How to use "rescind" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "rescind" in popular movie and book plots

  • Pu notes the importance of filial piety in his postscript, and narrates another tale concerning a bailiff who initially orders his adulterous wife to hang herself, only to rescind his command when her pleas for mercy become intolerable; thereafter, the couple make amends.  - Traveller Tong
  • He then manipulates the Winchesters' long-time ally Bobby Singer to "lend" him his soul in order for them to find Death, with Crowley assuring Bobby that he will rescind his claim on Bobby's soul once Lucifer is imprisoned.  - Crowley (Supernatural)
  • She reveals that she and Walker have decided to rescind their promise to nominate him as Secretary of State because they want him to remain in Congress and use his political expertise to get the President-elect’s education reform agenda passed.  - Chapter 1 (House of Cards)
  • When he uproots the cursed tree he finds an entrance to Hell where he attempts to find the original witch to rescind her curse and attempts to help the damned from their plight.  - The Witch's Curse
  • Troy says a few kind words to Pierce, which causes Pierce to attempt to rescind the gift.  - Remedial Chaos Theory
  • Congressional candidate and cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch)—whose campaign platform includes the elimination of funding for school arts programs—editorializes on television to rescind the budget of the school's production of West Side Story.  - Pot o' Gold (Glee)
  • Michael tells them how well sales numbers will go up with Danny as a part of the branch, and that he is not going to rescind Danny's job offer just because it makes the other salespeople uncomfortable.  - The Sting (The Office)
  • Susan, unable to hold back any longer, reveals that she is Rogey's true mother, which causes Wells to rescind his marriage proposal, although his father Stanton praises Susan for her honesty.  - Susan Slade
  • Allison persuades Ehrlich (a fellow Oxford alumnus) to rescind the punishment.  - Captured!
  • Jack's high profile causes the Times to rescind his termination, even though Jack's role as a participant means that he cannot write the story of the Arizona events.  - The Scarecrow (Connelly novel)
  • Merlin's last magical act is to rescind Nimue's human form, and she becomes the water of the lake near the cave where Merlin is trapped.  - The Merlin Mystery
  • While Sten and Alex are collecting evidence to compel the Emperor to rescind his decision, the Emperor secretly agrees with Sten's conclusion and decides to assassinate his newly appointed ruler, and in the same time make Sten a martyr, to cover suspicion.  - Sten Adventures Book 7: Vortex
  • Afterward, Hodges complains about the lack of experienced older employees, causing company president Louis McKinley (Albert Dekker) to promise to rescind the retirement policy and rehire all those affected by it within the past year.  - As Young as You Feel
  • He refuses her politely, saying that she will rescind her proposal if she knows his past and the flashback follows.  - Master (1997 film)
  • Vidur resigns from the civil service but Gangaji and Dhritarashtra order him to rescind his resignation.  - The Great Indian Novel
  • During the review phases, the authorities are not happy and rescind support for her movie.  - Man of Marble
  • After the battle is won, Daizaburo and Misa see the hypocrisy of the clan system mirrored in Gennosuke's situation and rescind their vendetta allowing Gennosuke to leave without a fight.  - Sword of the Beast
  • As the situation deteriorates, French General LaSalle (Everett Sloane) orders that civilians be executed each time his soldiers are killed, but his head of military intelligence, Colonel Feroud (Lee Cobb), persuades him to rescind the plan.  - Sirocco (film)
  • Harrington promises to cancel an investigation of Karswell's involvement in Satanism if Karswell will rescind a threat he has made against Harrington.  - Night of the Demon
  • Torello and Abrams finally get enough proof of skimmed profits and rigged games to rescind Luca's gaming license and bar him from entering any and all casinos.  - Crime Story (TV series)
  • Faust will have Mephisto's service till the sand runs out in an hourglass, at which time the Devil will rescind the pact.  - Faust (1926 film)
  • Also; in the early portions of the story, people who offer Marona employment would rescind any rewards upon completion once they discover that she was the fabled phantom-possessed Chroma.  - Phantom Brave
  • However, D'Angelo's mother convinces him to rescind the deal and take the charges for his family.  - The Wire
  • Caliban and Prospero, invited to the Governor's gathering at the behest of dr Fredda Leving, are present just as Tonya Welton, leader of the Settlers, gets into a fight with two supposed Ironheads, members of a fringe political group led by Simcor Beddle, which calls for the removal of all Settlers from Inferno and for the government to rescind the law drafting robotic labor for terraforming.  - Isaac Asimov's Inferno
  • SAC headquarters begins trying to rescind the order.  - Fail Safe (1964 film)

Example sentences for "rescind" in interesting articles

  • And when it does, usually the candidate was being an unconscionable asshole, or the company was imploding and needed an excuse to rescind the offer.You might think to yourself: “well, I don’t want to set high expectations, and the offer is already generous, so I ought to just take it.”No.  - Ten Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer
  • “Giving participants the ability to rescind is critical,” he says.  - Brave New Phone Call
  • When the government of Rajasthan sold a fishing license to a commercial fisher, villagers united in opposition and forced it to rescind the license.  - Rainwater Harvesting to Replenish Underground Water in Rajasthan, India
  • We request that the Seattle Schools rescind their decision and re-open the textbook consideration for high school.By selecting the Discovering Math Series, the Seattle Public Schools chose a deficient mathematics program, based on the "reform" or "discovery" approach.  - Lawsuit against "Discovery Math" in Seattle Schools
  • According to De-Zhon's mother, Roberts said the boy would receive extra work as punishment and that she might rescind his recommendation to a private high school.That, said Grace, "took it to another level for me.  - Oakland Charter School: Spitting in the Eye of Mainstream Education
  • But a lot of students don’t want her there."},"excerpt":{"rendered":"\u003Cp\u003EThe university’s president has refused to rescind her invitation.  - A female computer science major at Stanford: “Floored” by the sexism
  • But Brad Bishop, the executive director of OrthoWorx and a former Zimmer executive, said that the approach would harm an innovative American industry, and that the cost would ultimately be borne by joint replacement patients “whose average age is 67.” He argued that the best way to reduce the cost of joint replacement surgery was to rescind the tax and decrease government interference.  - For Medical Tourists, Simple Math

Meaning of "rescind" in English

  • cancel officially
    - lift an embargo
    - vacate a death sentence

Meaning of "rescind" in Hindi

  • काट डालना ( Kat dalana, kaat daalanaa)
  • उठा देना ( Utha dena, uthaa denaa)
  • लोप करना ( Lop karana, lop karanaa)
  • तोडना ( Todana, todanaa)
  • निष्प्रभाव करना ( Nishprabhav karana, nishprabhaav karanaa, nishprabhaw karana)
  • रद्द करना ( Radd karana, radd karanaa)
  • विखंडित करना ( Vikhandit karana, vikhandit karanaa, wikhandit karana)
  • निरस्त करना ( Nirast karana, nirast karanaa)
  • निरसन ( Nirasan)
  • निराकरण करना ( Nirakaran karana, niraakaran karanaa)
  • काट देना ( Kat dena, kaat denaa)
  • उठा लेना ( Utha lena, uthaa lenaa)
  • तोड़ना ( Todana, todanaa)

Synonyms of "rescind"

  • lift
  • reverse
  • vacate
  • countermand
  • annul
  • revoke
  • repeal
  • overturn

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