How to use "recalcitrant" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "recalcitrant" in popular movie and book plots

  • Ballantyne on the other hand is a swashbuckling adventurer and recalcitrant soldier who is in his prime.  - The Triumph of the Sun
  • Brahmasthram tells the story of a boatman, whose only daughter Sindhu is the victim of ragging and rape by some rich recalcitrant students in medical college.  - Brahmasthram (2010 film)
  • With the aid of, among other diverse items, a bayonetted rifle, a Xanax-laced bottle of ketchup, a mace-wielding suit of armor, an ill-fitting red dress, a recalcitrant thumbtack, a convenient gust of wind, and an unsuspected fly in the ointment—the classic British detective story and our protagonists' reputations are ultimately rescued from a premature demise.  - Over My Dead Body (play)
  • Once the Reverend is able to get the recalcitrant residents to speak about the ongoing troubles, he finds his spiritual leadership is being challenged by a cult of devil worshippers who practice voodoo, and have to get to the heart of a strange relationship between a mute young girl and a gunslinger who seem possessed by Satanic spirits.  - Black Noon
  • Atavars are given chances to conform; the recalcitrant ones are fed to a kraken outside the dome of Atlantis, in a ceremony reminiscent of the Christian sacrifices in the Colosseum of ancient Rome.  - The Scarlet Empire
  • A recalcitrant Ben Boxer offers to make the Man of Steel into a cyborg like himself.  - Superman: At Earth's End
  • ignoring the deal he had with Brennan, due to Bob's recalcitrant attitude.  - Johnny Apollo (film)
  • Dawes, in turn, urges Eastman to help him convince the recalcitrant tribal leaders.  - Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (film)
  • Prew reconnects with Maggio, who is in the "Number Two" barracks where the hardest and most recalcitrant prisoners are kept.  - From Here to Eternity (novel)
  • Later, at the teahouse, Okimi tries to directly persuade the recalcitrant Miyoei to accede to Kusuda's proposal.  - A Geisha
  • He sets out, taking his recalcitrant son, also named Jacques, with him.  - Molloy (novel)
  • 12: In a resistance safehouse, Igan tries to recruit a recalcitrant Svengaard.  - The Eyes of Heisenberg
  • This approach is sometimes useful - especially when suspects are to be overawed and intimidated, or recalcitrant local officials intimidated into fully cooperating with an investigation.  - Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee
  • In response, the previous recalcitrant Richard resumes the witness chair and testifies about Ellen's insane jealousy and her dual confessions to him.  - Leave Her to Heaven

Example sentences for "recalcitrant" in interesting articles

Meaning of "recalcitrant" in English

  • marked by stubborn resistance to authority
  • stubbornly resistant to authority or control
    - a refractory child

Meaning of "recalcitrant" in Hindi

  • उद्दण्ड ( Uddand)

Synonyms of "recalcitrant"

  • fractious
  • refractory

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