How to use "preternatural" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "preternatural" in popular movie and book plots

  • This girl has a preternatural survival instinct, having been found in the middle of winter in the middle of Hyde Park as a babe.  - This Beautiful Fantastic
  • The protagonist uses his almost preternatural abilities to infiltrate past Hisomu-jo's new sophisticated defenses, and confronts Azai in his garden.  - Mark of the Ninja
  • Kallikrates is afraid when he sees Ayesha, in her preternatural beauty, after she has bathed in The Flame; and, dies.  - Wisdom's Daughter
  • However, Michael remains skeptical, even after witnessing several preternatural events, such as the girl coughing up three long nails and speaking English fluently.  - The Rite (2011 film)
  • As he says of Lowell's life,"It's a life lived in full conscience by a man of preternatural quickness and sensitivity and candour.  - For Love & Money
  • Moonlight vampires have many of the preternatural abilities as described in vampire mythology; they have superhuman strength and speed, they heal rapidly from any wound, they can defy gravity to a limited degree to perform parkour feats, their bite has hypnotic effects on weak-minded humans, and they are immortal.  - Moonlight (TV series)
  • While staying at the castle, a huge black wolf is discovered with preternatural powers.  - The House of the Wolf
  • Born with preternatural powers, the infant Alaric had been found by foster parents abandoned on a hillside, newborn and naked, with a bloody, severed hand clutching his ankles.  - Born to Exile
  • While Wesley doubts that the Lilah before them is real, Angel (with his preternatural vampire senses) confirms that it's really her.  - Home (Angel)
  • Our preternatural purpose.  - Time's Arrow (novel)
  • The other vampires, including Merrick, David and Lestat, find him and restore him by showering him with their preternatural blood.  - Merrick (novel)
  • When Nikolas tries to end his relationship with Fisk, the mobster hires the Irish hitman Bullseye, who has preternatural aim, to kill him.  - Daredevil (film)
  • Some escapees have other preternatural powers, such as the ability to control the elements or turn invisible.  - Brimstone (TV series)

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Meaning of "preternatural" in English

  • existing outside of or not in accordance with nature
  • surpassing the ordinary or normal
    - his uncanny sense of direction

Meaning of "preternatural" in Hindi

  • अति प्राकृत ( Ati prakrit, ati praakrit)

Synonyms of "preternatural"

  • transcendental
  • uncanny
  • otherworldly
  • nonnatural

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