How to use "sanction" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "sanction" in popular movie and book plots

  • Court Gentry is back in the United States after five years of being on the run overseas from the Central Intelligence Agency, his former employer which had issued a shoot-on-sight sanction on him, the reasons of which he has come to seek.  - Back Blast
  • Sreelatha Varma, a politician with ethics doesn't sanction Nanappan's bills and all the works associated comes to a stand still.  - Nagaram (2007 film)
  • Billy refuses to sanction an investigation on a chance meeting.  - Our Kind of Traitor (film)
  • Colonel Conners cautions Matt that air support for the convoy is out of the question but, by sanction of the United Nations, intervention byS.  - Dragonfly Squadron
  • Therefore, he cannot sanction any X-Man's involvement, to which T'Challa understands.  - Doomwar
  • After Alex disobeys Amanda's order, she is recaptured on the orders of Oversight (the group of high officials who sanction Division).  - Nikita (season 1)
  • Chester notices that Emily's daughter Tamara (Peggy Drake) has grown into a beautiful young woman, but the young lovers realize that Emily will never sanction Tamara's marriage to a penniless wastrel.  - The Tuttles of Tahiti
  • Bishop Henry did not sanction murder, only kept quiet the criminal's name.  - The Pilgrim of Hate
  • Without government sanction he has committed murder, and Chuck has "cheated" on his "red test".  - Chuck Versus the Final Exam
  • The Senate gets increasingly intolerant to any form of criticism and the company soon find themselves in a difficult situation - as the censors had decided to sanction Držić's thinly veiled criticisms by increasing taxes on his stage productions, the company amasses a huge debt which leads to seizures of their property.  - Libertas (film)
  • Unaware of Shon's real identity, the old father refuses to sanction the match.  - Shon the Piper
  • It is Paulie who tells Johnny Sack that Ralph Cifaretto made a very insensitive joke regarding Ginny Sack's weight, which compels an infuriated Johnny to sanction a hit on Ralph that is called off at the last minute.  - Paulie Gualtieri
  • A desperate Ravi turns to his insurance company, which declines to renew his policy citing an obscure clause; his employer, with whom he has worked for over 11 years, refuses to sanction above Rs.  - Tathastu
  • He blackmailed Divya to sleep with him one night before her marriage and ask Jeeva to sanction him a loan of Rs.  - Aval Varuvala
  • Sue Ellen refuses to take advantage of Ray's misfortune or sanction McKay's entrance to Ewing Oil as a means of revenge uponR.  - Dallas: War of the Ewings
  • However, the plan fails because one of the suggestions comes a bit too close to home for Mildred's father's liking, and the furious mr Makepeace refuses to sanction a wedding between his daughter and Bill.  - Fleet Street Goodies
  • As the senate gathers to sanction Caesar as dictator, Cicero and Brutus put honor aside and stand in support the man they once fought, urging their fellow senators to follow them.  - Triumph (Rome)
  • The story begins with Reena's arrival in the village in the company of her colleague, Ratna, daughter of the village headman, Anaimudi Alampriyar, who seeks sanction from her village's guardian deity Karuppu Sami to marry her lover Arvind.  - Marmadesam
  • Pleased, mrs Seth agrees to sanction Twinky's wedding.  - Bollywood/Hollywood
  • They both leave the hangar and Sharkey, the Skyshark's leader, stays behind plotting a bomb run for Neopolis, not wanting to wait for the mayor's official sanction in taking care of the crime in the city.  - Top 10: The Forty-Niners
  • While the two recount each other's experiences since they last parted, Ellena’s servant Beatrice comes to report the sudden death of the Marchesa from a long-dormant but natural illness (having Confessed, the Marchesa has also exacted a promise from her husband that he should sanction the marriage of Ellena and Vivaldi).  - The Italian (novel)
  • Hemlock agrees, and travels to Zurich, where he carries out the first sanction for $20,000, twice his usual fee, and a letter guaranteeing no trouble from the IRS.  - The Eiger Sanction (film)
  • He tries to explain the situation to Picard, who is sympathetic to Riker but says that he cannot sanction a rescue mission as it violates the Prime Directive, not to mention Riker throwing away his career.  - The Outcast (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Varney, however, succeeded in persuading him that Amy had acted in connivance with Tressilian, and in obtaining medical sanction for her custody as mentally disordered, asking only for the earl's signet-ring as his authority.  - Kenilworth (novel)
  • This, of course, all has to be done in the face of a CIA sanction for him to be immediately terminated, as he is believed responsible for the deaths of Conklin and Panov.  - The Bourne Legacy (novel)
  • However, when they learn that Libia is pregnant, they sanction a marriage between their sister and Bernando.  - Pasión de Gavilanes
  • He tells Lady Constance that he will suppress his book if she agrees to sanction Sue and Ronnie's marriage, and to persuade her sister Julia to do likewise.  - Summer Lightning
  • The head of the local Women's Institute branch refuses to sanction the calendar, and Chris and Annie go to a national congress of the Women's Institute in London to plead their case.  - Calendar Girls
  • The king, however, refuses to sanction the marriage because Louise is of inferior social status, and so marriage is delayed.  - The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later
  • Knowing that Wigand's confidentiality agreement obstructs any potential story, Bergman contacts Richard Scruggs (Feore), an attorney representing the State of Mississippi in a lawsuit against the tobacco industry, believing that Wigand could be shielded from legal sanction if he were compelled to break confidentiality and testify.  - The Insider (film)

