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Example sentences for "sensual" in popular movie and book plots

  • Sandhya’s constant bickering, Tia’s sensual nature and Priyanka’s flirtatious nature add up to more miseries in his life as whatever he does, Sandhya still beats the hell out of him.  - Maid in India
  • Actually he is obsessed with sensual Lolita, who is the father of Ángel lover.  - Buscando el paraíso
  • Together, they explore strip clubs, sensual massage parlors, cross-dressing, oral sex techniques, and sadomasochism.  - My Awkward Sexual Adventure
  • The king is shocked at the loss of his wife and takes refuge in contemplating plants, one of his great sensual and aesthetic pleasures, in his gardener's work area.  - A Little Chaos
  • Hanging on one wall is a nude painting that Emma once did of her during the sensual bloom of their life together.  - Blue Is the Warmest Colour
  • While Nandita performs onstage on the sensual song "Kaate Nahi Katte Ye Din Ye Raat" from mr India, Bala gets into a quarrel with a person over a lewd comment the guy passes on Nandita, and in the subsequent brawl shoots the man.  - Gunday
  • On a visit to a carnival in the Cajun country of Southern Louisiana, Martin meets Marie, a sensual Cajun girl of seventeen, who works as a crabber in the bayou in order to support herself and her partly senile, alcoholic father Herbert.  - Bayou (film)
  • She shares a loving and sensual relationship with her husband Nandan (Murali Gopy), who is a busy business executive.  - August Club
  • A number of unusual characters appear in the book, including Filthy Billy a hired hand with tourettes and Nora a sensual half-Native girl whose mother has an extra little finger and a man's voice.  - The Cure for Death by Lightning
  • An unexpected meeting between the sixty-five-year-old Lazaros Lazarou and a young man, on Christmas Day brings back hidden memories from 1970 when a sensual tango at a Christmas celebration at an army camp in Evros was the focus for the intersection of four lives: an introverted soldier; a harsh lieutenant; a strict and very conservative colonel; and Zoi Loggou (Vicky Papadopoulou), the colonel's wife.  - Christmas Tango
  • Finally, James penetrates a group working on a project they hope will usher in a whole new era of sensual technology.  - Strange Flesh
  • We will also meet Silvestre, Lucrecia’s butler, who lives in the “La Esperanza” development with her wife, a crazy, gossipy and sensual woman named Gladis, with whom he has 3 children: Brandon, Abril and Britni.  - Esperanza del corazón
  • Rath attends the show one night in order to catch some of his boys in this den of wickedness, but he is soon drawn into Lola's sensual spell, and in time becomes involved in an obsessive romance with her that costs him his job, his savings and his dignity.  - The Blue Angel (1959 film)
  • While Ted explains his plans for the house, Barney attempts to persuade Ted to add erotic and sensual objects.  - Legendaddy
  • The presence of a sensual woman between several alone men causing a chaos that only Luciano can save.  - La selva de fuego
  • A final flashback reveals that Nico solved the puzzle box, opening a portal to the realm of the Cenobites: extra-dimensional sadomasochists led by Pinhead who offer the ultimate sensual experience.  - Hellraiser: Revelations
  • They go across the street to the Pershing Square café and although they attempt to keep the date casual and relaxed, the film ends with them in a sensual embrace and passionate kiss.  - Friends with Benefits (film)
  • His stories of distant and exotic ports and exotic and sensual women, make all the town's inhabitants become envious.  - Home Is the Sailor (novel)
  • Thomas wants the same ballerina to portray the innocent, fragile White Swan as well as her mysterious, sensual twin, the Black Swan.  - Black Swan (film)
  • Surrounded by the sumptuous blues music he adores, and with his pick of the gorgeous women who perform their sensual dance numbers on stage every night, Chaz is the envy of every man.  - Dark Streets
  • He meets Gabriela (Braga), a sensual girl, who he is immediately attracted to.  - Gabriela (1983 film)
  • Rodolfo Huerta is the teacher in the town of San Pedro; he is an upstanding and hard-working man who is married to Justina (Sabine Moussier), a sensual woman who is dissatisfied with her husband's simple lifestyle, and they have two sons, Julián and Josué (Diego Amozurrutia).  - Mi pecado
  • The sensual Gemma has made a considerable impact in Bailleville: The pompous baker Joubert is soon obsessed with her and while following her one night discovers she is having an affair with Hervé de Bressigny, the son of a local landed family.  - Gemma Bovery
  • She is refused, however, when she shocks everybody with a sensual dance.  - A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story
