How to use "spendthrift" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "spendthrift" in popular movie and book plots

  • Shashikumar is a very big miser and his wife Shruthi is a spendthrift woman.  - Edurmaneli Ganda Pakkadmaneli Hendthi
  • This way he saves money both from the drunkards of the brothel and his spendthrift nature.  - Babar Naam Gandhiji
  • The second daughter (Ruffa Gutierrez) is a spendthrift woman, but still caring for her kids.  - Desperadas
  • Her husband, Wu Guolun (Yao Wenlong), is a spendthrift who is burdened with expensive car instalments.  - House of Fortune
  • They are treated badly by Mona, who with her spendthrift habits gets into arguments with Kamal.  - Ghar Basake Dekho
  • Disgusted with his spendthrift son, Kirk Anthony's father has Kirk shanghaied and taken to Panama, where he attracts the attention of mrs Edith Cortlandt and falls in love with Chiquita, the daughter of a Panamanian general.  - The Ne'er-Do-Well
  • The spendthrift Geoffrey is about to be disinherited, he and wishes to escape from his promise and marry a wealthy wife.  - Man and Wife (novel)
  • His wife proves to be a spendthrift and adulteress, and the marriage ends in divorce.  - Colonel Jack
  • Akbari's first grand-daughter Aiza (Aamina Sheikh) is very arrogant, spendthrift and has been raised with a lot of love while her second granddaughter Aima (Mehwish Hayat) is the exact opposite of Aiza.  - Mirat-ul-Uroos (TV series)
  • Based upon a review in a film magazine, Jane Neill (Martin) goes to work for irritable old dramatist David Lyman (Aitken), who is annoyed by the extravagance of his spendthrift nephew Monty Lyman (Welch).  - Jane Goes A-Wooing
  • Badhalabandee Vara Prasad alias Bava is a very big miser, his wife Jayalakshmi (Divyavani) is a spendthrift woman.  - Edurinti Mogudu Pakkinti Pellam
  • 34-year-old So-young (Jang Na-ra), has lackluster education background (a mere high school degree) and bad credit history (due to her younger, spendthrift sister).  - Baby Faced Beauty
  • Elsa Carlyle (Tallulah Bankhead), in contrast to her charming personality and loving relationship with her indulgent husband, Jeffrey (Harvey Stephens), is a compulsive gambler and spendthrift who is overly concerned with social standing and appearances.  - The Cheat (1931 film)
  • As summarized in an adaptation published in the September 1919 issue of Shadowlands, Betty Taradine, who lives in a British village near an army base, was abandoned by her husband for her spendthrift ways.  - The Misleading Widow
  • His spendthrift wife Cornelia does not make it easy for him.  - God's Fool
  • However, creditors descend on Jonas, and the spendthrift Tuttles soon spend the rest of their money very quickly.  - The Tuttles of Tahiti
  • He also realises Ruth's spendthrift nature, and they part on bitter terms.  - The Card (1952 film)
  • Her father disowns her and the couple live together, progressively made poor by her spendthrift ways.  - Rickshaw Boy
  • She is a spendthrift and he is a miser.  - Amrithadhare
  • Rome 1900: Baron Ottone degli Ulivi, said Zaza, is a rich spendthrift who likes pretty girls.  - Gentlemen Are Born (1960 film)
  • Chremes informs Menedemus that his son is returned, but believing that Bacchis is Clinia's mistress, he warns Menedemus against welcoming him home, explaining that Clinia is now in love with a spendthrift mistress.  - Heauton Timorumenos
  • The film begins by showing Rajni as Balu, a lavish spendthrift with a cavalier attitude towards life.  - Thambikku Entha Ooru
  • Lee (Claudette Colbert) is engaged to marry Larry Adams (Richard Derr), a spendthrift widower with two children, son Chase (Robert Sterling) and daughter Penny (June Allyson).  - The Secret Heart
  • The plot revolves around the lives of three close friends: Keong (Jack Neo), a spendthrift white-collar worker, Ong (Mark Lee), a general contractor, and Hui (Henry Thia), a kopi tiam waiter.  - Money No Enough
  • Aristocrat Rowland Lacy falls in love with middle class girl Rose Oatley, but Rose's father and Lacy's uncle refuse to approve the match because of the class difference and Rowland's spendthrift lifestyle.  - The Shoemaker's Holiday
  • However, Raja is a spendthrift who is only interested in spending his father's money on wild parties.  - Dil
  • Fifteen years earlier, Lady Brandon (Heather Thatcher), wife of absent spendthrift Sir Hector Brandon, and the three adopted Geste brothers, "Beau" (Gary Cooper), Digby (Robert Preston) and John (Ray Milland), her ward Isobel Rivers (Susan Hayward), and estate heir Augustus Brandon are introduced.  - Beau Geste (1939 film)
  • Flor's friends and family see Vadinho's death as a chance for Flor to find happiness after the misery brought upon her by Vadinho's spendthrift ways and near-total lack of respectability.  - Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands
  • Rebelling against her "mean and petty" petit-bourgeois parents, she falls in love with a spendthrift young man, whom she virtually supports with thefts from her parents as well as her prostitution earnings.  - Violette Nozière
  • When Inspector Craddock questions them and Rosamund Shane's spendthrift husband Michael (James Villiers), none of them can produce a satisfactory alibi for the time of Cora Lanskenay's death.  - Murder at the Gallop
  • While he is a spendthrift guy celebrating life with his friends in town, he is a frugal family man at home.  - Thoovanathumbikal
  • However, Ruth's spendthrift nature becomes alarmingly apparent during the trip and they break up.  - The Card
  • Mozart's financial situation worsens due to his spendthrift lifestyle.  - Amadeus (film)
  • The first time she does this, her "gentleman-tradesman" spendthrift husband goes bankrupt and flees to the Continent, leaving her on her own with his blessing to do the best she can to forget him.  - Moll Flanders
  • Scene II: Sir Peter complains of Lady Teazle's spendthrift ways.  - The School for Scandal
  • Greystock is a successful lawyer and Member of Parliament, but his income is inadequate to his position and spendthrift lifestyle.  - The Eustace Diamonds
  • Later, Disraeli receives the welcome news that the spendthrift Khedive of Egypt is in dire need of money and is willing to sell the controlling shares in the Suez Canal.  - Disraeli (1929 film)
  • The heirs are: the dissipated spendthrift Sir Patrick O'Shaughlin, the litigious Sir Murtagh Rackrent, the cruel husband and gambling absentee Sir Kit Rackrent, and the generous but improvident Sir Condy Rackrent.  - Castle Rackrent