Example sentences for "sanction" in interesting articles

  • Activists like Soman say India's conservative clerics sanction this practice, relegating Muslim women to second class citizens.  - Muslim Women in India Ask Top Court to Ban Instant Divorce
  • How about you "correct" the dates on iPhones to year zero while you're at it? Relativicus State sanction of the flag is wrong, and the revisionists who still, 150 years later, try to rewrite the facts of the war are abhorrent, but this is an overreaction and an unfortunate decision.  - Apple Removes American Civil War Games from the App Store
  • War, since it steals our youth, offers a sanction to play boys' games. War replaces the difficult gray areas daily life with an eerie, serene clarity.  - Why Men Love War (1984)
  • I wish Blizzard would sanction Nos like Daybreak did for EverQuest's Project 1999.  - We are Nostalrius, a World of Warcraft fan-made game server. AMA
  • "Its suitability has been checked and we have got the sanction for the project from the police headquarters.  - Uber rape case fallout: Drones with night vision cameras to patrol Delhi streets
  • Commissioner Andrea Vosshoff - also a member of de Maiziere's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) - said the plan would make "control by the BfDI in many sensitive areas, for instance health insurance companies, job centers, or other social service operators, almost impossible, and is not acceptable." In an emailed statement to DW, Vosshoff also criticized the ministry's plans not to give the BfDI any power to sanction security forces for personal data breaches - a key directive in EU data protection law.  - Germany planning to ‘massively′ limit privacy rights
  • I think it might be that a) school was easier to centralize and control since businesses are self funding and b) the research University offered the ability to both train the next generation and to select by grantmaking which ideas would receive official sanction as “elite” or sophisticated. Swami We may be grabbing on to different parts of this post and then talking past each other.  - School Is to Submit
  • So why are they hiding behind this "the government won't let us" bit? What sanction have they already been threatened with? Or what carrot have they already been fed? RSaunders • August 7, 2013 3:08 PM @cmurphy: Their compensation is that they get to have what they want on their web sites instead of . If you willfully violate a court order, such as a national security letter, a judge can sanction you in whatever way they consider "reasonable and proportional".  - Restoring Trust in Government and the Internet
  • Platforms not only have strong incentives to spot bad actors, but good information to identify them and the means to sanction in response, notes Urs Gasser of the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet & Society at Harvard University.  - Internet firms’ legal immunity is under threat
  • Yet we have not traditionally subjected every criminal and civil sanction imposed through legal process to "least restrictive means" scrutiny simply because each particular remedy will have some effect on the First Amendment activities of those subject to sanction.  - Homeland Security Proves It Knows Little About The Internet - Or The Law
  • For governments to sanction a dedicated meeting with top G8 leaders and officials to plan the global agenda for Internet related policies is inappropriate." The French Internet activists at La Quadrature du Net have been even tougher.  - France attempts to "civilize" the Internet; Internet fights back
  • The truth of the matter is "choke point security" which all Firewall systems are, are a bad idea if you can not 100% guarantee there are no other ingress/egress points. Thus the GBF could be looked on as a "decrepit fence around a nuclear waste dump", not something you would sanction unless you had no other choice.  - Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet – Schneier on Security

Meaning of "sanction" in English

  • a mechanism of social control for enforcing a society's standards
  • the act of final authorization
  • official permission or approval
  • formal and explicit approval
  • give sanction to
  • give religious sanction to, such as through on oath
  • give authority or permission to

Meaning of "sanction" in Hindi

  • स्वीकृति ( Svikriti, sveekriti, swikriti)
  • मंजूरी ( Manjuri, manjooree, manzuri)
  • स्वीकृति
  • अनुमोदन ( Anumodan)
  • दृढीकरण ( Dridhikaran, dridheekaran)
  • म‌ंजूरी ( Manjuri, manjooree, manzuri)
  • सत्ता ( Satta, sattaa)
  • दण्ड ( Dand)
  • म‌ंजूरी देना ( Manjuri dena, manjooree denaa, manzuri dena)
  • अनुज्ञप्ति ( Anugyapti)
  • अनुशास्ति ( Anushasti, anushaasti)
  • पृष्ठाबल ( Prishthabal, prishthaabal)
  • स्वीकृति देना ( Svikriti dena, sveekriti denaa, swikriti dena)
  • मंजूरी देना ( Manjuri dena, manjooree denaa, manzuri dena)
  • अनुमोदन करना ( Anumodan karana, anumodan karanaa)
  • दृढ करना ( Dridh karana, dridh karanaa)
  • अनुमति देना ( Anumati dena, anumati denaa)
  • मंजूर करना ( Manjur karana, manjoor karanaa, manzur karana)
  • मंज़ूर करना ( Manzur karana, manzoor karanaa, manjur karana)

Synonyms of "sanction"

  • endorsement
  • approve
  • authorisation
  • warrant
  • imprimatur
  • o.k.
  • indorsement
  • authority
  • authorization
  • countenance
  • okay

Antonyms of "sanction"

  • disapprove
  • reject

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