How to use "rationale" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "rationale" in popular movie and book plots

  • Rupkatha wants Ronojoy but Ronojoy wants Imon which angers Roopkatha because she does not possess a shred of rationale to not pursue a married man, moreover, one who has betrayed her before and fallen in love with his newly married wife.  - Kusum Dola
  • She gives her rationale for what is occurring: "I believe the polar bears are just getting fatter and weighing them down.  - Climate Change Denial Disorder
  • That evening, looking for a rationale to keep Jet, Wolfe sends Archie for Richard Meegan.  - Die Like a Dog
  • Finn questions Bubblegum's rationale for covering up the secret of her parents, only for Marceline to defend Bubblegum by saying that the others would have done the same for their parents.  - Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!
  • Also while on the plane, Ziva explains her rationale for changing their destination: her father had told her to convert all funds to diamonds with a dealer in Berlin should she ever need to go into hiding.  - Berlin (NCIS)
  • Realizing that Dresden's rationale is likely to be accepted by the powers that be on Earth and Mars, and his horrific research allowed to continue, Miller shoots Dresden without warning, angering Holden.  - Leviathan Wakes
  • Bunny Reuben, who wrote Kapoor's biography Raj Kapoor, The Fabulous Showman, gives his rationale for the change: "The film had some of Shankar-Jaikishan's loveliest music, and a 'Devdas'-ian tragic ending which was changed to the conventional happy ending because the film didn't do well in its first release".  - Aah (film)
  • The police are unimpressed by this rationale and immediately arrest Plesin and his men, along with the captain.  - Deadly Voyage
  • His rationale is that one must be a native islander to participate, and the women are all foreign-born.  - Beauty Is As Beauty Does
  • She tries to justify her rationale and make him change his mind.  - Paithrukam
  • In its tale of a chemist who creates an army of bloodthirsty plant-based humanoids out of a desire to abolish war once and for all (the rationale being that no country would attack England if it were known she possessed such a defence), the book foreshadowed the rise of nuclear weapons and Cold War politics.  - The Death Guard
  • Drummond hammers home his point – that Cates, like any other man, demands the right to think for himself, and those citing divine support as a rationale to silence him are wrong.  - Inherit the Wind (1960 film)
  • The story ends with the rationale that even though life was tough in Russia, the United States cares for their children no better.  - The Clemency of the Court
  • They confront Alf at Ellgode and stop him from triggering the volcano; during this time, Alf reveals that he has made a pact with Real; if he can manage people for a year, Real will stop the destruction of the land, and he is trying to reduce the number of people on the Earth making their management efficient (this is also the rationale for his authoritarian ruling ways).  - Arc Rise Fantasia
  • After Bugs awakens and realizes where he is, Marvin explains his rationale before turning Hugo loose on Bugs ("Oh no, not again.  - Spaced Out Bunny
  • The rationale for Henry Roth is that in his novels published after his death he reveals that he had an incestuous affair with his sister when he was young; it also known that Henry Roth suffered from writer's block for much of his career after publishing Call It Sleep, his only major novel.  - Exit Ghost
  • The real body is here, and it will rest in the Arctic forever, the rationale being that he was preserved in peace here for decades until he could be revived, and so it was the best place for him to rest forever.  - Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America
  • The rationale was that although capital punishment was distasteful for many, removal of the opposing force was necessary to Humankind's evolutionary journey, and furthermore, individuals would be reincarnated free of their past prejudices and philosophies, and will join everyone else in the procession into the New Age.  - Acts of God (James BeauSeigneur novel)
  • Chris asks him to explain the rationale behind his targeting and Michael explains that at a distance you aim low because of the possibility of a vest and at close range you aim for the head.  - That's Got His Own
  • The rationale for this test was that the real Lister is a terrible guitar player, but believed he was an excellent one (contrary to his admission that he's not a very good player in "Marooned"), with the result that the Psiren's illusion was based on Lister's belief in his skills rather than being a reflection of his genuine capabilities.  - Psirens
  • She is waiting for him to propose, with the rationale that given his dangerous job, she likes the idea of him having to think of her, to hesitate for a while before jumping into danger.  - Sad Movie
  • (The rationale behind the treatment spoofs pseudo-scientific ideas current in the 1950s, particularly those of Ron Hubbard) As a Krishnan and a hybrid between the advanced tailless and the primitive tailed races, Yuruzh might have gone either way, but in the event gained super-intelligence.  - The Virgin of Zesh
  • Back at the detail office, Daniels and Russell discuss the rationale for leaving Spiros "Vondas" Vondopoulos on the street.  - Bad Dreams (The Wire)
  • When the stranger doesn't return, George starts wearing some of the clothing from the bag, using the rationale that "I'm still watching them".  - The Muffin Tops
  • The rationale for the day, as recounted by McGarry (much to the consternation of the senior staff), is that America's seventh president, Andrew Jackson, had a two-ton block of cheese in the White House foyer from which everyone was welcome to eat.  - The Crackpots and These Women
  • Worf demands an explanation from Koroth, the High Priest of the Boreth Temple, who disconsolately replies that Kahless isn't a resurrection, only a clone of the original, offering the rationale that the legend of Kahless's return didn't specify the exact manner.  - Rightful Heir
  • After the financial rationale for the marriage is explained to the children, they agree to the marriage, and appease mrs Quickly by confessing they were to blame for the disturbance of her visit, luring her back to their father with tales of their Great Aunt Adelaide's wealth.  - Nanny McPhee
  • That was the rationale of choosing the crew from the Academy—for their youth and intelligence.  - Earth Star Voyager
  • Security Chief Yuloff states that the rationale of taking lives to justify the saving of lives was what allowed "The Great Conflict" to happen in the first place.  - Genesis II (film)
  • He explains the rationale behind them and says that only when every Indian is responsible and sincere will the country prosper on a par with developed nations.  - Anniyan
  • His rationale is that if they survive, their reports will be known by the spacecraft's crew on their future mission, and the crew will be able to foresee and avoid the black hole, thus avoiding the "unknown event" referenced in the logs, and not ending up where Harry's team has found it.  - Sphere (1998 film)
  • After surviving the intense barrage of artillery fire of the EOS test, the pilot wonders why they must be terminated by their ally and questions their military leaders' rationale for the war.  - Einhänder
  • The rationale is that if the Gauntlet can be reactivated, then the Magus can be removed from existence.  - Infinity War
  • The rationale that leads Alex to perform the sin eating ritual instead of giving Mara Roman Catholic Last Rites is that Alex has already made the decision to leave the priesthood to be with Mara and he has broken his vows of obedience and of sexual abstinence.  - The Order (2003 film)
  • In the next scene Jason arrives to explain his rationale for his apparent betrayal.  - Medea (play)
  • While searching for her cousin, Isis meets Rastas, policemen, white power skinheads, and other characters of a sort she has never encountered before, and tells the story of the cult and the rationale behind its rules.  - Whit (novel)

