How to use "risk" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "risk" in popular movie and book plots

  • Adrian confronts Rocky about the danger of returning to boxing and reminds him of the risk to his eyesight.  - Rocky II
  • He calls up Pip and asks for a challenge in which he might run the risk of losing.  - A Nice Place to Visit
  • Cromwell, the architect of the alliance, knows he is doomed and warns Anne, who plans an exit from the marriage rather than risk a worse fate.  - The Six Wives of Henry VIII (BBC TV series)
  • Unwilling to risk heartbreak once again, she asks him to leave before anything serious happens.  - Morocco (film)
  • The scientists decide to risk it, unaware that the amphibious "Gill-man" that killed Carl's assistants earlier has been watching them.  - Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • At the risk of missing his flight out of Vienna, Martins waits in the cemetery to speak to Anna.  - The Third Man
  • The fad gains an additional aspect of risk when users begin disappearing into thin air, in cases of increasing profile and witnessing.  - The Stardroppers
  • With Napoleon seemingly invincible, Nathan determines to risk all in support of the allies.  - The House of Rothschild
  • Unfortunately, his business partners prevented him from taking the early flights because they could not risk the public face of their company.  - Requiem (short story)
  • Donovan mortally wounds Henry in order to force Indy to risk his life in the traps to find the Grail and use its healing power to save Henry.  - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Initially dismissive, McCauley decides to risk his freedom for revenge.  - Heat (1995 film)
  • Though a valid, Irene has a higher risk of heart failure that will prevent her from joining any deep space Gattaca mission.  - Gattaca
  • The Joads later leave the orchard for a cotton farm, where Tom is at risk of being arrested for the homicide.  - The Grapes of Wrath
  • The show's board of directors plan to run a short 10 week season rather than risk losing $25,000 a day in a shaky post-war economy.  - The Greatest Show on Earth (film)
  • Also, without an heir, the Tudor line would end; the risk of civil war between rival claimants was a possibility if Elizabeth died childless.  - House of Tudor
  • The camp enacts safety measures designed to reduce risk of assimilation.  - The Thing (1982 film)

Meaning of "risk" in English

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Meaning of "risk" in Hindi

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