How to use "quail" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "quail" in popular movie and book plots

  • Though equipped with a boomstick, Oswald finds it difficult to take down a single quail as the fowls are quite clever.  - The Quail Hunt
  • As quail season opens, Barney Bear goes downtown to buy himself a bird dog to hunt quail.  - Bird-Brain Bird Dog
  • He is careful this time not to move at all, even to the point of letting the quail jump up on him and pull his fur.  - The Pointer
  • Tao goes off into the brush to hunt a quail while the old dog rests.  - The Incredible Journey (film)
  • Woody decides to go to bed early so he can get a head start on quail season the next morning.  - The Coo Coo Bird
  • Plato is here to sniff out birds such as quail and pheasants so the humans can shoot them.  - The Case of the Kidnapped Collie
  • In late 1800s Ohio, a young woman from the backwoods, Annie Oakley (Stanwyck) delivers six dozen quail she has shot to the owner of the general store.  - Annie Oakley (film)
  • Skeeter and Jesse take Lady out with them, and when Lady flushes a covey of quail Skeeter becomes determined to train her as a bird dog.  - Good-bye, My Lady
  • Nazir notices Phulan while hunting quail with his brother and nephew.  - Shabanu, Daughter of the Wind
  • During the first earthquake, a flight of quail becomes disoriented and smashes into the windshield of an Aerospatiale SA341G Gazelle helicopter being used for logging operations.  - St. Helens (film)
  • Meanwhile, Steve and the Virginian enjoy playing pranks together, switching babies during a baptism; they also make quail calls for secret communications.  - The Virginian (1929 film)
  • After one particularly rich meal of quail in rose petal sauce flavored with Tita’s erotic thoughts of Pedro, Gertrudis becomes inflamed with lust and leaves the ranch in order to make ravenous love to a revolutionary soldier on the back of a horse, later ending up in a brothel and subsequently disowned by her mother.  - Like Water for Chocolate

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Meaning of "quail" in English

  • small gallinaceous game birds
  • flesh of quail; suitable for roasting or broiling if young; otherwise must be braised
  • draw back, as with fear or pain

Meaning of "quail" in Hindi

  • लवा बटेर ( Lava bater, lavaa bater, lawa bater)
  • डूबना ( Dubana, doobanaa)
  • घबरा जाना
  • हिम्मत हारना ( Himmat harana, himmat haaranaa)
  • दबना ( Dabana, dabanaa)
  • हार मानना ( Har manana, haar mananaa)
  • झिझकना ( Jhijhakana, jhijhakanaa, zhizhakana)
  • घबरा जाना ( Ghabara jana, ghabaraa janaa, ghabara zana)

Synonyms of "quail"

  • wince
  • squinch
  • flinch
  • shrink
  • funk
  • recoil
  • cringe

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