How to use "repudiate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "repudiate" in popular movie and book plots

  • Linden wants Weck to repudiate her upcoming marriage to Teeter.  - We Are Incredible
  • First Citizen explores the alternative history story of Granville James Corbin, or “Granny” to his friends and enemies, as he "grows up in the chaos caused by the decision of the American Government to repudiate the National Debt".  - First Citizen (novel)
  • Irritated by his wife's delusional views of their son and angered by Alejandro's behavior, which he views as cowardly and effeminate, Jaime cuts off Alejandro's hair (which is depicted as wig in what appears to be magic realism), demands he repudiate the existence of God, and puts him through tests of self-control and bravery which include withstanding being tickled, slapped, and finally undergoing a dental operation without anesthetic.  - The Dance of Reality
  • Naná repudiate both men and seeks solace in the Count Muffat (Manuel Ojeda), a distinguished and respectable aristocrat dedicated to the charity.  - Nana (1985 film)
  • Meanwhile, two of his offspring, Etta and Stewart, repudiate their Quaker upbringing.  - The Bulwark
  • They repudiate the truth that something behind their attic door is now awake but must now face brave their greatest fear.  - The Attic Door
  • When the chaps return (while he is awkwardly seducing an admiring student, Marguerite), Leopold finally resolves that he would rather face prison than repudiate his writing.  - Largo desolato
  • Not willing to drag Masha into court, Pyotr is unable to repudiate this accusation and receives the death penalty.  - The Captain's Daughter
  • King Mongkut asserts that Anna is his servant only to see her repudiate the term and leave the room.  - The King and I (1956 film)

Example sentences for "repudiate" in interesting articles

  • He has declined to repudiate a divisive North Carolina law that restricts transgender people's bathroom access.  - Congress, at Last Minute, Drops Requirement to Obtain Warrant to Monitor Email
  • We should repudiate the partisanship that currently clouds the issues surrounding sex differences in the schools.  - The War Against Boys
  • Many hundreds, possibly thousands of public schools have been closed since the passage of NCLB, due to low test scores.With the election of Barack Obama in 2008, educators expected that he would repudiate NCLB and help them cope with rising costs, budget cuts, and growing levels of poverty and non-English-speaking students.  - The Myth of Chinese Super Schools
  • Let them state theirs, and if you do not agree, either ignore it or repudiate it with FACTS and rhetoric, not insults and swearing. Thank you for reading, I hope I have offered some clarity for my point of view. Galane 1/2/2012 03:48:44 pm Re #3.  - GoDaddy: A glimpse of the Internet under SOPA
  • The young, perhaps, can repudiate the empty values and possessions of their parents, can stand with composure in the welfare line, can milk the establishment with an easy conscience and a light heart, can strip themselves to the bone and look for new meanings, being blind to the old.  - The Gentle Art of Poverty
  • We should repudiate the partisanship that currently clouds the issues surrounding sex differences in the schools.  - The War Against Boys

Meaning of "repudiate" in English

  • refuse to acknowledge, ratify, or recognize as valid
  • cast off
    - The parents repudiated their son
  • reject as untrue, unfounded, or unjust
  • refuse to recognize or pay

Meaning of "repudiate" in Hindi

  • त्याग करना ( Tyag karana, tyaag karanaa)
  • छोड देना ( Chhod dena, chhod denaa)
  • निकाल देना ( Nikal dena, nikaal denaa)
  • फेंक देना ( Phenk dena, phenk denaa, fenk dena)
  • अस्वीकार करना ( Asvikar karana, asveekaar karanaa, aswikar karana)
  • इन्कार करना ( Enkar karana, enkaar karanaa)
  • नामंजूर करना ( Namanjur karana, naamanjoor karanaa, namanzur karana)
  • अलग हो जाना ( Alag ho jana, alag ho janaa, alag ho zana)
  • निराकृत करना ( Nirakrit karana, niraakrit karanaa)
  • निराकरण करना ( Nirakaran karana, niraakaran karanaa)
  • परित्याग ( Parityag, parityaag)
  • छोड़ देना ( Chhod dena, chhod denaa)
  • नकारना ( Nakarana, nakaaranaa)
  • खंडन करना ( Khandan karana, khandan karanaa)
  • खण्डन करना ( Khandan karana, khandan karanaa)
  • त्यागना ( Tyagana, tyaaganaa)
  • इनकार करना ( Enakar karana, enakaar karanaa)
  • मुकर जाना ( Mukar jana, mukar janaa, mukar zana)
  • संबंध-विच्छेद करना ( Sanbandh-vichchhed karana, sanbandh-vichchhed karanaa, sanbandh-wichchhed karana)

Synonyms of "repudiate"

  • renounce

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