How to use "solicitous" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "solicitous" in popular movie and book plots

  • At the close of the story, Vincent understands his mother's concern, but feels sorry for her solicitous behavior, and expresses depression over the fact she worries so much, particularly over kids who are about to fall off a cliff.  - The Last and Best of the Peter Pans
  • He becomes solicitous about the financial success of his plays, and a large sum of money goes missing.  - Mémoires de deux jeunes mariées
  • An intruder into the boy's room pulls back the quaking covers, but it turns out to be his solicitous mother, who retrieves the broken lamp, closes his eyes reassuringly and quietly withdraws.  - The Sandman (1991 film)
  • Uwe (29) finds it totally out of order that Anne is so solicitous about Siamak's well-being.  - Fremde Haut
  • It seems that the Britishers might have been more solicitous about Karl's wounds, but all the British commandant says when he comes up to Karl is to ask him whether he will have another Piccadilly cigarette.  - Mamba (film)
  • Still, she is uncharacteristically solicitous toward the girl, making suggestions that place her in the spotlight and insisting her own wardrobe be drab to allow Avice to shine.  - Being Julia
  • Charles, solicitous for his wife's health and not at all suspicious, embraces the plan.  - Madame Bovary

Example sentences for "solicitous" in interesting articles

  • It sounded at once solicitous and serious.  - Why are Internet standards called “Request for Comments”?
  • Meanwhile, students at the super-selective top, prodded toward high ambitions and disciplined habits by attentive parents and teachers ever since preschool, encounter solicitous oversight every step of the way.Take Harvard, where the rising elite chart their paths within well-designed parameters: the college offers a bachelor’s degree in 48 academic fields only to full-time, residential students, who must also fulfill carefully articulated general-education requirements.  - How to Escape the Community College Trap

Meaning of "solicitous" in English

  • showing hovering attentiveness
    - made solicitous inquiries about our family
  • full of anxiety and concern
    - solicitous about the future

Meaning of "solicitous" in Hindi

  • उत्सुक
  • चिन्तित
  • ध्यान रखने वाला
  • उत्कण्ठित
  • इच्दछक

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