How to use "puissant" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "puissant" in popular movie and book plots

  • And all of these peculiar incidents that possess great danger to the safety of the students are somehow related to the Chintamani, which, when in possession, the person attains a puissant and formidable power that allows him to control the world.  - Moorim School
  • As long as Zhuge Liu Yun and Sima Hong-Ye are devoted to each other, their undying love, coupled with priceless swords Gan Jiang and Mo Xie, would be puissant enough to eliminate the demon realm.  - Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story
  • Afterwards, the king asks Roger if his puissant warriors could kill all of his guards in the room.  - March Upcountry
  • However the trio soon encounter the mysterious and knowledgeable Theomach, a puissant figure who is one of a learned race known as the Insequent.  - Fatal Revenant
  • As many readers and critics have observed, Baum's Oz in particular and his fantasy novels in general are dominated by puissant and virtuous female figures; the archetype of the father-figure plays little role in Baum's fantasy world.  - The Sea Fairies
  • Alicia DeVries had retired to Mathison's World, a remote fringe world of the Terran Empire - a puissant interstellar polity sprawling over several sectors, and bordered by the hostile and alien Rishathan Sphere ("the Lizards"), both of which are bordered by the Quarn Hegemony ("the Spiders"), a race of fanatic businessmen allied with the humans against the Rishathan, reputedly because the Rishathan cannot take a joke.  - Path of the Fury
  • In his exile, he left behind one daughter named Kinshōjo (錦祥女), who has married a puissant lord and general named Gojōgun Kanki (甘輝).  - The Battles of Coxinga

Meaning of "puissant" in English

  • powerful

Meaning of "puissant" in Hindi

  • ताकतवर
  • प्रबल
  • अधिक प्रभाववाला

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