How to use "pragmatic" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "pragmatic" in popular movie and book plots

  • Marveling at how his teenage friends have decided his fate for him, he still wonders if this new generation of 'idealists' whom he'd been doting on (and always expressed his desire to be 'useful' to), haven't turned a bit too pragmatic for his liking, by inventing for him such a peculiar 'use'.  - The Green Ring
  • On the other hand, Andrew (Alden Richards) is a medical student who was brokenhearted and is very pragmatic and not enthusiastic about accepting fate.  - Imagine You and Me
  • Is the story of Vedavalli, a brilliant and pragmatic middle class young girl who gets married into a wealthy joint family and fights to keep it united.  - Thalayanai Pookal
  • Harper Grayson, a compassionate, dedicated nurse as pragmatic as Mary Poppins, treated hundreds of infected patients before her hospital burned to the ground.  - The Fireman (novel)
  • In contrast, Vermeer's pragmatic mother-in-law, Maria Thins (Judy Parfitt), sees Griet as useful to Vermeer's career.  - Girl with a Pearl Earring (film)
  • The story follows two loners: the pragmatic Hachiman Hikigaya and beautiful Yukino Yukinoshita, who, despite their varying personalities and ideals, offer help and advice to others as part of their school's Service Club, assisted by the cheerful and friendly Yui Yuigahama.  - My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected
  • The story centers on Kasinathan (Mohanlal), a pragmatic but playful businessman keen on general welfare of his men also running a resort and massage parlour as a side business.  - Thandavam
  • The pragmatic Patsy sees the assignment as the opportunity Christy has been waiting for and counsels her to romance the heir before telling him of his good fortune.  - A Millionaire for Christy
  • Sahoo subtly balances these two roles and at the same time, highlights the superiority of a wife in a pragmatic world.  - The Dark Abode
  • Through his formative years his thinking becomes pragmatic in considering that livelihood can always be sought through alternate sources rather than being a puppet to how the world goes about through linear methods of gaining success and money.  - Eddelu Manjunatha
  • When Leslie asks whether he thinks the park will ever be made, a pragmatic Mark says it will be a difficult process with a lot of red tape, but she remains optimistic.  - Rock Show (Parks and Recreation)
  • Father Hanna and his sexy consort, Nunu Bihar, are pragmatic and clear from the very beginning: philosophy is a business and the narrator’s assignment is to create a larger than life Iraqi equivalent of the original Jean-Paul Sartre.  - Papa Sartre
  • Louise chooses a life of romance, whereas Renée takes a much more pragmatic approach; but their friendship is preserved through their correspondence, which continues for a dozen years from 1823 through 1835.  - Mémoires de deux jeunes mariées
  • The conflict is particularly intense between the idealistic Communications Director Toby and the more pragmatic Doug Wegland (Handler).  - Manchester (The West Wing)
  • Boxer stirs and says: ‘I am a pragmatic prevaricator, with a propensity for oratorical sonority, which is too pleonastical to be expeditiously assimilated by any of your unequivocal veracities.  - Southland Tales: The Prequel Saga
  • Octavian and his wife Livia are depicted as pragmatic to the point of total ruthlessness but not needlessly cruel.  - Antony and Cleopatra (novel)
  • With Gigi's newfound pragmatic stance on relationships after advice from Alex, she announces she will no longer misinterpret vague gestures from men as more than they really are.  - He's Just Not That Into You (film)
  • All Braun wants to do is survive, but his pragmatic mentality is challenged when an injured resistance fighter stumbles into his apartment building.  - The Fifth Horseman Is Fear
  • Under the tutelage of Milner and Bernley, Christopher has embraced his spiritual nature, and Decker has provided him with pragmatic and political guidance.  - In His Image (novel)
  • being an ardent, self-styled "adventurer" while Edison is the more pragmatic straight man, who frequently makes sardonic comments in response toJ.  - JumpStart 2nd Grade
  • The only colour in his otherwise mundane life was his obsession for Neeta, an older, more pragmatic woman, who likes him but does not share his plans for their future.  - Raakh
  • As Sanjay slowly realizes the power of love and starts missing her, Hamsa becomes pragmatic and practical due to her family related circumstances, and ignores his pleas for forgiveness.  - Madhumasam
  • He excitedly conjectures that this might be a sign of alien life, but the pragmatic Captain Ross disagrees.  - Death Ship (The Twilight Zone)
  • The story chronicles the relationship between the narrator, who is a single mother and pragmatic middle-aged professor of physics, and her moody adolescent daughter.  - Madagascar (1994 film)
  • Donette seems more pragmatic about the death.  - Backwash (The Wire)
