How to use "seismic" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "seismic" in popular movie and book plots

  • In the island of Malau, marine biologist Jack Ellway (Adam Baldwin) studies the effect of seismic activity on the area's marine life.  - Gargantua (film)
  • She lives under Atlas terrorizing the citizens with her seismic attacks and insect swarms.  - Atlas Reactor
  • The novel's protagonist Colonel Richard Martin suffers a mental breakdown during one of the series of space missions to test nuclear seismic charges on the Moon.  - The Falling Astronauts
  • Lucas concludes that it is a massive piezoelectric crystal cluster which attains its resonant frequency due to seismic activities and creates the portal which can also help him to get back home.  - Dinosaur Island (2014 film)
  • Just as the two hours are almost over, Cartwright's sleeping chamber is destroyed by a fire that was caused by recent seismic activity.  - Air (2015 film)
  • When the source of mysterious seismic events was revealed to beIM.  - Avengers World
  • The symbiote eventually gets burned and damaged by Spider-Man's seismic blast and Kasady is taken into custody.  - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014 video game)
  • The man's dreams of wealth and happiness end when the seismic hand of progress destroys his new home and reburies the treasure.  - The Ghost Valley's Treasure Mysteries
  • In Japan, the Janjira Nuclear Power Plant experiences unusual seismic activity; Supervisor Joe Brody sends his wife Sandra with a team of other technicians into the reactor.  - Godzilla (2014 film)
  • Jennifer begs him to go directly to Tucson with her, but he insists on taking some scientific equipment to the comet's projected impact point, to record atmospheric and seismic data from the impact.  - A Fire in the Sky
  • Suddenly, the town is struck by seismic effects, and from the school's roof, the Fringe team and the survivors witness trees and buildings shimmer out of existence.  - Welcome to Westfield
  • Before being terminated, Archos R-14 broadcast its last message via seismic wave to unknown recipients.  - Robopocalypse
  • Peter and Olivia (Anna Torv) are sent by Walter to observe the building as he monitors seismic equipment from the lab.  - 6B (Fringe)
  • Two minutes after impact, seismic shock waves trigger an 111 earthquake, which, combined with a second heat wave from the impact, wipes out the remaining Alamosaurus.  - Last Day of the Dinosaurs
  • They race down the tracks and cause a seismic tremor to shake the town.  - Postcards from the Wedge
  • After takeoff, two booster rockets become obstructed and the Avedon is forced to crash land in a desolate, uncharted region of the South Asian desert wracked by seismic tremors.  - Ravager (film)
  • The film takes place in Tokyo in 2003, where two reporters, Hana Izumi and Hyuga Kanata, have arrived to document unusual seismic disturbances that have been picked up around Tokyo.  - Monster (2008 film)
  • Chamberlain also realizes that the same seismic forces that caused the building to drop back into the past can also be used to return it to the present, but that doing so will require several weeks of intensive work by the building's inhabitants, and in the meantime they must concentrate on feeding themselves.  - The Runaway Skyscraper
  • The second asteroid directly collides with Earth, striking in the Philippine Basin of the Pacific Ocean and causing seismic upheaval.  - Birth of an Age
  • Icefire is an action/science fiction novel about an unknown group using the Ross Ice Shelf to create a soliton wave—much more powerful and destructive than tsunamis caused by seismic displacement—directed into the Pacific Ocean.  - Icefire (Reeves-Stevens novel)
  • The chain reaction causes a great deal of seismic activity, frightening Verin into a panic and causing him to try to initiate the planetary defense systems to destroy Voyager.  - Friendship One (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • Both sides are concerned with the massive increase in seismic activity around the world which is consuming it and each other.  - Dark Reign 2
  • The ants had hibernated in the wood until recent seismic activity had made it warm enough to support them.  - Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!
  • On the moon, Kira is slowly being covered by the crystal and insists that Odo leave her as there are increasing seismic tremors.  - Heart of Stone (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • As they attend Pencroff's funeral, Nemo appears to them, revealing that his equipment has detected seismic activity that suggests that the island's volcano is about to erupt.  - Mysterious Island (2005 film)
  • Ken Tashiro, dr Jules Masson, and Perry Lawton) are trapped in a bathysphere due to seismic activity.  - Latitude Zero (film)
  • It turns out to be only the first of a series of seismic events, including the awakening of an extinct volcano in Sun Valley, Idaho and sudden instability of aquifers in Monument Valley.  - 10.5: Apocalypse
  • At Penthara Four, the Enterprise uses its phasers to drill into the planet to release carbon dioxide, increasing the greenhouse effect to warm the planet, but this creates a side effect of increasing the seismic activity and causing volcanoes to erupt, threatening to send the planet into an ice age.  - A Matter of Time (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Doyle has a vision of a seismic shift, and everyone's guard goes up.  - Shakedown (Angel novel)
  • These unaccustomed intimacies bring on a seismic shift in Norman's personality, eventually inspiring him to defy his brother (who wants the apartments left exactly as they are) by undertaking all the promised repairs himself.  - The Tenants of Moonbloom
  • In a postlude, however, Major Tsujimori again enlists Kudo to investigate suspicious seismic activity; then in an after-credits scene, Godzilla's roar is heard again at the school room where the boy who originally found the egg is, shakes.  - Godzilla vs. Megaguirus
  • Berman's housing development in the Valley also is experiencing seismic activities.  - The Two Jakes
  • He seizes the key from the Dark Dragon forces stationed there, but ends up leveling the town doing so since the Earth Key governs seismic activity.  - Breath of Fire (video game)
  • Four years later, Harry is assigned by his boss dr Paul Dreyfus (Charles Hallahan) to investigate seismic activity at Dante's Peak in Washington, a small town situated near a dormant stratovolcano of the same name in the Cascades.  - Dante's Peak

