wife Liz (Vigman), his son Ezra (Matthews), his daughter Marni (Jourdain) and his son Henry (Einhorn) who Cameron didn't know existed, his mother and stepfather, Colleen and Wendal Halbert (Wallace-Stone, Gail), and his other plethora of brothers and sisters.  - Sons & Daughters (2006 TV series)
  • Ultimately, both Bradwens encounter fairies, dragons, King Arthur, Merlin, and even the Devil during travels through Camelot, the mystical realm of Avalon, and a plethora of other lands.  - Arthur's Knights
  • As it happens, that same Saturday night Sebastian attends a class reunion (the Abituriententag of the title) occasioned by the 25th anniversary of his Matura (Class of '02), a meeting he knows he will regret going to as it will bring back both a plethora of unpleasant memories and a confrontation with the bourgeois self-satisfaction of his former classmates.  - Class Reunion (novel)
  • The night leads to Eden going to CeCe's grandmothers house, where she has a plethora of voodoo materials.  - Venom (2005 film)
  • Full of red herrings and clues, Kellerman throws out a plethora of psychological leads for Delaware.  - Alex Delaware
  • The police officers are in the train station, awaiting the vampire intended to run some of their illegal operations, when they are ambushed by a plethora of vampires from the city.  - Top 10: The Forty-Niners
  • Following this episode, Fi had further contact with her father, as the answer to a troll's question - Faith - was revealed on her computer and a plethora of cell phones.  - So Weird
  • Jake arrives at the airport and confronts her before she can board the plane, and uses a plethora of clichéd lines from other films (such as She's All That, Cruel Intentions, American Pie, The Breakfast Club, American Beauty, 10 Things I Hate About You, Can't Hardly Wait, and Pretty in Pink) to convince her to stay in America.  - Not Another Teen Movie
  • Nick also faces off against a plethora of former PSI-Operatives, all of whom have defected with the general that formerly led the PSI-Ops project.  - Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Example sentences for "plethora" in interesting articles

  • Oft times, users are left to wade through the plethora of options to find that which is truly of value.  - O'Reilly: "We're heading into a war for control of the web."
  • I’ve added Ireland to the list and incorporated the information you provided. Log in to Reply Algorithm of Consciousness says: 02/03/2016 at 12:48 pm What an incredible plethora of information.  - The War on Cash
  • South Texas College of Law professor Adam Gershowitz argued in a 2008 paper that the proliferation of iPhone-like devices means that officers fishing through your pockets for weapons can suddenly access a plethora of sensitive documents, not to mention possible passwords.  - Warrantless cell phone search gets a green light in California
  • If you don't yet have a Tivo system, get it! My wife thought we didn't need it at all, but she is totally convinced now. My wife was adamantly opposed to it; she considers it a waste of money because it seems no better than a VCR to her, and she's tired of clutter around the house (my fault) and the plethora of electronic devices (also my fault).  - DirecTV's Secret War On Hackers (2001)
  • Almost like clockwork, x86 CPUs double in capability every 18 months while prices continue to slowly decline. x86 microprocessors, including AMD x86-64 and Intel EM64T, have taken over supercomputing. Yet, almost silently, a stealthy opponent has built up forces within the modest confines of PDAs, calculators, routers, media players, printers, GPS units and a plethora of other embedded devices but most notably mobile phones.  - The Coming War: ARM versus x86
  • I hate war, and yet my taxes go to fund a plethora of them. Reply to This Comment Lesly Weiner January 27, 2017 at 6:28 am 0 ditto.  - I was trained for the culture wars in home school
  • What also works for Powai is the sense of familiarity it offers IIT-B grads along with a plethora of networking opportunities.  - Welcome to 'Powai Valley', India's new start-up hub
  • This anti-free speech problem is 99% a creation of the Left, in education, popular culture, and journalism. Reply anteater on November 26, 2015 at 3:00 am It’s rather a problem of some people who do not exactly know what left is supposed to be taking that position (or rather the plethora of positions that could be named leftist) down the gutter. One rather famous leftist person was Rosa Luxemburg.  - The Yale Problem Begins in High School
  • "There are, of course, significant challenges to overcome, specifically with the immediate shortage of computer science teachers." While Prof Steve Furber, chairman of an imminent Royal Society report on computing in schools, said non-specialist teachers might find the plethora of alternative teaching resources confusing."We look forward to hearing more about how the government intends to support non-specialist teachers who make up the majority of the workforce in delivering an excellent ICT education without official guidance on lesson content," he said.  - UK Schools ICT to be replaced by computer science programme
  • I hate war, and yet my taxes go to fund a plethora of them. Reply to This Comment Lesly Weiner January 27, 2017 at 6:28 am 0 ditto.  - I was trained for the culture wars in home school
  • It also shows up in middle school, high school and after school programs, as in the programs supported by the ArtScience Prize, a more curricular intensive version of the plethora of innovation prizes that have sprung up in the last years around the world.  - American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn’t Exist
  • It also shows up in middle school, high school and after school programs, as in the programs supported by the ArtScience Prize, a more curricular intensive version of the plethora of innovation prizes that have sprung up in the last years around the world.  - American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn’t Exist
  • When I attended high school (2004-2007, Utica Community Schools) I felt like I had a plethora of science classes to choose from, with some flexibility in the timing.  - Jumping the gap between a US and UK high school education
  • In Advanced LIGO, which will begin its searches early in the coming decade, we expect to see a rich plethora of different types of waves, with signals coming in every day or week. Can you describe briefly how you are going to be able to detect gravitational waves? When gravitational waves reach the earth, the waves stretch and squeeze space.  - Kip Thorne: The Man Who Imagined Wormholes and Schooled Hawking (2007)

Meaning of "plethora" in English

  • extreme excess

Meaning of "plethora" in Hindi

  • प्रचुरता
  • अधिकता
  • आधिक्य
  • रक्त की अधिक वृद्धी
  • अतिबाहुल्य

Synonyms of "plethora"

  • embarrassment
  • overplus
  • superfluity

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