How to use "sedition" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "sedition" in popular movie and book plots

  • Nineteen-year-old Maria Morzeck dreams of studying Slavistics, but her hopes are shattered when her brother, Dieter, is sent to prison after being convicted of sedition against the state.  - The Rabbit Is Me
  • The doctor soon discovers the prisoner was arrested for sedition for joining the German American Bund and calling for overthrow of the American government.  - Pressure Point (film)
  • Moving the focus of the novel to Conan, it describes how the city of Belverus in Nemedia is unsafe, the tariffs exorbitantly high, starvation rampant, sedition brewing, and that King Garian seems ineffective as a ruler.  - Conan the Defender
  • The United Nations instituted penalties for sedition and collusion with Yahweh.  - Acts of God (James BeauSeigneur novel)
  • Although Hickey was jailed for passing counterfeit money, and then charged with sedition and conspiracy while in prison, William Spohn Baker, the late-19th-century Washingtonian, believed that the real reason for his execution was involvement in a plot to kill or kidnap Washington:"Thomas Hickey, one of Washington's Guard, was tried by a court-martial and sentenced to death, being found implicated in a plot to murder the American general officers on the arrival of the British, or at best to capture Washington and deliver him to Sir William Howe.  - Thomas Hickey (soldier)
  • The outspoken advocacy of radical anarchist and populist ideals are followed through persecution and hardship to the beginnings of World War The play closes with the words of Goldman during an anti-conscription protest in 1917, just before her arrest on sedition charges.  - Emma (play)
  • But a French expedition to stir up sedition in rural Ireland provides him with his opportunity.  - The Fireship
  • However, by 2019, a year before the XXXII Olympics, sedition and gang violence has grown.  - Akira (1988 film)

Meaning of "sedition" in English

  • an illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government

Meaning of "sedition" in Hindi

  • दंगा ( Danga, dangaa)
  • हुल्लड ( Hullad)
  • बलवा ( Balava, balavaa, balawa)
  • विद्रोहात्मक आचरण
  • विद्रोह ( Vidroh, widroh)
  • राजद्रोह ( Rajadroh, raajadroh, razadroh)
  • उपजाप ( Upajap, upajaap, upazap)
  • हुल्लड़ ( Hullad)

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