How to use "regale" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "regale" in popular movie and book plots

  • Cartman also sends Butters and Scott Malkinson to the New Mexico home of A Game of Thrones author George Martin for information on upcoming storylines, but Martin does nothing but regale the two children with plot points that emphasize male characters' penises.  - A Song of Ass and Fire
  • Stephen, the owner of the party home, having put an end to his roommate Mike after being fatally wounded and torn apart by the reanimated couple, begins to get drunk and regale himself with stories from his past.  - They Walk
  • As they dine over supper, they regale stories of personal heroisms between one another; Deano states he had once rushed a woman giving birth to children to a hospital, Mallory and Hannah had saved the life of a child's father who had fallen into the bog off chance.  - Assault of Darkness
  • Bailey becomes the darling of Hollywood society, all of whom are eager to include him as a guest at their dinner parties so he can regale everyone with inside tidbits and juicy gossip.  - Another City, Not My Own
  • Set in a desi Mumbai underworld milieu, Akbar and Birbal regale you with anecdotes of wit and wisdom that will leave you asking for more.  - Akbar Birbal Remixed
  • Ti Noel recalls the tales that a fellow slave, Macandal, would regale on the plantation of their master, Lenormand de Mezy.  - The Kingdom of This World
  • Realizing that he has appeared to Scheherazade on the eve of her first encounter with Shahryar, and seeing her without a solution to her predicament, the author himself suggests the stratagem of using a chain of interrupted stories to forestall her execution, and offers to tell her a new story every day with which to regale the king the following evening.  - Chimera (Barth novel)
  • In a small New England town during a frigid winter season, four elderly friends -- businessman Ricky Hawthorne, lawyer Sears James, dr John Jaffrey, and Mayor Edward Charles Wanderley -- form the Chowder Society, an informal mens club where they regale each other with scary stories.  - Ghost Story (film)

Example sentences for "regale" in interesting articles

  • Made me sign up for Disqus just to regale your comment! Colin P.  - Google listening in to your room shows importance of privacy defense in depth
  • it will shock you.” But before he spilled the beans on “what’s holding you back from the big penis you deserve,” he needed to regale me with tales of his buddy Kyle, who added 2 inches and improved his confidence with the ladies. What really puzzled me about this formula—as I sat through video after video, alternately bored and enraged—is that there’s no way to shut the guy up and just buy the dick pills already.  - How 'One Weird Trick' Conquered The Internet
  • I won't regale you with stories of my own tiger mother issues but suffice to say, shards of Chua's proscriptions hit home closer than I'd care to admit. What further pours salt in the wounds is that the intense interest in Chua-gate is like a massive fall backwards in the attempt to shed the legacy of the MMM.  - Notes of a native tiger son: it's a weird time to be Asian-American

Meaning of "regale" in English

  • provide with choice or abundant food or drink
    - She treated her houseguests with good food every night

Meaning of "regale" in Hindi

  • प्रसन्न करना ( Prasann karana, prasann karanaa)
  • निहाल करना ( Nihal karana, nihaal karanaa)
  • खुश करना ( Khush karana, khush karanaa)
  • भोज देना ( Bhoj dena, bhoj denaa, bhoz dena)
  • दावत करना ( Davat karana, daavat karanaa, dawat karana)
  • धूमधाम से खाना खिलाना ( Dhumadham se khana khilana, dhoomadhaam se khanaa khilanaa)
  • राज भोज देना ( Raj bhoj dena, raaj bhoj denaa, raz bhoz dena)

Synonyms of "regale"

  • treat

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