How to use "saturate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "saturate" in popular movie and book plots

  • Thick, pulsating mists, lit by ever-shifting eerie colors, saturate the terrain.  - Planet of the Vampires
  • Gigantic flying wing aircraft arrive over Everytown and saturate its ruins and population with sleeping gas globes.  - Things to Come

Example sentences for "saturate" in interesting articles

  • The most serious issue is that there appear to be bridge loops occasionally being created which saturate the CPU on the core switches, thereby preventing them from running necessary protocol processing.  - IPv6 privacy addresses crashed the MIT CSAIL network
  • The reflection provides sufficient amplifi- cation that a resulting attack can saturate a 10 Gbit/s network link.  - Why the internet only just works (2006)
  • The Internet of Kafkaesque Things The bottom line is that the danger is not just that (as I discussed in my prior post) we will become increasingly subject to the micro-power of bureaucracies as computer chips saturate our lives.  - The Internet of Kafkaesque Things
  • We've put a lot of effort into protocol, router, and algorithm development that makes it possible for a single TCP to saturate a 40-gigabit link, but we haven't put anything even remotely like that effort into producing usable cellphone data links, DSL links, or home-cable links.  - BufferBloat: What's Wrong with the Internet? (2011)
  • He said the attacks were not large enough to saturate the company’s largest routers, but they had overwhelmed important equipment. Cyberbunker brags on its Web site that it has been a frequent target of law enforcement because of its “many controversial customers.” The company claims that at one point it fended off a Dutch SWAT team.“Dutch authorities and the police have made several attempts to enter the bunker by force,” the site said.  - Online Dispute Becomes Internet-Snarling Attack
  • “We had to get it so that the detectors could take a minimal amount of photons and turn it into an image.”That made Ralph unusually susceptible to very bright light, which required its own precautions.“We actually had to put a cover on it for launch, because once it separated from the ferrying of the rocket, if you got a glimpse of the sun, or the sun reflected in the moon or Earth, you could saturate the detector and potentially destroy it.  - The Camera Behind The New Pluto Photos
  • It is because ac technology cannot such saturate the link and high density areas often have multiple access points.A possible application would be if Wi-Fi "ad" will prove popular, if they increase the range.  - IEEE P802.3bz Approval for 2.5G/5G Ethernet
  • dominant is often the result of a lot of gain being applied to an analog signal, thus causing the expressed trait to saturate quickly if it’s expressed at all. In order to capture the wonderful diversity offered by sex, I implement quantitative traits in the light genome.  - Sex, Circuits and Deep House

Meaning of "saturate" in English

  • cause (a chemical compound, vapour, solution, magnetic material) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance
  • infuse or fill completely

Meaning of "saturate" in Hindi

  • भरना ( Bharana, bharanaa)
  • भिगोना ( Bhigona, bhigonaa)

Synonyms of "saturate"

  • impregnate

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