How to use "reverent" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "reverent" in popular movie and book plots

  • In order to protect the world from harm, Zhuge Yuwo placed the enchanted gem into Ding Yin's body to prevent the green-clothed reverent from stealing it over.  - Legend of Zu Mountain
  • One day, a white woman, “the first white woman in years”, appears unexpectedly and fascinates him with her haughty and distant nature – something he never experienced with the reverent and submissive indigenous women.  - Amok (novella)
  • In one chapter, we get a long and reverent description of them watchingW.  - Mendoza in Hollywood

Example sentences for "reverent" in interesting articles

  • ALGOL 68 went on to become the GOST/ГОСТ-27974-88 standard in the Soviet Union. GOST 27974-88 Programming language ALGOL 68 - Язык программирования АЛГОЛ 68[2] GOST 27975-88 Programming language ALGOL 68 extended - Язык программирования АЛГОЛ 68 расширенный[3] In English, Algol68's reverent case statement reads case ~ in ~ out ~ esac.  - Non-English-based programming languages

Meaning of "reverent" in English

  • showing great reverence for god
    - leading a godly life
  • feeling or showing profound respect or veneration

Meaning of "reverent" in Hindi

  • भक्तियुक्त ( Bhaktiyukt)
  • श्रद्धालु ( Shraddhalu, shraddhaalu)
  • विनीत ( Vinit, vineet, winit)
  • सुशील ( Sushil, susheel)
  • नम्र ( Namr)
  • सम्मान सूचक ( Samman suchak, samman soochak)

Synonyms of "reverent"

  • godly
  • worshipful

Antonyms of "reverent"

  • irreverent

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