Example sentences for "seismic" in interesting articles

  • If the Jio network succeeds, Ambani will be able to capitalize on a seismic shift that could see hundreds of millions of Indians come online in the coming years -- in most cases via a smartphone.  - India's richest man offers free 4G to one billion people
  • Crucially, its main ally, China, has proved either unwilling or unable to help.Suspicion an underground test had been carried out was first raised after the US Geological Survey detected unusual seismic activity at 10:00 Pyongyang time (01:30 GMT) - in the north-east of the country, A 5.1 magnitude tremor was detected about 50km (30 miles) from Kilju city, near the Punggye-ri nuclear site, which monitors said was likely not natural.  - North Korea announces successful hydrogen bomb test
  • But if the likelihood is very low — as it was in this case, despite the increased seismic activity in the weeks before — a warning may do more harm than good.  - Italy Orders Jail Terms for 7 Who Didnt Warn of Deadly Earthquake
  • Many residents in the northern parts of the autonomous region of Bougainville sought higher ground amid warnings that tsunami waves were possible."The town residents have vacated the whole place; those in the villages live higher up, so they're ok, it’s just those near the coast," local resident Christabel Biasu told Reuters by phone.Quakes are common in Papua New Guinea, which sits on the Pacific's "Ring of Fire", a hotspot for seismic activity due to friction between tectonic plates.  - Tsunami warning issued after magnitude 7.9 quake hits east of Papua New Guinea
  • The study combined Jacobsen's lab experiments in which he studies mantle rock under the simulated high pressures of 400 miles below the Earth's surface with Schmandt's observations using vast amounts of seismic data from the USArray, a dense network of more than 2,000 seismometers across the United States.  - Massive underground reservoir of water located
  • "The design would ensure that it withstands seismic activities and high wind speeds," he said on Wednesday.  - India building world's highest railway bridge in Himalayas
  • That is mainly because our language underwent some seismic sound changes after the written forms of many words had been more or less settled.  - Pronunciation errors that made the English language
  • Crucially, its main ally, China, has proved either unwilling or unable to help.Suspicion an underground test had been carried out was first raised after the US Geological Survey detected unusual seismic activity at 10:00 Pyongyang time (01:30 GMT) - in the north-east of the country, A 5.1 magnitude tremor was detected about 50km (30 miles) from Kilju city, near the Punggye-ri nuclear site, which monitors said was likely not natural.  - North Korea announces successful hydrogen bomb test
  • I think 'zero' would be a fair number to put on that. If your prime minister can't get us to stop bugging her phone, how secure do you think your own data is, when you send it to California? And speaking of California, let me try another tack. This festive map shows seismic hazard in Northern California, where pretty much all the large Internet companies are based, along with a zillion startups.  - The Internet With A Human Face
  • I have been one of the greatest individual beneficiaries of this seismic shift in media.  - Weddings Used To Be Sacred And Other Lessons About InternetJournalism
  • A security controller slams the safe door shut, triggering a seismic sensor, which in turn triggers door locks.  - Seven People Who Hold the Keys to Worldwide Internet Security

Meaning of "seismic" in English

  • subject to or caused by an earthquake or earth vibration

Meaning of "seismic" in Hindi

  • भूकम्प सम्बन्धी ( Bhukamp sambandhi, bhookamp sambandhee)

Synonyms of "seismic"

  • seismal

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