  • One night (after a sensual foot-massage between Victor and Rose), Rose is attacked by Louisa (Victor's mother), who had come back to the house to finish what her son had started.  - Wild Target
  • In a sensual and frantic performance, she takes on the dance of the seven veils.  - Salomé (2002 film)
  • Medardus cannot resist the devil's elixir, which has been entrusted to him and which awakens in him sensual desires.  - The Devil's Elixirs
  • Back in the house, Miguel has an argument with Daniel and later Hannah comes down to his basement and unintentionally reveals a lock of her hair which he finds incredibly sensual (it was forbidden for a Jewish woman to show this to a man other than her husband).  - The Coffee Trader
  • After a tragic encounter with a male model loved madly by granddaughter Uga, since Fantozzi to follow in the disco had disguised himself as a teenager, ending up in bed with the robust and sensual young man who had exchanged Ugo for a real woman, the bumbling accountant prepares to celebrate the New Year of 2000.  - Fantozzi 2000 – La clonazione
  • At this point the narrative becomes increasingly dramatic and sensual as Janine runs around the fort feeling charged with life, eventually ending up lying on her back beneath the stars.  - The Adulterous Woman
  • Centuries previous, Taikoen was a powerful mage whose name passed into legend; he eventually transformed into a "hanged man," an entity of pure plasm whose only remaining drive is to possess other human beings and use their bodies to experience sensual pleasures until his victims die extremely gruesome deaths as a side effect of the possession.  - City on Fire (Williams novel)
  • Aine Yukimura is a seventeen-year-old high school student who writes sensual song lyrics on the side in hopes of becoming a songwriter in the future.  - Sensual Phrase
  • The mostly middle-aged, middle-class students attend the class for a variety of reasons, but for the most part they enjoy the sensual romanticism of the tango's dance movements and music.  - Open from 18 to 24
  • She begins a slow, sensual dance with Xander.  - When She Was Bad
  • Punctuating the sordid record of betrayal is Cruz's awareness of his failing body and his keen attachment to sensual life.  - The Death of Artemio Cruz
  • His doubts are assured when the married Yaichiro expresses an intention to indulge in Edo’s sensual pleasures while stationed there.  - The Hidden Blade
  • The massage becomes more sensual until Rod becomes ill.  - Butch Camp
  • David (David Moscow), TV host of "Sex & Happiness", becomes smitten with the voluptuous Layla (Shiva Rose) - a mysterious, sensual dancer who turns out to be a refugee.  - David & Layla
  • This search takes him through periods of harsh asceticism, sensual pleasures, material wealth, then self-revulsion and eventually to the oneness and harmony with himself that he had been seeking.  - Siddhartha (1972 film)
  • Solene (Gwenaëlle Simon) is more affectionate and sensual - she's willing to have a relationship with Gaspard if he will commit to only her.  - A Summer's Tale
  • However, George decides that he has found the woman of his dreams due to her sensual appreciation of pastrami.  - The Blood (Seinfeld)
  • Baxter enjoys his life with the young couple, splitting his time between the sensual woman and the earthy man.  - Baxter (film)
  • Serpiente wear sensual oufits and are free with their emotions, even in situations where some control might be appropriate.  - Hawksong
  • Seth and Denise retreat back upstairs where they have a sensual moment together to Seth's enjoyment.  - Hell Night
  • On their return to Encolpius's home in the Insula Felicles, a Roman tenement building, they walk through the vast Roman brothel known as the Lupanare, observing numerous sensual scenes.  - Fellini Satyricon
  • They end up having intimate, passionate and sensual sex.  - Kasoor
  • Bree is horrified at this request and talks privately about it with dr Goldfine unexpectedly at a restaurant, embarrassing him with her sensual description of what she likes about sex.  - Running to Stand Still (Desperate Housewives)
  • She tells the princess about a sensual dream in which Carmensina was involved with Tirant while Estefania was having sex with Diafebus.  - Tirant lo Blanc (film)
  • The Hill of Dreams of the title is an old Roman fort where Lucian has strange sensual visions, including ones of the town in the time of Roman Britain.  - The Hill of Dreams
  • Zandalee Martin is a young boutique store owner living in New Orleans who is sexually frustrated and feeling unfulfilled with her marriage to Thierry Martin, and eventually gets tangled in a passionate, sensual and torrid adulterous affair with her husband's mysterious and free spirited old friend Johnny Collins.  - Zandalee
  • Upon returning from a work trip to Atlanta, where she and her ex-husband shared a sensual moment, Amy decides to save the relationship.  - At First Sight (1999 film)
