How to use "reproach" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "reproach" in popular movie and book plots

  • Ironically, Hélène seems to have something to reproach herself, because she does art traffic with her lover Marc.  - Circulez y'a rien à voir
  • But her father entrusts her with orders for erotic shunga prints, and customers reproach Ō-Ei's drawings for being too coldly executed.  - Miss Hokusai
  • Meanwhile, Betty starts to feel bad about what the fugitives hardly make the decision to let her go with Adriana but not before Carlos Alberto reproach him his mother's blessing to have had as his wife Adriana.  - La Mujer del Presidente
  • Realising the problems, public reproach and punishment they will face if caught, Artush and Zaur head to Old City, Baku where they climb to the Maiden Tower and commit joint suicide by jumping from its top.  - Artush and Zaur
  • Kottwitz is of the opinion that what counts on the field of battle is victory, and that there is nothing with which to reproach the Prince.  - The Prince of Homburg (play)
  • Clarimonde's ghost returns that night to reproach Romuald and informs him they will never meet again before she vanishes in the wind.  - La Morte Amoureuse
  • However, to save herself from future reproach from him, Isabella sews the canvas bag into which the body was placed to Villenoy's collar so that he will be dragged along with the body when he throws it into the water.  - The History of the Nun
  • Lucy looks at him with reproach and says that she did not forget.  - An Infamous Army
  • Mrs Travers is fascinated by Immada’s attractiveness, but the girl and her brother reproach Lingard for recently neglecting them, and leave with him when the interview comes to a fruitless conclusion.  - The Rescue (Conrad novel)
  • A reproach from a neighbour makes him reconsider his decision.  - Mili (1975 film)
  • Delano precedes the two out of the cuddy and walks to the mainmast, where Babo joins him, complaining that Cereno cut his cheek in reproach for his carelessness, while Cereno’s own shaking caused the cut.  - Benito Cereno
  • Presently Margaret, dressed as a boy, was shown into the same room; then the chandler came to claim his wife, whom he accused Nigel of having carried off; and, after he had dined, his friend Heriot arrived to reproach him with the position in which he had placed himself.  - The Fortunes of Nigel
  • Obelix's increasing wealth alienates Asterix and Dogmatix, and causes problems for the village men, whose wives reproach them for not matching his success.  - Obelix and Co.
  • That brooch is in the shape of an eye – a silent reproach by Carlos and clue to Catalina’s lie – with a glass eye in the middle.  - Cuna de lobos
  • mr Rucastle does not reproach her, instead he pretends to comfort her.  - The Adventure of the Copper Beeches
  • She continues to mock and reproach him, often in front of others, and lets slip that, as far as she is concerned, the problem of Nastassya Filippovna is yet to be resolved.  - The Idiot

Example sentences for "reproach" in interesting articles

  • You write what you yourself call a “political pamphlet”in an effort to do a political hatchet job on a serious and long effort of mine to make a contribution to our field, you distribute it behind my back, I reproach you for this; what is your explanation?You say that the “glamour” [my god!] of the Turing lecture had apparently raised “false hopes” among some people without “independent judgement”about the possibilities of functional programming, and that therefore”some compensating noises seemed required”.  - Letters between Backus and Dijkstra (1979)
  • Its failure to do is a reproach to teaching. When pupils cannot use their mathematics in a physics course, something must be wrong.  - The Defeat of the Schools (1939)

Meaning of "reproach" in English

  • a mild rebuke or criticism
  • disgrace or shame
  • express criticism towards

Meaning of "reproach" in Hindi

  • दोषारोपण ( Dosharopan, doshaaropan)
  • उलाहना ( Ulahana, ulahanaa)
  • झिडकी ( Jhidaki, jhidakee, zhidaki)
  • बदनामी ( Badanami, badanaamee)
  • धिक्कार की वस्तु ( Dhikkar ki vastu, dhikkaar kee vastu, dhikkar ki wastu)
  • झिड़की ( Jhidaki, jhidakee, zhidaki)
  • कलंक ( Kalank)
  • दोष लगाना ( Dosh lagana, dosh laganaa)
  • झिडकना ( Jhidakana, jhidakanaa, zhidakana)
  • डांटना ( Dantana, daantanaa)
  • धिक्कारना ( Dhikkarana, dhikkaaranaa)
  • बदनाम करना ( Badanam karana, badanaam karanaa)
  • आडे हाथों लेना ( Aade hathon lena, aade haathon lenaa)
  • बुरा भला कहना ( Bura bhala kahana, buraa bhalaa kahanaa)
  • आड़े हाथों लेना ( Aade hathon lena, aade haathon lenaa)
  • उलाहना देना ( Ulahana dena, ulahanaa denaa)
  • झिड़कना ( Jhidakana, jhidakanaa, zhidakana)

Synonyms of "reproach"

  • upbraid

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