How to use "recant" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "recant" in popular movie and book plots

  • Wandering around Gotō, he struggles over whether it is self-centered and unmerciful to refuse to recant when doing so will end others' suffering.  - Silence (2016 film)
  • But the new Pope Urbano VIII and his beloved cardinal discover these theories, find them heretical and order the scientist to recant publicly and to allow his lyrics are declared heretics and burned at the stake.  - Galileo (1968 film)
  • Cesare (François Arnaud) knows that a confession is needed to recant all that was preached but Savonarola has proven stronger than he thought over the lengthy torture.  - The Confession (The Borgias)
  • Wendy (Clea DuVall), regretful of her decision to sign her partner, Lana (Sarah Paulson), over to the Briarcliff Manor Sanitarium, resolves to recant her signature and free Lana.  - Tricks and Treats (American Horror Story)
  • A terrified Eva tries to convince Peter to recant the incantation, using the alternate spell on the same document.  - Baron Blood (film)
  • Others recant their original testimony against Bernie.  - Three Brave Men
  • Pa Leeds is kidnapped and, after he rejects a bribe for the family to recant their identification of Campo, is badly beaten and dumped beside a road.  - The Star Witness
  • Once aware that his job is in no way threatened by Elave, Aldwin leaves to recant his charges at the Abbey.  - The Heretic's Apprentice
  • Manette himself makes an impassioned plea to recant this and say that Darnay is nothing like his father and uncle.  - A Tale of Two Cities (musical)
  • Rodrigues' journal depicts his struggles: he understands suffering for the sake of one's own faith; but he struggles over whether it is self-centered and unmerciful to refuse to recant when doing so will end another's suffering.  - Silence (novel)
  • Apoplectic with fury at Burns again not remembering who he is, Homer grabs Wiggum's gun and aims it at mr Burns' face, demanding that Burns recant his accusations.  - Who Shot Mr. Burns?
  • Gegen is put on trial for heresy, and it soon becomes clear that he has been pre-judged guilty and the "trial" is only an opportunity for him to recant and reduce his punishment.  - Distant Origin
  • The novel opens with the rabidly anti-Deryni leader of the Holy Church, Archbishop Edmund Loris, signing a letter that demands that the Deryni Duke of Corwyn, Alaric Morgan, recant his magical powers and submit to a life of penance.  - Deryni Checkmate
  • This infuriates Dolarhyde, who kidnaps Lounds, forces him to recant the allegations, bites off his lips and sets him on fire, leaving his maimed body outside his newspaper's offices; Lounds eventually dies.  - Red Dragon (novel)
  • Jay believes that Elena will recant her accusation after being paid off, but at the next court session Elena testifies that Jay also threatened to kill her.  - Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough
  • All of the escaping convicts are killed, including the badly wounded Stacey, who forces Polecat to go with him and be killed so that he cannot recant his confession.  - Each Dawn I Die
  • As Wesley and his gang fights off two large demons, Angel arrives and tries to thank Wesley for rescuing him, and to recant his promise never to forgive him for stealing Connor.  - Ground State (Angel)
  • Having been informed that Bessie will be ejected from the care facility because he refuses to recant his beliefs, he returns to London.  - 1985 (Anthony Burgess novel)
  • Destler tracks Harrison down and brutally murders him in a Turkish spa after Harrison refuses to recant his review.  - The Phantom of the Opera (1989 film)
  • In a private conversation in the pantry, a seemingly baffled Helge asks Christian about his motivations for slandering him, and Christian appears to recant his accusation.  - Festen
  • The Bishop tells her she must recant her visions before he can hear her confession.  - The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
  • Sean refuses to recant his story and Anna watches Sean collapse in his father's arms.  - Birth (film)
  • Dolarhyde then forces Lounds to recant his allegations, bites off his lips and then sets him on fire outside his newspaper's offices.  - Red Dragon (film)
  • This causes Hans to recant his remark and agree that the weak must be destroyed.  - Education for Death
  • The lawyer uses the time to manipulate those financially interested in the trial to have their private detective recant his testimony, which was the final remaining weapon in the prosecution's arsenal.  - The Postman Always Rings Twice (novel)

Meaning of "recant" in English

  • formally reject or disavow a formerly held belief, usually under pressure
    - She abjured her beliefs

Meaning of "recant" in Hindi

  • फेर लेना ( Pher lena, pher lenaa, fer lena)
  • वापस लेना ( Vapas lena, vaapas lenaa, wapas lena)
  • खण्डन करना ( Khandan karana, khandan karanaa)
  • फिर जाना ( Phir jana, phir janaa, fir zana)

Synonyms of "recant"

  • forswear
  • resile
  • retract
  • abjure

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