How to use "sextant" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "sextant" in popular movie and book plots

  • He gifts Killian with a sextant that will guide them to a strange new land and will bring peace to the kingdom.  - Good Form
  • When up on deck, Javed uses a makeshift sextant to get the ship's latitude.  - Escape Plan (film)
  • During his visit he is presented with an old sextant that Tom had been planning to sell.  - Foreign Land (novel)
  • He purchases a sextant from a junkshop, made forHC.  - For Love & Money
  • from putting his sextant to use the fog also seems to interfere with both compasses and electronic equipment, including watches.  - Twilight Children
  • when his sextant places them somewhere in Kansas; he asserts that he is correct.  - Cold Asylum
  • Finally able to see the sky, Dix uses his pocket sextant to find their approximate location; to his disbelief, the latest jump has taken him and his friends somewhere near Moscow.  - Red Equinox
  • He also let Little Johnny look through a sextant and search for Polaris.  - Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

Example sentences for "sextant" in interesting articles

Meaning of "sextant" in English

  • a measuring instrument for measuring the angular distance between celestial objects; resembles an octant
  • a unit of angular distance equal to 60 degrees

Meaning of "sextant" in Hindi

  • षष्ठक
  • शठक

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