How to use "role" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "role" in popular movie and book plots

  • Gekko physically assaults Bud as he berates him for his role with Bluestar and accuses him of ingratitude for several of their illicit trades.  - Wall Street (1987 film)
  • After discovering the card's role in Raymond's conditioning, Marco uses a forced deck to get the full story.  - The Manchurian Candidate (1962 film)
  • At the moment of electoral victory, Bonforte dies of the aftereffects of his kidnapping, and Smith assumes the role for life.  - Double Star
  • Although initially in disbelief, Benjamin accepts the role and the Old Man shows him the Focus Tower (supposedly the center of the World).  - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
  • Freder believes that he could fill the role and declares his love for Maria.  - Metropolis (1927 film)
  • He agrees to deportation but insists Brontë not be charged for her role in the charade.  - Green Card (film)
  • Increasingly suspicious, Corrine tries to limit Nettie's role in her family.  - The Color Purple
  • O'Malley and Jenny discuss their past, and she performs a number from her starring role as Carmen at the Metropolitan Opera.  - Going My Way
  • Elizabeth was a moderate Protestant; she was the daughter of Anne Boleyn, who played a key role in the English Reformation in the 1520s.  - House of Tudor
  • This ultra-secret unit's role is to hide the fact that Allied intelligence has cracked the German Enigma code.  - Cryptonomicon
  • Urquhart also receives support from Collingridge, who is unaware of Urquhart's role in his own downfall.  - House of Cards (UK TV series)
  • The player assumes the role of one such hero.  - Hexen: Beyond Heretic
  • The fate of Princes Henry and Charles would be improvised; their role in state ceremonies was, as yet, uncertain.  - Gunpowder Plot
  • Fawkes's final role in the plot was settled during a series of meetings in October.  - Guy Fawkes
  • By accepting the role of messiah to the Fremen, Paul had unleashed a jihad which conquered most of the known universe.  - Dune Messiah
  • The station grows in its role as a sanctuary for rogue telepaths running from the Psi Corps, resulting in conflict.  - Babylon 5

Meaning of "role" in English

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