How to use "purport" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "purport" in popular movie and book plots

  • Optimus gently but firmly tells her that he does not purport to be divine, and does not ask them to believe in him—rather, he asks them to understand why he does what he does, and to help him in accomplishing it.  - Revolution (IDW Publishing)
  • After sexual flashbacks which show moments in the film which purport to show what actually happened, the film shows what occurs after the human corporation leaves Pandhora.  - This Ain't Avatar XXX
  • Oscar points out the fact that, while they purport to be tourists, they do not carry cameras or take photographs.  - Timescape (1992 film)
  • UK soap operas frequently make a claim to presenting "reality" or purport to have a "realistic" style.  - Soap opera

Example sentences for "purport" in interesting articles

  • It does not take a home school setting to be hurt by those who follow Jesus or purport to do so.  - I was trained for the culture wars in home school
  • So, how does one solve the problem, without coming up with some network of hodge podge kludge laws that purport to solve the problem? And what about the mountain heaps of laws that were previously made to address these problems? In another thread I've already mentioned to you why the hammer analogy applies to governments, not anarcho-capitalists or libertarians. Governments have only one solution to problems: violence. I will continue to find your mantra hilarious. Ralph • May 23, 2006 12:50 AM Bruce. Be encouraged.  - Schneier: The Value of Privacy
  • It does not take a home school setting to be hurt by those who follow Jesus or purport to do so.  - I was trained for the culture wars in home school
  • Even then, at the beginning of the affidavit he states: "This affidavit is intended to show merely that there is probable cause for the requested seizure warrants and does not purport to set forth all of my knowledge of or investigation into this matter. Then Masnick just starts lying: In other words, the "support" that Agent Reynolds provides for why Torrent-Finder's domain should be seized is that he claims that Torrent-Finder's admin linked directly to infringing material.  - Homeland Security Proves It Knows Little About The Internet - Or The Law
  • If you want to do any internet banking, you have to install at least 4-6 "security programs" that purport to encrypt your key entry, protect your computer from virus, and some other things.  - South Korea Still Paying The Price For Embracing Internet Explorer A Decade Ago
  • In doing so, they have shown an illiberal streak that flows from flaws in their well-intentioned ideology. Power, identity, and speech in the new American universityRead more Those who purport to speak for marginalized students at elite colleges sometimes expose serious shortcomings in the way that their black, brown, or Asian classmates are treated, and would expose flaws in the way that religious students and ideological conservatives are treated too if they cared to speak up for those groups.  - The New Intolerance of Student Activism
  • This proposition will be found, on careful examination, to express, in condensed form, the essential purport of the Theory, and to express in a few words all Mr.  - What Darwin's Theory of Evolution Reveals About Artificial Intelligence
  • If you believe that an open, robust public discourse makes the world better, as they purport to, they've made the world worse.  - Mozilla's Gay-Marriage Litmus Test Violates Liberal Values

Meaning of "purport" in English

  • the pervading meaning or tenor
  • the intended meaning of a communication
  • propose or intend
  • have the often specious appearance of being, intending, or claiming

Meaning of "purport" in Hindi

  • अभिप्राय ( Abhipray, abhipraay)
  • आशय ( Aashay)
  • अर्थ ( Arth)
  • इच्छा ( Echchha, echchhaa)
  • सारांश ( Saransh, saaraansh)
  • तात्पर्यित होना ( Tatparyit hona, taatparyit honaa)
  • अभिप्राय रखना ( Abhipray rakhana, abhipraay rakhanaa)
  • तात्पर्य सार ( Tatpary sar, taatpary saar)
  • अर्थ रखना ( Arth rakhana, arth rakhanaa)
  • मुराद रखना ( Murad rakhana, muraad rakhanaa)
  • प्रकाश करना ( Prakash karana, prakaash karanaa)
  • दावा करना ( Dava karana, daavaa karanaa, dawa karana)

Synonyms of "purport"

  • aim
  • propose
  • spirit
  • purpose
  • intent
  • drift

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