Example sentences for "rationale" in interesting articles

  • I pick those 3 because it's where the bulk of my readership comes from and if we look at the average wage by country (you'll always get different figures on this, I'm going by the World Bank's data), they all do exceptionally well compared to the rest of the world: Now, much of the offshoring rationale says "Hey, why are we paying expensive developers in these countries when we could be paying cheap developers in other countries to do the same thing?!".  - Lessons from Outsourcing to India, China and the Philippines
  • Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Sweden, after all, have extremely low cash usage rates and also lead the world in the lack of perceived corruption.This rationale has led Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to declare a surprise cancellation of the nation’s two highest-denomination notes, effectively invalidating 86 percent of total currency in circulation.  - India's Misguided War on Cash
  • The rationale for this goal? As expressed in Wells Fargo’s 2010 Annual Report, it was because “eight rhymes with great.” And for a time, things were great.  - How Elizabeth Warren Took Down the CEO of Wells Fargo, and Why It Matters
  • The court presents that as a ground to distinguish the Microsoft case on its facts, see Footnote 17, but I think it’s more fair to say it’s a reason the court rejects the Second Circuit’s reasoning: [I]f the court were to adopt Google’s interpretation of the Microsoft decision and apply such a rationale to the case at bar, it would be impossible for the Government to obtain the sought-after user data through existing MLAT channels.  - Google must turn over foreign-stored emails pursuant to a warrant, court rules
  • A passive investment in the S&P 500 isn’t a sure thing, and that uncertainty creates the rationale for portfolio diversification.  - Ted Seides Concedes Bet with Warren Buffett
  • The rationale has been that this relieves pressure on the company to sell out prematurely, giving the early folks enough money to live well while they build their company for long-term greatness.  - Searching For Beasts In Silicon Valleys War For Talent
  • 29, she turned her attention to the evolving culture of higher education. Robinson, who has taught at a number of colleges and universities, including her current position at the Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa, identified a troubling trend in higher education today. The original rationale behind an American liberal arts education – to play a vital role in democratizing privilege – “is under attack, or is being forgotten,” Robinson said.  - Novelist warns against utilitarian trends in higher education
  • I used to look kindly on this group but now my strong suspicion is that they are professional shills — and that’s a word I hardly ever use. Log in to Reply Miles of Truth says: 02/06/2016 at 8:09 am Also, if you read Positive Money’s detailed report about digital cash, the initial rationale for it (section 1.1) is very interesting, explicitly connecting it to long-term negative interest rates and restricting people’s ability to have money outside of the banks’ ability to charge interest on deposits.  - The War on Cash
  • Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Sweden, after all, have extremely low cash usage rates and also lead the world in the lack of perceived corruption.This rationale has led Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to declare a surprise cancellation of the nation’s two highest-denomination notes, effectively invalidating 86 percent of total currency in circulation.  - India's Misguided War on Cash
  • Earlier in the day, Modi had also met National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and the chiefs of the armed forces.Before making the announcement, Modi had explained the rationale for the move.  - India pulls out high denomination currencies out of circulation
  • Another called me a racist for not supporting Obama, even though my rationale centered on economic policies. Teachers were openly and uniformly liberal (you could tell by the posters hanging in their rooms and the stickers on their cars).  - The Yale Problem Begins in High School
  • It doesn't help me understand the rationale of your point of view - and it doesn't at all induce me to revise my own."] ,[1] ,[1] ,[0,"The judging issue is difficult as well - though in general I agree with you on that score.  - Judge Alsup learns to code and schools Oracle
  • In the fall, she held dozens of meetings explaining the rationale for One Newark to charter-school leaders, business executives, officials of local foundations, elected officials, clergy, and civic leaders.  - A Test for School Reform in Newark
  • This is a critical question inasmuch as a key rationale for middle school is its potential for easing the transition to high school.  - The Middle School Plunge

Meaning of "rationale" in English

  • (law) an explanation of the fundamental reasons (especially an explanation of the working of some device in terms of laws of nature)
    - the principles of internal-combustion engines

Meaning of "rationale" in Hindi

  • कारण विवरण ( Karan vivaran, kaaran vivaran, karan wiwaran)
  • मूल कारण ( Mul karan, mool kaaran)
  • मुख्य हेतु ( Mukhy hetu)
  • मूलाधार
  • औचित्य ( Auchity)
  • मूलाधार ( Muladhar, moolaadhaar)

Synonyms of "rationale"

  • principle

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