Example sentences for "spendthrift" in interesting articles

  • Political operatives, many hired by SpaceX itself, debated the surprise defeat of the House majority leader, Eric Cantor, by a candidate who found even the very conservative incumbent too spendthrift for his tastes.  - What it took for SpaceX to become a serious space company
  • Now the federal government is imposing a vast new web of red tape on perhaps billions of these growth-generating private exchanges. For what purpose? So the spendthrift Congress can shake a few extra bucks out of private industry? The business sector is the generator of America’s high living standards, but most federal legislators just see it as a kitty to be raided or a cow to be milked dry. I’m stunned that there wasn’t a broader debate before such a costly mandate was enacted.  - Costly IRS 1099 Mandate Slipped into Health Bill

Meaning of "spendthrift" in English

  • recklessly wasteful
  • someone who spends money prodigally

Meaning of "spendthrift" in Hindi

  • अपव्ययी
  • अतिव्ययी ( Ativyayi, ativyayee, atiwyayi)
  • उडाऊ ( Udau., udaaoo.)
  • उड़ाऊ ( Udau, udaaoo)
  • अपव्ययी ( Apavyayi, apavyayee, apawyayi)
  • अतिव्यय ( Ativyay, atiwyay)
  • खर्चीला ( Kharchila, kharcheelaa)

Synonyms of "spendthrift"

  • prodigal
  • extravagant
  • profligate
  • spender
  • spend all
  • scattergood

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