How to use "savor" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "savor" in popular movie and book plots

  • Vasant, Madhav’s only friend and savor in difficult times, tries to play cupid between them.  - A Paying Ghost
  • So Furio is opposed to this system, so that the seven children and the younger generation can savor the beauty of nature, fighting the false and malicious technology.  - Jackpot (1992 film)
  • Mae wants to savor all the time she has left in the world and hates to see someone so loving and compassionate isolated from it and denying himself everything that life has to offer.  - Hideaways
  • Fellow competitor Archer Coe (Robert Barrat) is disappointed, having hoped to savor a victory over Vance.  - The Kennel Murder Case (film)
  • They both take a moment to savor the irony of his remark and Maggie drives away.  - Strangers When We Meet (film)
  • Originally wishing to empathically savor Cordelia's fear, Barney has worked her into such a frenzied state that she now refuses to leave quietly.  - Parting Gifts
  • John calmly tells him he won't call the police and will let Freddy kill him, but asks for some time to savor his freedom.  - The Crossing Guard
  • Later on, Thomas becomes distracted from his mission, and "goofs off" when he goes to get ammunition for two comrades, stopping to savor a cup of coffee.  - Sands of Iwo Jima

Example sentences for "savor" in interesting articles

  • Any time you savor a bite of baklava or sip a glass of dark tea, thank the Sasanians.Sasanian influence is still strong in this painting of King Bahram V Gor, from the mid-16th-century Safavid eraYou can also thank the Sasanian aristocracy for much of (what would later become) the medieval European aesthetic.  - When Roman “Barbarians” Met the Asian Enlightenment
  • While the other response styles are joy-killers, active constructive responding allows the partner to savor her joy and gives the couple an opportunity to bond over the good news.  - Masters of Love
  • They won’t savor of the sulfurous clash between the forces of good and evil, an ideological battle to which Objectivists might not only contribute, but one which (if you take their word for it) they are destined to lead.  - Meeting Ayn Rand on the Las Vegas Strip
  • But we’ll be lucky if it launches before 2030.And so, we’d better savor this week’s excitement.  - The Outer Solar System Beckons

Meaning of "savor" in English

  • the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth
  • derive or receive pleasure from; get enjoyment from; take pleasure in
  • taste appreciatively
  • give taste to
  • have flavor; taste of something

Meaning of "savor" in Hindi

  • स्वाद ( Svad, svaad, swad)
  • का स्वाद लेना ( Ka svad lena, kaa svaad lenaa, ka swad lena)

Synonyms of "savor"

  • bask
  • savour
  • flavour
  • tang
  • sapidity
  • relish
  • nip
  • flavor
  • smack
  • enjoy
  • taste

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