How to use "soporific" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "soporific" in popular movie and book plots

  • They use soporific drugs to hold a conference call between themselves, River Song, and Clara Oswald in a dream realm.  - The Name of the Doctor
  • Just as Leadford is about to kill his rivals, the green comet enters the Earth's atmosphere and disintegrates, causing a soporific green fog.  - In the Days of the Comet
  • They also find opium with morphine which leads Holmes to deduce that it is being used as a kind of soporific to subdue victims, so that they can be abducted and trafficked out of the country.  - Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened
  • In “Parasite Planet”, the vicious, night-dwelling Triops noctivivans used these bubbles to attack Hammond and Burlingame, since the spores have a soporific effect on humans.  - The Lotus Eaters (Weinbaum)
  • The trioptes drive them back toward the doughpot, dosing Burlingame with a soporific drug that renders her unconscious.  - Parasite Planet
  • Knowing that the Khleevii torture their captives, they decide to take a fatal dose of the soporific abaanye, setting a compression device, that will destroy their cruiser (and anything else in its proximity), when the Khleevii spaceship comes close.  - Acorna: The Unicorn Girl
  • Disguised as a southern schoolteacher visiting the city, she drugs him using cigarettes treated with a soporific substance and stages a compromising scene with a prostitute at a hotel; the scene is then photographed and published under the auspices of General Carter (Steve Ihnat), who is working with Fabulous Face.  - In Like Flint
  • She has fallen asleep near the euphonious and soporific Windchimes, unaware of the danger of the dreaming of an unshared mind (one not engaged in telepathy with another humanoid).  - Kinda (Doctor Who)
  • Irma, who tries to fill the getaway car with soporific gas, is spotted by Mazamette, but Irma gasses him, and he is taken away asleep while Irma hides in a box on the car.  - Les Vampires

Meaning of "soporific" in English

  • inducing mental lethargy
  • sleep inducing
  • a drug that induces sleep

Meaning of "soporific" in Hindi

  • स्वापक
  • निद्राकारी ( Nidrakari, nidraakaaree)
  • निद्राजनक ( Nidrajanak, nidraajanak, nidrazanak)
  • आस्वापक ( Aasvapak, aasvaapak, aaswapak)

Synonyms of "soporific"

  • narcotic
  • hypnagogic
  • soporiferous
  • somnific
  • hypnogogic
  • hypnotic
  • somniferous

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