How to use "pungent" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "pungent" in popular movie and book plots

  • However, Yuet-fan has an unruly pungent personality and Kam-loi is disinterested in her so he makes up many excuses to stall the marriage.  - Man from Guangdong
  • The story, the beauty of the language, the crass tongue of the eunuch, the raw reality, the live music and the pungent smell of haldi thrown into the air after the initiation ceremony was striking.  - Zulwa
  • After a few days' cruising, the author starts to settle down and is able to take time out smoking on his corn cob pipe filled with pungent Captain Black.  - Old Glory: An American Voyage
  • In Outer Maroo, a fictional town in the outback which doesn't appear on maps, outsiders disappear and there is a queerly pungent smell, the Old Fuckatoo.  - Oyster (novel)
  • The smell of burning herbs makes Mark think he can escape but the pungent odour starts to affect him and just before he loses consciousness he realises that he is in a room with the body of the dead Pharaoh.  - By the Gods Beloved
  • At the Power Plant, Homer is found to be the owner of a container of expired and highly pungent yogurt and is ordered to dispose of it.  - 24 Minutes
  • He later attempts to identify the ringleader and although unsuccessful manages to splash his clothes with pungent aniseed oil.  - Witch Wood
  • Discovering that Anne is still alive, Lansdale attempts to explain what happened when the officers notice a pungent smell permeating the area in the carport around the car, specifically from the trunk.  - The Hand (1981 film)
  • Boneywasawarriorwayayix then invites the Gauls to share a pungent Corsican cheese.  - Asterix in Corsica
  • The kids know not what the new teacher will look like, only her name, a rather pungent moniker of "Miss Crabtree".  - Teacher's Pet (1930 film)
  • The pungent mixture turns out to be an abortifacient for Miss Julie's dog, which was impregnated by the gatekeeper's mongrel.  - Miss Julie
  • Eventually he stumbles upon the stomping grounds of the pungent goat-god Pan, who is slowly losing his godly powers as the world turns toward Christianity.  - Jitterbug Perfume

Example sentences for "pungent" in interesting articles

Meaning of "pungent" in English

  • capable of wounding
    - a biting aphorism
    - pungent satire
  • strong and sharp
    - the acrid smell of burning rubber

Meaning of "pungent" in Hindi

  • तीक्ष्ण ( Tikshn, teekshn)
  • तेज ( Tej, tez)
  • कटु ( Katu)
  • कसैला
  • कडुआ ( Kadu, kaduaa)
  • खार जलाने वाला ( Khar jalane vala, khaar jalane vaalaa, khar zalane wala)
  • तीखा ( Tikha, teekhaa)
  • तिक्त ( Tikt)
  • कषाय ( Kashay, kashaay)
  • कसैला ( Kasaila, kasailaa)

Synonyms of "pungent"

  • biting
  • barbed
  • nipping
  • mordacious
  • acrid

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