How to use "satiate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "satiate" in popular movie and book plots

  • Often, he and his friends snuck out into the neighboring fields to steal fruits and vegetables to satiate their hunger.  - Goodbye, Antoura
  • To satiate his hunger for injustice, March suggests a target to John: Martin Gamboa, who checked in and molested a ten-year-old boy, and left behind Polaroids of their sexual activity.  - The Ten Commandments Killer
  • The players satiate these addictions by planting the arcan'dor, a tree that produces fruit that negates the ill effects of magic addiction.  - World of Warcraft: Legion
  • Despite having a boyfriend, George (Mark McClain Wilson), Michelle does cheat on him to satiate her sexual desires.  - Bound (2015 film)
  • The Spiders allow him to drain a non-lethal amount of life-force from each of them to satiate his hunger and Karn agreed to join them against the Inheritors.  - Spider-Verse
  • Annoyed that Dobbs stopped the "famous" Zodiac from ravaging them, the women start a threesome with him to satiate themselves.  - Zodiac Rapist
  • He asks Amavasai and Jothi to stay with him in order to satiate his lust with Jothi.  - Puthiya Vaarpugal
  • Thus, at the party, Sarah plies herself with alcohol in order to satiate her feelings of inferiority.  - Sarah T. – Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic
  • These abilities are a source of contention, yet they will eventually satiate the turmoil in her life.  - Monkey Beach
  • Meanwhile, Parasite feeds on the life force of innocent people, killing them, but is unable to satiate his newfound hunger.  - Superman: Earth One
  • In a strange turn of events, for fear of a faint-hearted Chandran spilling out the beans of the Manager's murder and to satiate his avarice and taste of the fresher flesh, Jayarajan finishes off Johnny and Padma.  - Uyarangalil
  • In a virtual reality encounter with McCandless's essence, he explains his goal: to use Alex's body to satiate his love for Julie.  - Freejack
  • The five animals throw food into the water to satiate the crustacean's appetite, and Mariel and Dandin descend into the murky, forbidding depths to retrieve the swallow.  - Mariel of Redwall
  • who works in the pornographic industry to satiate his overactive sex drive.  - Orgazmo

Example sentences for "satiate" in interesting articles

Meaning of "satiate" in English

  • supplied (especially fed) to satisfaction
  • overeat or eat immodestly; make a pig of oneself
    - The kids binged on ice cream
  • fill to satisfaction

Meaning of "satiate" in Hindi

  • तृप्त करना ( Tript karana, tript karanaa)
  • परितृप्त करना ( Paritript karana, paritript karanaa)
  • संतृप्त करना ( Santript karana, santript karanaa)
  • पूर्णतया संतुष्ट करना ( Purnataya santusht karana, poornatayaa santusht karanaa)

Synonyms of "satiate"

  • pig out
  • overeat
  • gorge
  • binge
  • gormandize
  • gormandise
  • englut
  • engorge
  • overindulge
  • ingurgitate
  • overgorge
  • scarf out
  • sate
  • gourmandize
  • glut
  • replete
  • stuff
  • fill
  • satiated

Antonyms of "satiate"

  • unsatiable
  • insatiable
  • insatiate

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