How to use "precept" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "precept" in popular movie and book plots

  • He gets a standing ovation, which inspires his precept for mr Browne, and takes pictures with everyone (something he had always refused to do) and goes back to his house for a party to celebrate.  - Wonder (Palacio novel)
  • The Balrog, far more than a parasite, is a hive mind well above the human level of development, so that killing it would violate the central precept of the League of Peoples.  - Radiant (novel)
  • After the Doctor refuses to take Tuvix's life in compliance with the medical precept of doing no harm, Janeway performs the procedure herself and succeeds in restoring both Tuvok and Neelix.  - Tuvix

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Meaning of "precept" in English

  • a doctrine that is taught
    - he believed all the Christian precepts
  • rule of personal conduct

Meaning of "precept" in Hindi

  • विधि ( Vidhi, widhi)
  • आज्ञा ( Aagya, aagyaa)
  • आदेश ( Aadesh)
  • हुक्म ( Hukm)
  • नियम ( Niyam)
  • वचन ( Vachan, wachan)
  • उपदेश ( Upadesh)
  • नीति ( Niti, neeti)
  • निर्देश ( Nirdesh)
  • आज्ञापत्र ( Aagyapatr, aagyaapatr)
  • नीतिवचन ( Nitivachan, neetivachan, nitiwachan)
  • आदेशपत्र ( Aadeshapatr)
  • समादेश ( Samadesh, samaadesh)
  • आदेशिका ( Aadeshika, aadeshikaa)
  • धर्मादेश ( Dharmadesh, dharmaadesh)
  • आज्ञा-पत्र ( Aagya-patr, aagyaa-patr)
  • लेखपत्र ( Lekhapatr)

Synonyms of "precept"

  • principle
  • teaching
  • commandment

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