How to use "sobriety" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "sobriety" in popular movie and book plots

  • The structure of D’Est is characterized by its sobriety and rigour, used to articulate the film’s expressiveness.  - D'Est
  • Frank, however, demands that Peter attend AA, because his sobriety is the biggest hurdle they have to jump.  - Chapter 6 (House of Cards)
  • Lee witnesses Shelby drinking and tells her that she is barely holding on to her sobriety and would appreciate if Shelby did not drink alcohol around her.  - Chapter 1 (American Horror Story)
  • John—celebrating a year of sobriety after an addiction to drugs in his youth—blames himself for the crash, even though his brother and nephew assure him that the crash wasn’t his fault.  - Finders Keepers (2015 film)
  • When one reaches for a drink, he objects, "ah, ah, ah, teacher spank — you know my rules — sobriety test before every drink".  - Grand Exit
  • She's found religion and sobriety with her new Christian fiancé, Jeffrey, but during an awkward meal with them, Patrick finds himself unable to connect with her.  - Manchester by the Sea (film)
  • He remains impervious to her judgments about his sobriety and his perfectionism but, when asked, admits he knows Tony is in love with him.  - Burnt (film)
  • Joe, who has returned to sobriety with the help of Autry, finds the plane and poison being used by Mitchell, but is shot by one of Mitchell's henchmen, Bill Wright (Damian O'Flynn), as he rides to report the problem.  - Riders of the Whistling Pines
  • Underwood helps Russo get clean and props up his candidacy but later uses call girl Rachel Posner to break his sobriety and trigger his public downfall shortly before the election.  - House of Cards (U.S. TV series)
  • After the elopement, Gladys and John get a stern lecture on temperance and sobriety from Martin and reform their ways as well.  - The Mad Whirl
  • Distraught over being denied custody of her daughter, Christina begins the hard, uphill battle to find sobriety and regain her maternal rights.  - Lies and Lullabies
  • Meanwhile his friend Donnie breaks his sobriety and ends up dying from an overdose, this pushes Sam further into negativity and despair.  - Machine Gun Preacher
  • Through a combination of enforced sobriety and an appeal to the man's pride in himself as an expert chess-player (almost the only remaining accomplishment the drunken Bowen can take a genuine pride in), Ramage succeeds in rehabilitating Bowen, who proves to be an excellent doctor once he has quit the drink.  - Ramage and the Freebooters
  • As Bill and Bob attained lasting sobriety and co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous, Lois began to feel neglected.  - When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story
  • In the epilogue, Dan celebrates fifteen years of sobriety and attends Abra's fifteenth birthday party.  - Doctor Sleep (novel)
  • The police awaken her and give her a sobriety test which she passes.  - Rachel Getting Married
  • Jesse stopped drinking by the end of Stone Cold, and continues his sobriety throughout this novel.  - Sea Change (Parker novel)
  • Though Nora is angry when she finds it is empty, Jim says they will restart their sobriety anew together.  - Trance (1998 film)
  • He vows to return home, continue his sobriety and get his life back on track.  - Two Weeks in Another Town
  • His sobriety in constant jeopardy, Graham, for all his failings, never for a moment doubts his son's innocence, and begins a frantic last-minute effort to find the evidence that will save his son's life, if not redeem himself as a father.  - Time Without Pity
  • Hector maintains sobriety and takes his family to Puerto Rico for vacation.  - El Cantante
  • In "Ink", Matt thinks his one use of his power was a slip up, and turns in his 30-day sobriety chip.  - Matt Parkman
  • A fearsome and occasionally violent presence at home who insists on strict rules of Muslim piety and sobriety in the house—for example, his wife is hardly ever allowed to leave the house, to maintain the family's good name—al-Sayyid Ahmad permits himself officially forbidden pleasures, particularly music, drinking wine and conducting numerous extramarital affairs with women he meets at his grocery store, or with courtesans who entertain parties of men at their houses with music and dancing.  - Palace Walk
  • Clay finds Julian and rescues him; after a violent confrontation with Rip and his henchman, Clay, Julian and Blair all escape and begin the long drive to the desert so Julian can attempt to achieve sobriety once and for all.  - Less Than Zero (film)
  • While Hazuki represents the tranquility, elegance, grace, and sobriety of the sport; Hikari is the explosiveness of colorful, fresh, and energetic part of the sport.  - Hikari no Densetsu
  • He confesses to Lizzie his many attempts at achieving sobriety have ended in failure, taking many AA meetings but failing.  - My Blueberry Nights
  • Pulled over by Chief Wiggum for speeding, Ned takes a sobriety test as disapproving townspeople watch.  - Homer Loves Flanders
  • A distraught Bender goes on a sobriety binge, and takes the tanker on an erratic course over Pluto.  - The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz
  • He then embarks on a self-destructive sobriety binge, eventually cutting off his own antenna in the hope that he can move back in with Fry.  - I, Roommate
  • At first, he finds sustaining sobriety tough, but he finds his way to an AA meeting with Homer's help.  - Days of Wine and D'oh'ses
  • Shelby Ashton (Elliott Reid), who was interested in Betsy, is given his revenge by the Professor, who keeps on jumping on the top of Shelby's car, until it crashes into a police car, where he is given a field sobriety test.  - The Absent-Minded Professor
  • Now, nursing a life of sobriety and pulling in work as a writer, Jack and his family take on the job of looking after the Overlook Hotel, a large colonial building in a picturesque valley in the Colorado Rockies.  - The Shining (miniseries)
  • Frustrated, West escapes the house and returns drunk, only to have the Twonky return him to sobriety with a light beam.  - The Twonky
  • He completed it during a period of sobriety that was insisted upon by its lead actress, Joelle Van Dyne.  - Infinite Jest
  • Initially shy, Michael becomes a more vocal member of the group and shares his sorrow over his lack of understanding for the gravity his wife's sobriety would have on him, his children and his marriage.  - When a Man Loves a Woman (film)
  • Former drug addicts Peggy and Pablo struggle to adapt to a life of sobriety together - especially when Peggy gets back in touch with their dealer, Dean's brother Marlon (Fraser).  - Metrosexuality (TV series)
  • As a recovering alcoholic, Doc maintains a precarious sobriety by avoiding the past.  - Come Back, Little Sheba (play)
  • She pledges to both that she will maintain her sobriety and slowly ease back into theatre work.  - Only When I Laugh (film)
  • Carol leaves Andrew and returns to America, and after a year of sobriety Andrew returns to the bottle.  - Peter's Friends
  • After a series of wacky sobriety tests, the police permit him to leave.  - The Man with Two Brains

