How to use "propriety" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "propriety" in popular movie and book plots

  • The king becomes besotted by her and, after pondering for a long time, decides to set aside all considerations of decency and propriety in order to avail himself of the woman.  - Karan Ghelo
  • Lady Manwaring becomes outraged by the lack of propriety the brashly indiscreet and flirtatious couple are showing in public.  - Love & Friendship
  • Amir's assimilated nephew, Abe (born Hussein Malik), has concerns regarding the propriety of the arrest of a local imam who is imprisoned on charges that may be trumped-up of financing terrorist-supporting groups, leading Amir to question whether it is religious persecution.  - Disgraced
  • Set in Paris in the 1960s, the film is a social comedy that pits the propriety of a well-to-do French family with the earthiness and humour of Spanish cleaning ladies who work in their apartment building.  - The Women on the 6th Floor
  • During this era, the early twentieth century, when propriety dictated a strict period of mourning, it is one of Millicent's first social appearances since her husband's death.  - The Casuarina Tree
  • When this fails he turns to Mrs Hilary, who decides in the interests of propriety to take Marionetta away.  - Nightmare Abbey
  • Set in the early 1840s in the fictional village of Cranford in the county of Cheshire in North West England, the story focuses primarily on the town's single and widowed middle class female inhabitants who are comfortable with their traditional way of life and place great store in propriety and maintaining an appearance of gentility.  - Cranford (TV series)
  • Amazed and delighted to learn that she loves him, and that he had misunderstood her propriety for coldness, he asks her to marry him.  - Cecilia (Burney novel)
  • Dinners around Eve’s family table are a raucous affair, where old world propriety and new world audacity mix in even measure.  - Eve and the Fire Horse
  • They debate the meaning of human suffering, the existence of God, and the propriety of White's attempted suicide.  - The Sunset Limited
  • " The plot to put Lazarus to death may be read alongside the developing plot to kill Jesus (John 10:31, 39; John 11:53) as if there were parallel plots "to kill Lazarus as well as Jesus", or even to kill Lazarus first - as Albert Barnes suggests: "as it was determined to kill Jesus, so they consulted about the propriety of removing Lazarus first, that the number of his followers might be lessened, and that the death of Jesus might make less commotion".  - John 12
  • Murdoch's own statements suggest that she is angered by the racial and class disparities in enforcement, but she does not question the propriety of fetal murder law.  - Rain Without Thunder
  • Other conflicts include propriety and issues related to premarital sex and the possibility of pregnancy, and mrs Patimkin's envy of her daughter's youth.  - Goodbye, Columbus (film)
  • Kaylee has a heart-to-heart talk with Simon and briefly makes him worry about his propriety after the previous night's party.  - Jaynestown
  • As a parable, in a more general sense it may be considered to be descriptive of the gullible and easily manipulated aspects of the German Biedermann - the Everyman - who yearns both for a sense of shallow propriety as well as for a deeper sense of belonging, even if it comes at a great price, including that which is sensible or even necessary for his own survival.  - The Fire Raisers (play)
  • The affair gnaws at Bartley's sense of propriety and honor.  - Alexander's Bridge
  • Though in their medieval homeworld their relationship wasn't particularly frowned upon, Smax developed conflicted feelings about the propriety of their love.  - Smax
  • Initially she hopes to resume their relationship, but propriety requires that they wait a while.  - The Mayor of Casterbridge
  • She remonstrates with him bitterly about the different standards of sexual propriety applied to men and women, and declares her intention to leave him.  - Howards End (film)
  • Mr Darcy accuses her family of wanting propriety and suggests he has been kinder to Bingley than himself.  - Pride and Prejudice

Example sentences for "propriety" in interesting articles

  • Metz, special agent in charge of the Omaha Division of the FBI, went still further, saying that “identifying and deterring those focused on stealing trade secrets, propriety [sic] and confidential information, or national security information is the number two priority for the FBI, second only to terrorism.”Think about that: The U.S.  - Corn Wars
  • If you tell banks that they can't engage in propriety trading, how will they react? And what is a hedge versus a proprietary trade? If you believe the first story, it might make the risk even more dangerous, because you think you've eliminated proprietary trading, but you've still got this possibility of risk that you can't monitor.  - Meet the Most Indebted Man in the World
  • The trend is so powerful that IBM has abandoned its propriety software business model entirely, and now gives its programs away for free while offering support, maintenance, and customization of open-source programs, increasingly including many with health care applications.  - Code Red: How software companies could screw up Obama’s health care reform.

Meaning of "propriety" in English

  • correct or appropriate behavior

Meaning of "propriety" in Hindi

  • औचित्य ( Auchity)
  • योग्यता ( Yogyata, yogyataa)
  • मर्यादाअ
  • शिष्टता ( Shishtata, shishtataa)
  • दुरुस्ती ( Durusti, durustee)
  • शुद्धता ( Shuddhata, shuddhataa)
  • उपयुक्तता ( Upayuktata, upayuktataa)
  • औचित्व ( Auchitv, auchitw)

Synonyms of "propriety"

  • properness
  • correctitude

Antonyms of "propriety"

  • improperness
  • impropriety

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