  • The main characters easily fit into a parallel metaphor - Saime, the old love of Fanis, a beautiful Turkish girl and multi-lingual tour guide, represents Istanbul (a cosmopolitan city called a "she" in Greek), Fanis is modern Greece, one that is still deeply in love with Constantinople and nostalgic for the past, while Saime's husband is a Turkish military doctor who represents a modern, pragmatic Turkey.  - A Touch of Spice
  • She lives by robbing banks with her four sons; the pragmatic Arthur (Clint Kimbrough), the sadistic Herman (Don Stroud), the bisexual Fred (Robert Walden), and the loyal, drug-addicted Lloyd (Robert De Niro).  - Bloody Mama
  • Boxer stirs and says: ‘I am a pragmatic prevaricator, with a propensity for oratorical seniority, which is too pleonastical to be expeditiously assimilated by any of your unequivocal veracities.  - Two Roads Diverge
  • His father Joaquin (Julio Oscar Mechoso) was a proud, pragmatic Mexican-American; his mother was a feisty Irish-American.  - Greetings from Tucson
  • He now recommends the approach of the pragmatic Mortensgaard, who demonstrates his own lack of ideals by urging Rosmer to support the reform movement while still professing to be Christian, though in reality Rosmer has lost his faith.  - Rosmersholm
  • The Politburo, led by Chairman Maxim Rudin (a murderous and unyielding Communist but also a pragmatic leader), narrowly votes down the war plan; however, Rudin is dying of cancer and it is only a matter of time before the faction in favor of war gains supremacy.  - The Devil's Alternative
  • Though Natalie is excited at the prospect of being the first to publish that sensational find, Emmet is substantially more pragmatic and chooses the commercial rewards made possible by the longevity potential evidenced by the reformed alien.  - Sarcophagus (The Outer Limits)
  • For instance, the ruling party of the first three seasons, to which Abbot and Murray belong, is portrayed as being hampered by its many warring factions and internal strife, which reflects the real-life factionalism and power struggles within the Labour Party both during and after Tony Blair's leadership and the rise to power of Gordon Brown's faction (roughly identified as the "Nutters" in the series), as well as its pragmatic approach to politics.  - The Thick of It
  • The pragmatic Hockstader (a character based on Harry Truman, particularly his comments on "striking a blow for liberty" whenever he drinks a bourbon) prefers Russell, but worries about his indecision and principles; he despises Cantwell but appreciates his toughness and willingness to do what it takes.  - The Best Man (1964 film)
  • Confirming this with Lan's father, dr Yuichiro Hikari, the two set out to search for the cure of the problem, finding many situations of pragmatic Navis infected and causing mayhem.  - Mega Man Network Transmission
  • Potter argued that the more pragmatic medium of cinema called for reasons to drive the narrative, over the novel's abstraction and arbitrariness, especially as the story itself is based on a kind of suspension of disbelief.  - Orlando (film)
  • While his actions convince Barranco that he is in fact committed to his side, Chris is removed from the Columbia job which is handed over to a senior partner, Hamilton, who takes a more pragmatic view and moves to align with Hernan's son.  - Market Forces
  • The original servant staff comprises the authoritarian butler mr Angus Hudson, cook mrs Kate Bridges, pragmatic head house parlourmaid Rose Buck, sweet Irish kitchen maid Emily, eccentric footman Alfred, mischievous under-house parlourmaid Sarah, who dreams of a dramatic life beyond servantdom, coachman Pearce, and Lady Marjorie's lady's maid Maude Roberts.  - Upstairs, Downstairs (1971 TV series)
  • There, because she is the most pragmatic of the three sisters, she foresees what is about to happen—the confiscation of the relics and the painting, the re-consecration of the chapel, the inevitable spreading of stories of the Salinas' humiliation, and the equally inevitable destruction of what's left of the family's reputation and prestige.  - The Leopard
  • With him are Captain Lancey, a middle-aged, pragmatic cartographer, and Lieutenant Yolland, a young, idealistic and romantic orthographer, both working on the six-inch-to-the-mile map survey of Ireland for the Ordnance Survey.  - Translations
  • Tom's pragmatic and reserved nature clashes with Maggie's idealism and fervor for intellectual gains and experience.  - The Mill on the Floss
  • Robyn acquires insight into the pragmatic ethos whose encroachment on university culture she resents and Vic learns to appreciate the symbolic or semiotic dimension of his environment and discovers a romanticism within himself that he had previously despised in his everyday life.  - Nice Work
  • He turns to his father for help and counsel, but the pragmatic mr Compson tells him that virginity is invented by men and should not be taken seriously.  - The Sound and the Fury

