How to use "primordial" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "primordial" in popular movie and book plots

  • Despite their bloody history, the elves form a tenuous alliance with the humans, to fight against the forces of evil spawned of the primordial battle where the gods gave up their lives and the dynasty of the blooded was born.  - The Iron Throne (Birthright novel)
  • Minos, a representative-symbol of the emerging patriarchal religion and oppression of his subjects (representing evil and tyranny in general) tries to sideline the existing matriarchal cult of Mother-Goddess (the primordial matriarchal worldview of the Minoans, represented by the persona of Pasiphae, a sensitive female figure) and kill – as a tribute - the envoys sent from Athens (including Theseus), being himself now transformed into a bestial Minotaur (symbol of absolute male brutal force acting on a dual level: authoritarian and sexually).  - Daedalus in Crete
  • At the beginning of time, Lord Shiva invoked Durga, the primordial energy from his left half to create.  - Durga Durgotinashini
  • On the third night she walks in on Buffy and Giles looking over old spell-books, and Giles remembers the human from the film crew as a former Watcher-in-training, deducing that he and the vampire cameraman are trying to kill Buffy, tired of her messing with primordial forces.  - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten
  • Advised by Calcutta's progenitors Dandabayash (ageless primordial talking crow) and an Indo-colonial half-breed Begum Johnson(1732-1818) erupt a historic insurrection.  - Kangal Malsat
  • With Drizzt having retrieved Charon's Claw after the battle, the companions decide to head to Gauntlgrym, as the primordial is their best chance to destroy the sword.  - Charon's Claw (novel)
  • Monkey and the Qing Fish have a connection because they were born at the same time from the same primordial energies at the beginning of time.  - A Supplement to the Journey to the West
  • At first skeptical Barrabus reminds them that the Shadovar used to protect the town before the primordial cataclysm and that he himself lived through it by hiding under the town bridge.  - Neverwinter (novel)
  • To accomplish this, the Lord Souls must be acquired from Gwyn's primordial allies and returned to the flame.  - Dark Souls
  • When this happens a fire primordial (ancient being of almost godlike power) is released.  - Gauntlgrym
  • He goes to Chidambaram temple, built on the spot were Lord Siva was supposed to have been, transformed from the primordial phallus to the Nataraja, the cosmic dancer who liberates the human soul from its earthly shell.  - Chidambaram (film)
  • In the previous game, Arcana Heart 2, a dimensional distortion occurred in the country's Kanto region, caused by the primordial being known as Angelia Avallone.  - Arcana Heart 3
  • On a visit to New York, Beau Brachman is given a tract from a quasi-Gnostic sect, advocating the worship of the exiled "Sophia" as primordial to all religious practice, and the only escape from mankind's "imprisonment".  - Dæmonomania
  • Upon awakening, Zurvan advises Kerrigan to seek out a primordial spawning pool to regain her former powers.  - StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
  • After the Shen system fell, and the Chaos surrounded Earth, its leaders instructed everybody to convert themselves from primordial (real) matter to noötic (virtual) mass.  - City at the End of Time
  • Through dialogue with Swanson, and various scattered documents found throughout the base, Philip learns that the Archaic came to Greenland to look for the "Tuurngait", an ancient entity described in native Inuit mythology as primordial spirits native to the area.  - Penumbra: Black Plague
  • Farnsworth and the crew survey the site and discover an asteroid in a violet dwarf star system teeming with primordial life.  - Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder
  • This issue tells the story of Shiva, the destroyer, and the churning of the primordial ocean.  - India Authentic (comics)
  • In the mythology of the series, Earth is one of countless worlds in the multiverse, created from the primordial Storytime by the dreaming of a being known as Lux, the First Dreamer.  - Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey
  • mrs Venable meets with dr Cukrowicz in the primordial garden ("like the dawn of creation") at her estate to discuss her niece's case, and their conversation eventually turns to Sebastian.  - Suddenly, Last Summer (film)
  • Optimus awakens to find that three weeks have passed, and in that time Cybertron has been reformatted into a primordial state, Megatron is missing while the Decepticons that formed the Deceptigod have been fitted with explosive microchips to keep them under control, and many unaligned Cybertronians (referred to as NAILs and led by former Autobot Metalhawk) have returned and are demanding the exile of both the Autobots and Decepticons so that they can have the planet for themselves.  - The Transformers (IDW Publishing)
  • Van Gelder orders the use of depth charges to collapse the cavern, to the dismay of dr Scarpelli (Nia Peeples), who want to study the potentially primordial ecosystem inside.  - DeepStar Six
  • They also want Jonas to help them catch some prehistoric marine creatures from the Panthalassa, a hidden underground ocean which is all that remains of the primordial ocean of the same name.  - Meg: Hell's Aquarium
  • The land of Illusia is never actually explained, though it is implied that it was created by a primordial divine force called 'Aleph', and by 'the fates'.  - The Bitter Suite
  • Throughout these battles, the primordial god Pontos, who first released the Titans from their imprisonment in Tartarus and initially claimed that he wished to help Kronos, reveals his true intentions, stating that he only revived the Titans as part of a larger plan and has been playing them in order to awaken his true mistress, Gaia.  - Saint Seiya Episode.G
  • There, Darkseid explains that he gave Earth to the Sheeda in return for them giving him Aurakles, the primordial superhero.  - Seven Soldiers
  • An unspecified time before the events of the game, Geyorkias, the ruler of a spirit race called the Sacred Beasts, sought to destroy the Huma as their dark emotions were fueling a primordial destructive force known as Yuris: the other Sacred Beasts put a stop to Geyorkias' plan by sealing him away, then acting to nullify Yuris' threat.  - Tales of Rebirth
  • Carcosa speaks an unknown language to Sax, who experiences visions of spectral planes and hideous primordial creatures, while understanding the truth that Aklo is not a drug, but the language Carcosa spoke to him.  - Alan Moore's The Courtyard
  • Intercepting this rare item meant for Caranthes, Kallian Publico had believed the sarcophagus contained the fabled diadem of the giant-kings whose primordial kin dwelt in that dark southern land before the ancestors of the Stygians came there.  - The God in the Bowl
  • Her first, primordial recollections are of a father that died in World War I, and of the summer of 1920, when she was 10 and competing with her 11-year-old brother Gordon for fossils.  - Moon Tiger
  • In response, Rei/Lilith dissolves humanity back into primordial soup, reforming the souls of humanity into a single consciousness.  - The End of Evangelion
  • Meerclar Allmother is identified as the primordial creator of all other beings, who brought forth a pair of cats who are the progenitors of the entire species as well as divine figures.  - Tailchaser's Song
  • Light turns Gwendoline and her missing mother, revealed to be Mrs Pritchard, to stone in a bid to stop the speed of evolution; while Inspector Mackenzie meets a sticky end and is turned into a primordial soup to serve at dinner.  - Ghost Light (Doctor Who)
  • Harry Slocum, a maintenance engineer, encounters a toxic green slime seeping out of the drilling pipe, which mutates him into a subhuman primordial creature (termed a Primord), and kills several technicians and a soldier.  - Inferno (Doctor Who)
  • The Path leads Langdon and Vittoria to four churches in Rome, each one representing works of art by Baroque artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini which are associated with one of the primordial elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  - Angels & Demons
  • In the ultimate experiment, Edward experiences a more profound regression, transforming into an amorphous mass of conscious, primordial matter.  - Altered States
  • When Imp's harp is destroyed, he acquires a guitar from a mysterious shop, unaware that it contains the awareness of a primordial music that was responsible for bringing the universe into existence.  - Soul Music (novel)
  • He has a vision of a primordial swamp-wilderness, fertile, exotic and full of lurking danger.  - Death in Venice

