How to use "relegate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "relegate" in popular movie and book plots

  • Meanwhile, the ship's on-board computer has accused Rimmer of neglecting his duties (having not reported for work in over 3 million years) and thus threatens him with demotion, a fact that would relegate him to being on a par with Lister.  - Dear Dave
  • Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny secretly decide to relegate Butters, Jimmy and Token to smaller roles, thinking that it will give themselves a better opportunity to impress McMahon.  - W.T.F. (South Park)
  • In the meantime, Loha Singh decides to relegate Siddheswari to the outhouse where Laali is kept and gives Laali Siddheswari's chamber to live in.  - Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo
  • She fights for Rocky's inclusion in a mainstream junior high school and confronts a principal who would rather relegate him to a special education school, despite the fact that his condition hasn't affected his intelligence.  - Mask (film)

Example sentences for "relegate" in interesting articles

Meaning of "relegate" in English

  • assign to a class or kind
    - People argue about how to relegate certain mushrooms
  • assign to a lower position; reduce in rank
    - He was broken down to Sergeant
  • expel, as if by official decree
  • refer to another person for decision or judgment

Meaning of "relegate" in Hindi

  • रवाना करना ( Ravana karana, ravanaa karanaa, rawana karana)
  • अपने देश से निकालना ( Apane desh se nikalana, apane desh se nikaalanaa)
  • देश बाहर करना ( Desh bahar karana, desh bahar karanaa)
  • बदलना ( Badalana, badalanaa)
  • हस्तान्तरित करना ( Hastantarit karana, hastantarit karanaa)
  • अवनति करना ( Avanati karana, avanati karanaa, awanati karana)
  • हटा देना ( Hata dena, hataa denaa)
  • अपकर्ष ( Apakarsh)
  • अपक्षिप्त करना ( Apakshipt karana, apakshipt karanaa)
  • निष्कासन ( Nishkasan, nishkaasan)
  • पदावनति ( Padavanati, padaavanati, padawanati)
  • फेंक देना ( Phenk dena, phenk denaa, fenk dena)

Synonyms of "relegate"

  • classify
  • kick downstairs
  • bar
  • break
  • banish
  • demote
  • bump
  • pass on
  • submit

Antonyms of "relegate"

  • upgrade
  • raise
  • advance
  • elevate
  • kick upstairs
  • promote

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