How to use "solvent" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "solvent" in popular movie and book plots

  • He then attempts to use various chemicals to remove it, using every solvent he can find and even some of his precious rocket fuel.  - A Can of Paint
  • Majid than starts living happily and financially solvent besides getting the ownership of lands as a gift from the villagers by preaching false teachings of the religion.  - Lalsalu
  • Having won several races with her prize horse Storm Cloud, Ma is now solvent and able to reclaim Alice and to offer the gang jobs.  - Mr. Muggs Rides Again
  • Upon closer examination, he identifies the goop as "Omnisolve", the universal solvent invented by Gyro Gearloose (and previously featured in The Universal Solvent).  - The Black Knight (comics)
  • As farces go, at the end the swindlers are caught and Maggie’s matriarchal resourcefulness with her wised-up son gets the bank solvent again, and the two matriarchal families are bonded with mirthful resolutions.  - Prosperity (film)
  • Scrooge McDuck buys the solvent from him, intending on using it in mining, in order to gain the super pure diamonds located in the outer core of the Earth.  - The Universal Solvent (comics)
  • The Duchess, soon to become solvent again, wishes to go to a special place at the earliest opportunity: the casino.  - The Duchess Assignment
  • The only person still solvent is attorney William Early (Bill Goodwin), and Nanette's assistant Pauline Hastings (Eve Arden) sets out to charm him into backing the show.  - Tea for Two (film)
  • When Data still refuses to submit, Fajo splashes a solvent on Data's uniform that dissolves it so he will be compelled to change his clothes.  - The Most Toys
  • The two spend the rest of the episode trying to hide their predicament until the release solvent arrives.  - Stuck Together, Torn Apart
  • Geoff Carter (Grant) is a pilot and the manager of Barranca Airways, a small, barely solvent company owned by "Dutchy" Van Ruyter (Sig Ruman) carrying airmail from the fictional South American port town of Barranca through a high pass in the Andes Mountains.  - Only Angels Have Wings
  • Ben puts some of the solvent in a bottle and goes out.  - The Moonbase
  • She's solvent with you, and bankrupt without you.  - Tell England
  • Now financially solvent for the first time, Panurge stops wearing his long codpiece and seeks advice about whom to marry.  - Gargantua and Pantagruel

Example sentences for "solvent" in interesting articles

  • A total of 50 mg of caecum tissue cleared of fecal matter was taken in a 25-mL polypropylene centrifuge tube and 2.5 mL of extraction solvent (acetonitrile:isopropanol:water 3:3:2) was added and homogenized for 45 s.  - High prevalence of diabetes among people exposed to organophosphates in India
  • I think the only other major cola debacle was this: sarahq Posted 19 June 2008 at 02:50 pm Ard Ri said: “So the current Coke uses “spent” coca leaves, how does one produce a “spent” Coca leaf?” I don’t know the specifics of how it’s removed for cola production, but if you want to get out the cocaine for non-cola stimulant purposes, you macerate the coca leaves in an organic solvent (kerosene, typically).  - How Coca-Cola won the war
  • The butane-derived chemical is used industrially as a solvent and recreationally as a date rape drug or sedative. The DEA's Special Operations Division, which includes FBI representatives, obtained a real-time intercept order -- sometimes called a Title III order -- against EarthLink and WorldCom, a network provider that's now part of Verizon Business.  - How the U.S. is forcing Internet firms' hands on surveillance
  • Generally, a warm solvent can dissolve more material than a cool one, which is why hot tea dissolves sugar more easily than iced tea.  - Small Polish company leads the world in crystalline gallium nitride quality
  • I mean, you do realize that the system there is no more solvent and no more economically sustainable than ours.  - Why I prefer French health care

Meaning of "solvent" in English

  • capable of meeting financial obligations
  • a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem
    - the answers were in the back of the book
    - he computed the result to four decimal places
  • a liquid substance capable of dissolving other substances

Meaning of "solvent" in Hindi

  • गलाने वाला ( Galane vala, galane vaalaa, galane wala)
  • द्राववक ( Dravavak, draavavak, drawawak)
  • ऋण चुका देने के योग्य ( Rin chuka dene ke yogy, rin chukaa dene ke yogy)
  • अपने ऋण चुकाने में समर्थ
  • ऋण शोधन क्षम ( Rin shodhan ksham)
  • अपने ऋण चुकाने में समर्थ ( Apane rin chukane men samarth)
  • ऋण शोध क्षम: ( Rin shodh ksham:)
  • द्रावक ( Dravak, draavak, drawak)
  • विलायक ( Vilayak, vilaayak, wilayak)
  • शोधक्षम ( Shodhaksham)

Synonyms of "solvent"

  • result
  • resolution
  • dissolvent
  • resolvent
  • dissolving agent
  • dissolver
  • solution
  • answer

Antonyms of "solvent"

  • insolvent

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