  • When June leaves, Nin becomes involved with Henry, and begins an uninhibited sexual and emotional affair with him, which prompts an intellectual and sensual awakening.  - Henry and June
  • Upon arrival, Tim is thrilled to find that Hoffman, now known as Vicky Parker, is also appearing there; however she is performing a considerably more sensual version of Heat Wave, the same number as the family.  - There's No Business Like Show Business (film)
  • Another lady appearing in the sex life of Kumar was Molly Gomes, who was “not only as an incarnation of sensual impulse, but also as a mistress of sexuality.  - The Company of Women (Singh novel)
  • They succeed in capturing various sensual sounds as well as each other's tenderness.  - One Fine Spring Day
  • In The Fallon Blood, escaping brutal English overlords, 1760s Irishman Michael Fallon becomes an indentured servant to Charleston, South Carolina merchant Thomas Carver, where his infatuation with Carver's sensual daughter Elizabeth causes life-changing complications.  - The Fallon Blood
  • Unable to sleep, Scully watches a pornography channel on television when he observes that the actress on screen, Holly Body (Melanie Griffith), dances in exactly the same sensual way that he saw Gloria dance.  - Body Double
  • One day, after leaving her promiscuous daughter Caprice (nicknamed Ursula Udders because of gargantuan breasts and a penchant for indecent exposure while dancing at a local dive bar) locked up over the garage, under house arrest "for her own good", Sylvia is smacked on the head by a passing car and meets Ray-Ray Perkins, a local mechanic and self-styled "sex saint" who opens her mind to a whole new world of sensual pleasure, as he and his followers search for the ultimate sex act.  - A Dirty Shame
  • Throughout this part of the novel, the many passages depicting the blossoming of Van and Ada's love vary in rhythm, in style, and in vocabulary—ranging from lustrous, deceptively simple yet richly sensual prose to leering and Baroque satire of eighteenth-century pornography—depending on the mood Nabokov wishes to convey.  - Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle
  • When Emily Ann becomes a teenager (Kim Stanley) she remains a loner but has a sensual sexuality that attracts boys.  - The Goddess (1958 film)
  • At the boarding school, François becomes acquainted with Serge (Stéphane Rideau), the sensual son of immigrant farmers.  - Wild Reeds
  • As the various never-before-seen ingredients arrive, and preparations commence, the sisters begin to worry that the meal will become a sin of sensual luxury, if not some form of devilry.  - Babette's Feast
  • The Prince finds himself agreeing with many of Tancredi's points, and takes a little second-hand sensual pleasure in knowing that he'll soon be able to enjoy seeing Angelica more often.  - The Leopard
  • The last and most extended part of the book, and also probably the most famous, then deals with Will and Anna's daughter, Ursula, and her struggle to find fulfilment for her passionate, spiritual and sensual nature against the confines of the increasingly materialist and conformist society around her.  - The Rainbow
  • Given his fantasies involving the busty tobacconist, the sensual math teacher, the fat-bottomed peasant women on bicycles, Volpina the man-eater and Gradisca whom he tried to grope at the Cinema Fulgor, Titta complains that it can’t be helped.  - Amarcord
  • Set 20 years after the events of Beauty's Release, Beauty and Laurent take over the throne following the death of Queen Eleanor and strive to continue the sensual surrender legacy of the kingdom, albeit now in a state of voluntary servitude.  - The Sleeping Beauty Quartet
  • Soon, a sensual new neighbor (Roxanne Hart) moves into Karen's family's apartment building and Johnny becomes slightly infatuated with her.  - Old Enough
  • Despite the aunt's strong disapproval of Mario, because of his sensual poetry (which turns out to be largely stolen from Neruda), Beatrice responds favourably.  - Il Postino: The Postman

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Meaning of "sensual" in English

  • sexually exciting or gratifying
    - a sultry look
    - a sultry dance
  • marked by the appetites and passions of the body
    - carnal knowledge
    - fleshly desire
    - a sensual delight in eating
    - music is the only sensual pleasure without vice

Meaning of "sensual" in Hindi

  • इन्द्रिय विषयक ( Endriy vishayak, endriy wishayak)
  • इन्द्रियोंको सुख देने वाला ( Endriyonko sukh dene vala, endriyonko sukh dene vaalaa, endriyonko sukh dene wala)
  • इन्द्रिय प्रिय ( Endriy priy)
  • विषयी इन्द्रिय लोलुप ( Vishayi endriy lolup, vishayee endriy lolup, wishayi endriy lolup)
  • विषयासक्त ( Vishayasakt, vishayaasakt, wishayasakt)
  • कामुक ( Kamuk, kaamuk)
  • विषयी ( Vishayi, vishayee, wishayi)
  • रत्यात्मक ( Ratyatmak, ratyaatmak)

Synonyms of "sensual"

  • sultry
  • carnal
  • animal
  • fleshly

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