How to use "porous" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "porous" in popular movie and book plots

  • Of one dead combatant, for instance, Campobello writes of "his body turning cold, the tissue of his porous flesh clutching the bullets that killed him".  - Cartucho
  • At the moment, the border patrol is up against a highly dangerous drug smuggling operation, in which the smugglers are funneling illegal immigrants and bricks of heroin through the porous defenses of the MexicoS.  - The Shepherd: Border Patrol
  • Arianus, the World of Air, is composed entirely of porous floating islands, aligned in three basic altitudes.  - Dragon Wing
  • Tecplot RS is a tool tailored towards visualizing the results of reservoir simulations, which model the flow of fluids through porous media, as in oil and gas fields, and aquifers.  - Tecplot

Example sentences for "porous" in interesting articles

  • Airbnb continues to obscure the identity of its community members, and it’s unclear whether Airbnb is tracking data around the risk of death, injury, robbery, or sexual assault.Despite the frequent misuse of this idea, community is an inherently exclusive concept, requiring boundaries (albeit porous ones) that define who gets to be in and who doesn’t.  - Living and Dying on Airbnb
  • Groundwater comes from the natural percolation of precipitation and other surface waters down through Earth’s soil and rock, accumulating in aquifers -- cavities and layers of porous rock, gravel, sand, or clay.  - NASA Satellites Unlock Secret to Northern India's Vanishing Water (2009)
  • Current production routes are also quite costly.On the other hand, said Dr Nair, "graphene oxide can be produced by simple oxidation in the lab".He told BBC News: "As an ink or solution, we can compose it on a substrate or porous material.  - UK researchers create graphene-based sieve that can remove salt from seawater
  • Let's close TPB because MAFIAA doesn't want to do its job and offer readibly available stuff for sane prices and take a long lots of legit content. Fuck you, sir.[ reply to this | link to this | view in chronology ] Anonymous Coward, 9 Dec 2011 @ 8:39am Re:No, Google SafeSearch is a bad example, as it is far too porous to satisfy the SOPA/PIPA crowd.  - MPAA Boss: If The Chinese Censor The Internet, Why Can't The US?
  • How did a country so closed become porous enough to support such news-gathering by watchers in the South? The answer goes back to the collapse of Communism in the late 1980s, which deprived North Korea of the Eastern Bloc subsidies it had long relied on to sustain its people.  - North Korea's Digital Underground
  • The researchers calculate that the valley fills can hold a year’s worth of rainfall, ten times more than the thin, clay-rich pre-mining soils.As water lingers in the porous fills, it takes up chemicals from the shattered rock.  It also absorbs alkalinity from carbonate stone that mining companies deliberately mix into overburden to prevent the disturbed stone from producing acidic runoff, which has turned many streams in mining regions bright orange and lifeless.  - The Violent Remaking of Appalachia
  • The laser sintering comes in handy here, too, by allowing the water to seep from an inner porous layer into a more porous region near the surface of the frame, from where it can evaporate out into the air.  - Robot Can Do More Push-Ups Because It Sweats
  • Instead of burning gas, flameless catalytic broilers push it through a catalytic metal that either permeates or forms a mesh around a porous ceramic plate.  - Recipe for a Better Oven

Meaning of "porous" in English

  • full of pores or vessels or holes
  • allowing passage in and out
  • able to absorb fluids
    - compacting the soil to make it less porous

Meaning of "porous" in Hindi

  • छिद्रयुक्त ( Chhidrayukt)
  • छेददार ( Chhedadar, chhedadaar)
  • छिद्रित
  • छीद्रिल/छोटे छेदों वाला
  • सुराखदार ( Surakhadar, suraakhadaar)
  • झिरझिरा ( Jhirajhira, jhirajhiraa, zhirazhira)
  • छिद्रित ( Chhidrit)

Synonyms of "porous"

  • poriferous
  • holey

Antonyms of "porous"

  • nonporous

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