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Example sentences for "somatic" in interesting articles

  • Maybe if he “overclocks” his language use, that might lead him to some kind of magical experience.Ted: When you say he has a magical experience, are there effects in the external world?Avi: No, there might be effects on his body, somatic effects, but not on the external world.Ted: Ah, okay.  - Interview with Ted Chiang
  • In the scientists' projections, the ongoing increase in average lifespan is about to be joined by something never before seen in human history: a rise in the maximum possible age at death.Stem-cell banks, telomerase amplifiers, somatic gene therapy—the list of potential longevity treatments incubating in laboratories is startling.  - The Coming Death Shortage
  • Elizabeth McGrath, a somatic sex therapist in San Francisco who says that the “vast majority” of her clients work in tech, told the Guardian that she generally agrees with Thiel that people in Silicon Valley are not having much sex. “There is not a lot of sexuality in the tech industry, in terms of it being fun, free, open, sensual,” McGrath said.  - Sexless in Silicon Valley: why nobody's getting laid in America's tech hub
  • Dolly was the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, using a process called somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). This involved taking a sheep egg, removing its DNA and replacing it with DNA from a frozen udder cell of a sheep that died years before.  - Healthy clones: Dolly the sheep's heirs reach ripe old age

Meaning of "somatic" in English

  • affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit
    - a corporal defect
    - corporeal suffering
    - a somatic symptom or somatic illness

Meaning of "somatic" in Hindi

  • कायिक ( Kayik, kaayik)
  • दैहिक ( Daihik)
  • शारीरिक ( Sharirik, shaareerik)
  • कायिक

Synonyms of "somatic"

  • corporal
  • bodily
  • corporeal

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