How to use "reticent" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "reticent" in popular movie and book plots

  • Nelson is reticent and runs towards a scrap yard to meet someone shortly afterwards, where the duo observe him being paid and revealing the smoker under some trees.  - Cue Detective
  • Doyle is reticent to ride at first, however, he is eventually cajoled into it by Sleepy and Babe, and of course, his bond with Six-Shooter is there.  - Sweepstakes (film)
  • He continues talking with Miyabe's most reticent and intimidating comrade in arms, now the head of a Yakuza-linked, right-wing group, and finds the man willing to explain his own story, which begins to explain this puzzle.  - The Eternal Zero
  • Frank becomes the reticent partner as Eve becomes unfettered sexuality, and he loses his control over her.  - Resurrection of Eve
  • Ungo-Bungo, who calls himself Clarence Aloysius Gaffney, proves affable but reticent about his past and reluctant to submit to examination.  - The Gnarly Man
  • Charlotte, a precocious and reticent young girl fell in love with her uncle's stepson, Ted, a charming and irresistible eighteen-year-old after a first encounter with him at her uncle's wedding.  - Secrecy (book)
  • Dart is reticent about his background and ambitions.  - Foxfire (1955 film)
  • Struggling to rebound from her decade-long crush, Mei finds comfort in the close camaraderie of her school friends, Taka, Mia, Yuri, Natsu, Mitsu and Sara and then meets a reticent and gentle-natured boy named Atsushi.  - Akai Ito (film)
  • Ruoxi is pleased enough with this arrangement, as she has always been reticent about marriage and enjoys seeing Yinzhen daily as well.  - Scarlet Heart
  • Bleak Moments looks at the 'tortured, semi-articulated anguish' in suburban West Norwood, between Sylvia and her developmentally delayed sister Hilda; Sylvia's friend at work, Pat, a teacher; Peter, Sylvia's reticent prospective boy-friend; and Norman, a 'gormless hippie'.  - Bleak Moments
  • Especially the reclusive and reticent Sameer, who was traveling with a bag loaded with gunpowder to blast a small hillock which would give way to a water canal for his drought hit village.  - Kaalo
  • The reticent Sitara intrigues Devdas, who takes pity on her position and offers her shelter at his home.  - Sitaara
  • Bobby is reticent as we learn the status of the other friends, clearly upset at having served time for a joke everyone else was in on.  - The Graveyard (film)
  • Back from a stint in Paris, reticent Racine finds himself drawn to a dilapidated brownstone filled with eccentric squatters.  - Asphalt (novel)
  • Although highly reticent to commit murder, Zelda has anticipated Ekdol's strategy: she planted the book of matches Alfred found to lure the Dynamic Duo to the bookshop, the trick, and their deaths.  - A Death Worse Than Fate
  • Initially reticent about using it and bartering his psychoanalytic sessions, he is reconciled to the system, and in a few weeks becomes a figure in the community.  - Nature contre nature
  • With the help of a rabbit namedW, a porcupine name JoeyP, and a reticent penguin named Broom, Sama takes on The Cloud, the leader of the Insect Insurgents, to find the Sugar Stone.  - Undertown (comics)
  • a book so boring, reticent and formulaic that it would hardly be a creditable effort had it come from the hand of an idle brigadier jotting down his Notess of an Old Soldier or Tales of an Officer's Mess.  - For Love & Money
  • They become reticent with each other.  - The Other Side of Truth
  • Joey, however, is reticent as he is still dealing with his grief over the death of his wife.  - Mother and Child Reunion (Degrassi: The Next Generation)
  • Yaakov later introduced Gabriel to Mahmoud Arwish, a reticent Palestinian informant.  - Prince of Fire
  • The teacher behind the trip, a plump, middle-aged and reticent mr Harvey (Timothy Spall), prepares fact sheets about the Cathedral for the pupils, but even the other two teachers (Miss Davies, played by Celia Imrie, and mr Cole, played by Ben Miles) see little point in the trip.  - Mr. Harvey Lights a Candle
  • Lyle is placed in a room with Kenny, a reticent 13-year-old, and form some semblance of a sibling relationship.  - Manic (film)
  • Baldrick suggests he follow the example of Earl of Doncaster, which Edmund is initially reticent to do until he realises that nobody would marry the Earl of Doncaster except, perhaps, the Duke of Beaufort.  - The Queen of Spain's Beard
  • The task is difficult as Martha is reticent in talking about the events in her past.  - Sacred Evil – A True Story
  • Laura and Laurita live together with Laura’s elderly mother (Elena Bolaños), and are accompanied by a reticent young painter known only as Molina (Jorge Molina) who appears to have befriended Laurita.  - Madagascar (1994 film)
  • However, the reticent Erich rebuffs her advances.  - Coup de Grâce (1976 film)
  • Toby Flower is a shy, reticent youth who has grown his hair long and who has started wearing a burnous.  - The Birds on the Trees
  • Jamie and some of the other girls are eager to practice the spell, but Faith is reticent due to the spell requiring a virgin sacrifice - especially after learning that the schoolgirls were murdered by a guardian devoted to keeping the spell from being cast.  - Little Witches
  • Sukhov frees Sayid, and they strike a friendly but reticent relationship.  - White Sun of the Desert
  • She is still reticent to talk, so Satō leaves to investigate Yusa's trail, while Murakami remains behind.  - Stray Dog (film)
  • He realizes that without his personal military genius the country will inevitably lose the war because he was always reticent about promoting capable commanders.  - The White Disease
  • Bender's street smarts and charm are invaluable to the reticent Kisa, and Bender comes to dominate the enterprise.  - The Twelve Chairs
  • A source of curiosity for the small community, the reticent Mrs Graham and her young son Arthur are slowly drawn into the social circles of the village.  - The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
  • Meanwhile, Jess is reticent to fight, only picking up a rifle when the family horse gallops back to the farm riderless.  - Friendly Persuasion (1956 film)
  • He is also reticent and obsessively secretive with colleagues.  - The Conversation

