How to use "prodigal" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "prodigal" in popular movie and book plots

  • Tarmo Saari is the prodigal nephew of Councillor Ö (Häyrynen) who has several university degrees but has not worked a day in his life.  - Millipilleri
  • In the 1920s, Joe Coughlin (Ben Affleck), a World War I veteran of Irish descent and the prodigal son of Boston police captain Thomas Coughlin (Brendan Gleeson), falls in love with Emma Gould (Sienna Miller), the mistress of notorious gangster Albert White (Robert Glenister), the boss of the Irish Gang of Boston.  - Live by Night (film)
  • The film stars Finnish actor Pertti Koivula in the lead role as Tenho, a prodigal son with patent leather shoes and dancing skills to match, who returns home to his family's rural farm for the summer after failing to make a living in the city.  - The Land of Happiness
  • Their comfortable existence goes awry when prodigal daughter Nina Ostroff (Leighton Meester), newly broken up with her fiancé Ethan (Sam Rosen), returns home for Thanksgiving after a five-year absence.  - The Oranges (film)
  • He begins working for Pathe Studios, and becomes a prodigal talent.  - Days Between Stations (novel)
  • A prodigal and unruly son of a Member of Parliament Xavier Puthooran, Ravi Puthooran (Rahman) joins the school in Alice's class.  - Koodevide
  • Rushing out, Amanda meets Victor and Sybil, who have tracked down the prodigal duo, and everyone becomes involved in the dispute.  - Private Lives (film)
  • Another narrative line of the novel describes the life of Data, the prodigal son of the Visramiani clan.  - Santa Esperanza
  • The intervening episodes continue to use symbolism and images to add depth to the basic story line, such as casting shadows in the shape of a cross on David and other characters, historical and biblical stories being intertwined in the plot (David defeating the seemingly invincible Goliath tank), return of a prodigal son (or nephew, in this case), and King Silas making promises and pleas directly to God that are answered, but not always as he had hoped.  - Kings (U.S. TV series)
  • The younger one, Chaudhry Anwar is a prodigal scion of a feudal family.  - Waris (Drama Serial)
  • He expected to be welcomed as the prodigal son, but his mother does not recognise him.  - The Misunderstanding
  • Tom Prior (Leslie Howard), a prodigal son, discovers that he's traveling with his ex-boss, mr Lingley (Montagu Love), a captain of industry; Tom's mother, mrs Midget (Beryl Mercer), whose identity is unknown to him, is curious about how her son is doing; mrs Cliveden-Banks (Alison Skipworth), an affected socialite, chats with Scrubby the steward (Alec Francis); Rev.  - Outward Bound (film)
  • Phoenix (Ha Kwong-Li) is the prodigal daughter of sorts with a chip on her shoulder.  - The Leg Fighters
  • The prodigal Zhenya is constantly running off on his own for days, sometimes in the company of street children, in the depths of the Moscow winter.  - Stalin's Ghost
  • He almost seems the perfect prodigal son as he finds his niche back in the community and his way back into his ex-wife's heart.  - The Underneath (film)
  • Ryūtarou Asada is a prodigal surgeon who was exiled from the medical field.  - Team Medical Dragon
  • Rafael and Carmen meanwhile live on the Hacienda and operate the family business, viewing Javier as a sort of prodigal son, undeserving of his share of the family wealth.  - La venganza (1977 telenovela)
  • The Priest claims that Jason could be the a prodigal figure who has been referenced in historical heretical scrolls.  - The Harpy
  • The story is loosely based on Jesus Christ's parable of the prodigal son, from the Biblical New Testament Gospels, although considerable liberties are taken with the source material, chief among them being the addition of a female lead in the form of the high priestess of Astarte, Samarra.  - The Prodigal
  • The journey spans in many volumes, but starting on the 23rd volume, Chinmi was forced to return to Dairin Temple after the temple was desecrated by a former apprentice of You Sen, the ruthless prodigal Oudow.  - Ironfist Chinmi
  • The household consists of a pious, God-fearing tycoon named Joe Benjamin and his family: a long-suffering wife, Rose, a prodigal son, David, a pair of kooky twins, Ben and Sarah, and the maid and butler, Mady and Morris.  - God's Favorite

Meaning of "prodigal" in English

  • recklessly wasteful
  • a recklessly extravagant consumer

Meaning of "prodigal" in Hindi

  • खर्च ( Kharch)
  • फजूल खर्च ( Phajul kharch, phajool kharch, fazul kharch)
  • उडाऊ ( Udau, udaaoo)
  • अमित व्ययी ( Amit vyayi, amit vyayee, amit wyayi)
  • फजूलखर्च ( Phajulakharch, phajoolakharch, fazulakharch)
  • उड़ाऊ ( Udau, udaaoo)
  • अपव्ययी ( Apavyayi, apavyayee, apawyayi)
  • उदार ( Udar, udaar)
  • खर्चीला ( Kharchila, kharcheelaa)

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