Example sentences for "sobriety" in interesting articles

  • “Sir, how long should I expect to be here?”They answered dismissively.“As long as it takes.”“We’ll keep you here as long as we want to.”“Sober up.”If sobriety was the issue, I volunteered to take a Breathalyzer test.  - How I Ended Up In Solitary After Calling 911 For Help
  • “Sir, how long should I expect to be here?”They answered dismissively.“As long as it takes.”“We’ll keep you here as long as we want to.”“Sober up.”If sobriety was the issue, I volunteered to take a Breathalyzer test.  - Good Samaritan Backfire
  • It never made sense to him precisely how the cops got his clients to do things that were clearly against their own interests. "Why is it that every client consents to doing a field sobriety test?" Vu said.  - Policing the Police: The Apps That Let You Spy on the Cops
  • And Bill Wilson claimed it helped to facilitate breakthroughs of a more soulful variety: Decades after co-founding Alcoholics Anonymous, he tried LSD, said it tuned him in to the same spiritual awareness that made sobriety possible, and pitched its therapeutic use—unsuccessfully—to the AA board.  - The Heretic - the U.S. government banned medical studies of the effects of LSD.

Meaning of "sobriety" in English

  • abstaining from excess
  • a manner that is serious and solemn
  • moderation in or abstinence from alcohol or other drugs
  • the state of being sober and not intoxicated by alcohol

Meaning of "sobriety" in Hindi

  • संयम ( Sanyam)
  • परहेज ( Parahej, parahez)
  • गम्भीरता ( Gambhirata, gambheerataa)
  • अमत्तता
  • गंभीरता ( Ganbhirata, ganbheerataa)
  • स‌ंयम ( Sanyam)
  • परहेज़ ( Parahez, parahej)

Synonyms of "sobriety"

  • somberness
  • gravity
  • temperance
  • sombreness
  • soberness
  • dryness
  • graveness

Antonyms of "sobriety"

  • intoxication
  • tipsiness
  • inebriation
  • inebriety
  • insobriety
  • drunkenness

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