Example sentences for "reticent" in interesting articles

  • Yet Finland spends about 30 percent less per student than the United States. Still, there is a distinct absence of chest-thumping among the famously reticent Finns.  - Why Are Finland's Schools Successful?
  • Yet Finland spends about 30 percent less per student than the United States. Still, there is a distinct absence of chest-thumping among the famously reticent Finns.  - Why Are Finland's Schools Successful?
  • Don’t you find that among the decent women you know that they are reticent to call themselves feminists because that would associate them with these loons? Of course they believe in equal treatment under the law, equal pay for the same work, perhaps they even believe in structural changes in society to better accomodate the realities of working women.  - ESR: FEMALE ADVOCACY ARE TRYING TO FRAME LINUS TORVALDS FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT
  • The fund describes its strategy as "Focused exclusively on overlooked, misunderstood and undervalued segments of the equity market that have significant potential for positive returns." It invested in JimmyJane out of its Micro Cap fund.Still, the investors are a little reticent to discuss their involvement with the company.  - Sex toy startup has some big backers
  • homogeneous) — long before the big-box superstore, parking lots the size of football fields, and the proliferation of brands in the aisles and on social media. As part of this strategy, the company is reticent about advertising: It restricts its marketing mainly to its almanac-like “Fearless Flyer” circular that conjures quaint images of old letterpresses and coupon-clipping grandmas.  - Joe Cool – Why isn’t Trader Joe’s on social media?

Meaning of "reticent" in English

  • reluctant to draw attention to yourself
  • cool and formal in manner
  • temperamentally disinclined to talk

Meaning of "reticent" in Hindi

  • कम बोलने वाला ( Kam bolane vala, kam bolane vaalaa, kam bolane wala)
  • मौन रहने वाला ( Maun rahane vala, maun rahane vaalaa, maun rahane wala)

Synonyms of "reticent"

  • untalkative
  • restrained
  • reserved
  • self effacing
  • retiring
  • unemotional

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