How to use "skeptics" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "skeptics" in popular movie and book plots

  • The game would not only settle the dispute, but it would also be a way for the Koreans to establish themselves against Japan, and for the players to further prove themselves to the skeptics of their town.  - YMCA Baseball Team
  • The local police - including Chief Dawson and Officer Vern - are confirmed skeptics and offer little help.  - Alien Trespass
  • They get The Amityville Horror published and have to deal not only with the supernatural, but skeptics and a never ending line of press.  - The Amityville Horror Part II
  • The narration states that the shock of this sent Howard back to Earth, with no memories of the event, and in later years he became one of the skeptics who claimed there had never been a Martian invasion of the Earth.  - To Mars and Providence
  • As Bellus nears, former skeptics admit that Hendron was right and governments prepare for the inevitable.  - When Worlds Collide (1951 film)
  • After a year in the swamp, his hard work and faithfulness lead McLean to bet skeptics a thousand dollars (the value of a single tree among the most valuable) that they can't show him a fresh stump from a tree stolen under Freckles' watch, a wager that threatens to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  - Freckles (novel)
  • And, second, their less tangible journey from skeptics of communism and the Soviet Union into converts and enthusiasts.  - Mission to Moscow
  • Despite research dead-ends, the horror of watching their son's health decline, and being surrounded by skeptics (including the coordinators of the support group they attend), they persist until they finally hit upon a therapy involving adding a certain kind of oil (actually containing two specific long chain fatty acids, isolated from rapeseed oil and olive oil) to their son's diet.  - Lorenzo's Oil

Example sentences for "skeptics" in interesting articles

  • Mitigation skeptics argue for large uncertainties in the trend in order to claim the warming is not significant, while at the same time arguing for a short tailed uncertainty on climate sensitivity because that minimises the expected cost.  - Why I decided not to enter the $100k global warming time-series challenge
  • In truth, almost all of the country became possessed by the idea that home prices could never fall significantly.That was a mass delusion, reinforced by rapidly rising prices that discredited the few skeptics who warned of trouble.  - Warren Buffett: Pretty Good for Government Work
  • “It’s been looked at by some skeptics as a kind of tragedy,” Ketchum has said.  - Decades after a Cold War experiment, a scientist lives with secrets (2012)
  • One of them concluded, “I don’t think the patriarchy is under any threat.”The MSNBC skeptics are hardly alone in dismissing the plight of boys and young men.  - How to Make School Better for Boys
  • At the same time — confounding Western skeptics — the Internet is nonetheless thriving in China, with nearly 700 million users, putting almost 1 in 4 of the world’s online population behind the Great Firewall.  - China’s scary lesson to the world: Censoring the Internet works
  • But given the NSA's past 60 years, Snowden’s leaks look less like a surprise and more like a pattern — a pattern predicted, in fact, by prescient skeptics 30 years ago.  - How the NSA spied on Americans before the Internet
  • Call the skeptics names like "conspiracy theorist," "nutcase," "ranter," "kook," "crackpot," and, of course, "rumor monger." Be sure, too, to use heavily loaded verbs and adjectives when characterizing their charges and defending the "more reasonable" government and its defenders.  - Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum (2012)
  • By 2013, the difference had grown to $15,000, with the real earnings of the some-college/two-year degree group falling from $33,655 to $30,000 (in 2012 dollars).Other skeptics worry that a new crop of degree options will just dilute the value of the B.A.  - America's Reverence for the Bachelor's Degree
  • The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife had undergone—and passed—more state-of-the-art lab tests, inch for inch, than almost any other papyrus in history.But skeptics had identified other problems.  - The contested papyrus “The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife”
  • One of them concluded, “I don’t think the patriarchy is under any threat.”The MSNBC skeptics are hardly alone in dismissing the plight of boys and young men.  - How to Make School Better for Boys
  • The skeptics are in ascendance.This development raises uncomfortable—and increasingly nontheoretical—questions: If moral responsibility depends on faith in our own agency, then as belief in determinism spreads, will we become morally irresponsible? And if we increasingly see belief in free will as a delusion, what will happen to all those institutions that are based on it?In 2002, two psychologists had a simple but brilliant idea: Instead of speculating about what might happen if people lost belief in their capacity to choose, they could run an experiment to find out.  - There’s No Such Thing as Free Will
  • In January, Saudi officials announced that they were pushing back the target date from 2032 to 2040—and even with the longer time frame, skeptics have dismissed the goal as a mirage.Proving them wrong would require reshuffling an economic deck that the kingdom’s leaders have stacked for decades to favor petroleum.  - Why the Saudis Are Going Solar
  • To the skeptics, his story and the recent recanting of The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven are just further evidence that NDEs rank right up there with alien abductions, psychic powers, and poltergeists as fodder for charlatans looking to gull the ignorant and suggestible.Yet even these skeptics rarely accuse experiencers of inventing their stories from whole cloth.  - The Science of Near-Death Experiences
  • If the findings turn out to be common to multiple mouse models of autism, that may help to convince skeptics that the findings are relevant to people with the condition.* * *Even with these scientific questions left unresolved, some researchers are testing out a blunt approach: introducing a new microbiome into children with autism via fecal transplant.People have experimented with fecal transplants since the 4th century, when doctors treated diarrhea with a concoction called “yellow soup,” an oral remedy made of fecal matter from a healthy person.  - Chasing the Link Between Gut Bacteria and Autism
  • So it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a coal plant in China or a coal plant in the U.S.—the heating effect for the entire globe is the same.Share of Fuels in the Global Energy Mix Across Modern HistoryOn the dangerous certainty of environmentalists:The heating levels have not tracked the climate models exactly, and the skeptics have had a heyday with that.  - Bill Gates: ‘We Need an Energy Miracle’
  • Two of the Senate’s most important Republican Trump skeptics will be up for reelection in 2018: Arizona’s Jeff Flake and Texas’s Ted Cruz.  - How to Build an Autocracy

Meaning of "skeptics" in English

  • someone who habitually doubts accepted beliefs

Meaning of "skeptics" in Hindi

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