How to use "reparation" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "reparation" in popular movie and book plots

  • He was subsequently imprisoned and had to pay a large reparation payment to the victim.  - Sweet Bean
  • Young Tommy Jordan (Eddie Quillan) is sent for a reparation job.  - The Tip-Off (film)
  • Susan begins the reparation of their marriage by prompting Karl to list all of the women that he had slept with during their marriage.  - If... (Desperate Housewives)
  • Peter picks it up and announces to the audience that he realizes he made a mistake and that he will be sharing his reparation money with his brothers.  - Peter Griffin: Husband, Father... Brother?
  • In reparation and out of sympathy for the loss of his son, Prince Nasir, the emir's older son, grants Woodman's company oil interests worth US$75 million, and Woodman, though initially insulted by the offer, gradually becomes his economic advisor.  - Syriana
  • Lastly, Phaidor announces to Carter that she repents of her jealousy, and recognizes the love that Carter and Dejah Thoris have for each other, and throws herself overboard in reparation for her sins before Carter can stop her.  - The Warlord of Mars
  • Her mother insists that Kingston go to the drugstore and demand reparation candy.  - The Woman Warrior
  • The Witch drinks the potion, and suddenly the Mysterious Man falls dead, his reparation complete, the curse is broken, and the Witch is transformed into a beautiful young woman, reversing the effects of the curse of ugliness by which she was punished by her mother, because the Baker's father stole the beans from her, regaining her youth and beauty.  - Into the Woods

Example sentences for "reparation" in interesting articles

  • Not that it mattered—Hitler suspended reparation repayments in 1933. In 1953, following the end of the Second World War, West Germany agreed at a conference in London to pay off its debts from before World War II, and in return was allowed to wait until reunification before paying €125 million in outstanding interest owed from 1945-1952.  - Countries are still paying off debt from World War 1
  • There are even small plots of land for urban farming, many of which were given to Songdo's former fishermen as reparation for the destruction of their fisheries.  - Songdo, South Korea: City of the Future?

Meaning of "reparation" in English

  • something done or paid in expiation of a wrong
  • the act of putting something in working order again
  • (usually plural) compensation exacted from a defeated nation by the victors
  • compensation (given or received) for an insult or injury

Meaning of "reparation" in Hindi

  • मरम्मत करना ( Marammat karana, marammat karanaa)
  • मरम्मत ( Marammat)
  • सुधार ( Sudhar, sudhaar)
  • मरम्मती
  • बदला ( Badala, badalaa)
  • क्षतिपूर्ति ( Kshatipurti, kshatipoorti)
  • भरपाई ( Bharapai, bharapaaee)
  • हरजाना ( Harajana, harajanaa, harazana)
  • हानिपूरण ( Hanipuran, hanipooran)
  • मुआवज़ा ( Muavaza, muaavazaa, muawaja)
  • मरम्मती ( Marammati, marammatee)
  • हानिपूर्ति ( Hanipurti, hanipoorti)
  • नुकसान भरना ( Nukasan bharana, nukasan bharanaa)

Synonyms of "reparation"

  • mending
  • amends
  • fixing
  • fix
  • mend
  • repair
  • fixture

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