Example sentences for "pragmatic" in interesting articles

  • This software, which required access to the core functions of each user’s computer, also gave hackers new opportunities to manipulate machines from afar. Breaking into networked computers became so easy that the Internet, long the realm of idealistic scientists and hobbyists, gradually grew infested with the most pragmatic of professionals: crooks, scam artists, spies and cyberwarriors.  - L0pht’s warnings about the Internet drew notice but little action
  • policy should be not merely the reduction and control of atomic arms, it should be the ultimate elimination of all nuclear weapons. This sounded like gauzy utopianism, especially bizarre coming from supremely pragmatic men.  - How an 89-year-old cold warrior became America’s nuclear conscience
  • Because their families can rarely afford behavior-based therapies like tutoring and family counseling, he said, medication becomes the most reliable and pragmatic way to redirect the student toward success. Advertisement Continue reading the main story “People who are getting A’s and B’s, I won’t give it to them,” he said.  - Attention Disorder or Not, Pills to Help in School
  • There is a very simple way to have a standardized school curriculum and still allow students to progress at their own individual rates. In the pragmatic business world, when training is needed, students take a class with specific objectives, pass a test on those objectives, and move on to the class that is based on the previous one.  - School Rules Stifle Gifted Student
  • Apple is an example of a company who spends comparatively little on R&D; but understands that you need to throw brains at this early stage in order to succeed. Two speakers later inadvertently dished out some related pragmatic advice.  - Startup School Recap
  • Apple is an example of a company who spends comparatively little on R&D; but understands that you need to throw brains at this early stage in order to succeed. Two speakers later inadvertently dished out some related pragmatic advice.  - Startup School 2010 Recap
  • "He was what I call a pragmatic utopian," Plate says.  - Why Singapore banned chewing gum
  • They also reveal a decidedly middle-of-the-road, pragmatic political attitude that won't sit well with the populist wing of her own party.After the dust has settled in this election, the divisions within the Democratic ranks will likely re-emerge - and these emails and speech excerpts will be Exhibit A through Z for those on the left who doubt Mrs Clinton's liberal bona fides.  - Hillary Clinton's Wall St Speeches Published by Wikileaks
  • The surrender of many of the headmen of the offending tribes followed." As far as the British government was concerned, the strategy was a pragmatic success.  - The 1920 British air bombing campaign in Iraq
  • "He found that they were very pragmatic and concrete in their thinking," says Flynn, "and they weren't capable of using logical abstractions or taking hypotheticals seriously." Luria put the following problem to the head man of one tribe in Siberia: Where there's always snow, the bears are white; there's always snow at the North Pole - what colour are the bears there?The head man replied that he had never seen bears that were any colour other than brown, but if a wise or truthful man came from the North Pole and told him that bears there were white, he might believe him.  - Are humans getting cleverer?

Meaning of "pragmatic" in English

  • concerned with practical matters
    - a matter-of-fact account of the trip
  • guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory
    - a hard-nosed labor leader
    - completely practical in his approach to business
    - not ideology but pragmatic politics
  • of or concerning the theory of pragmatism
  • an imperial decree that becomes part of the fundamental law of the land

Meaning of "pragmatic" in Hindi

  • ढीट ( Dhit, dheet)
  • गुस्ताख ( Gustakh, gustaakh)
  • हाथ डालने वाला ( Hath dalane vala, haath daalane vaalaa, hath dalane wala)
  • हस्तक्षेप करने वाला ( Hastakshep karane vala, hastakshep karane vaalaa, hastakshep karane wala)
  • परकार्य चर्चक ( Parakary charchak, parakaary charchak)
  • व्यावहारिक ( Vyavaharik, vyaavahaarik, wyawaharik)
  • तथ्यात्मक ( Tathyatmak, tathyaatmak)

Synonyms of "pragmatic"

  • matter of fact
  • hardheaded
  • pragmatic sanction
  • practical
  • pragmatical
  • hard nosed

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