Example sentences for "primordial" in interesting articles

  • It’s like so many microbes competing in the primordial ooze.  - High Frequency Trading on the Coinbase Exchange
  • Their homes in Seattle (the primordial soup that Silicon Valley evolved from) have been preserved for posterity.  - 8 CSS gotchas to start your morning off right (satire)
  • A strangely disconnected area even in the beginning, this massive depression is a mist-shrouded primordial jungle full of gorillas, dinosaurs, and mysterious ancient ruins that look like they could have been created by Roman artisans.  - Forgotten Corners of World of Warcraft
  • presidential term, England could under one scenario or another part ways from Scotland and emerge as a self-governing entity (albeit with Wales and a sliver of Ireland still attached) for the first time since Shakespeare started his writing career. Related Story What If the Allies Had Lost World War I? For many of its people, “England” retains a primordial emotional power that “Britain” never achieved.  - Luck of the English: A new history shatters myths about an extraordinary nation
  • This earth has been dead for millennia; what we think of as progress is just the rot spreading through the cadaver of the world.There are mythic assonances here—beyond the familiar world-trees of Norse cosmogony, the notion of a world built on a corpse has always fascinated people; Babylonian mythology, for instance, has the entire universe butchered out of the body of Tiamat, the primordial mother.  - What it means to believe that “real” trees no longer exist (2016)
  • presidential term, England could under one scenario or another part ways from Scotland and emerge as a self-governing entity (albeit with Wales and a sliver of Ireland still attached) for the first time since Shakespeare started his writing career. Related Story What If the Allies Had Lost World War I? For many of its people, “England” retains a primordial emotional power that “Britain” never achieved.  - Luck of the English: A new history shatters myths about an extraordinary nation
  • After touchdown, a small bundle of sensors will examine the surface. Scientists believe the information gathered during the descent will open not only a window onto a mysterious world at the far end of the solar system but one onto the past as well, since Titan’s atmosphere is believed to be similar to that of the primordial Earth.  - How a Swedish engineer saved a once-in-a-lifetime mission to Titan (2004)
  • Now, for $300—the price tag of that primordial 702 op-amp—you can get about a thousand of today’s 741 chips.  - Microchips That Shook the World
  • Now, for $300—the price tag of that primordial 702 op-amp—you can get about a thousand of today’s 741 chips.  - 25 Microchips That Shook the World

Meaning of "primordial" in English

  • having existed from the beginning; in an earliest or original stage or state
    - primal eras before the appearance of life on earth
    - the forest primeval
    - primordial matter
    - primordial forms of life

Meaning of "primordial" in Hindi

  • आरम्भिक सिद्धान्त ( Aarambhik siddhant)
  • आरम्भ ( Aarambh)
  • प्रथम ( Pratham)
  • मौलिक ( Maulik)
  • शुरु से पैदा हुआ ( Shuru se paida hu, shuru se paidaa huaa)
  • आदि काल का ( Aadi kal ka, aadi kaal kaa)
  • आय ( Aay)
  • आदिम ( Aadim)
  • आदिकालीन ( Aadikalin, aadikaaleen)

Synonyms of "primordial"

  • primal
  • aboriginal
  • primeval
  • primaeval

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