How to use "squalor" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "squalor" in popular movie and book plots

  • None of these men is currently in any kind of relationship and they all scrape by from day to day amid the junk-filled squalor of the house.  - The Night Alive
  • Speaks, as the name suggests, about the loneliness of a man finding love in the squalor of a hostile world.  - Loneliness (short story)
  • Twenty-four days after leaving Nantes, the two friends arrive in Liverpool, where they marvel at unfamiliar English customs and are astounded at the depths of poverty and squalor in the streets.  - Backwards to Britain
  • As described in a film magazine, Abraham Kantor, born in the squalor of New York City's East Side, shows an early musical ability that wins his mother's support despite the obstacles in his way.  - Humoresque (1920 film)
  • Firstly, they had to live in squalor on their own.  - Rich, Famous and in the Slums
  • Mary soon discovers that, behind her respectable front, Mrs Voray forces her evacuee charges (five in all) to live in squalor and semi-starvation while spending the money intended for their upkeep on alcohol and personal fripperies.  - No Room at the Inn
  • Gangu and his family are forced to live their lives in squalor and to endure all sorts of abuse and degradation.  - Two Leaves and a Bud
  • These words in the midst of such squalor are ironic yet miraculous, causing the crowd to disperse and look into their own motives.  - Divinas palabras (1987 film)
  • Whispers can still be heard, though, of the ″Song of Kali,″ the condition of humanity dominated by hatred and violence, perfectly embodied, in the mind of the narrator, by the squalor and chaos of Calcutta.  - Song of Kali
  • Jeeter Lester, the patriarch, lives in squalor with his wife Ada, their two children, 16-year-old Dude and 18-year-old Ellie May, and his mother.  - Tobacco Road (play)
  • Seen through the eyes of two idealistic female students and a male university professor, the film captures two years of Mila’s life and the people who befriend her, the poverty and squalor she lives of Angeles City she lives in.  - Hope in Heaven
  • The owner of the boarding house tries to encourage the doctor to fall in love with his granddaughter, Dorita, so that his medical career may release them all from a life of squalor and penury.  - Tiempo de Silencio
  • In the back country of South Africa, black minister Stephen Kumalo (Canada Lee) journeys to the city to search for his missing son, Absolom, only to find his people living in squalor and Absolom a criminal after committing murder.  - Cry, the Beloved Country (1951 film)
  • Joe demands his boots back, but when the boy takes him to where he lives, the sight of the squalor causes Joe to leave without them.  - Paisan
  • The officers and men of his battalion learn to deal with the pressures and squalor of urban guerrilla warfare by drinking, making mischief and engaging in sexual orgies.  - A Breed of Heroes
  • While traveling by train to visit the Tiger, he is revolted by the squalor that still persists in poor and rural areas.  - A House Divided (novel)
  • Lien makes a private visit to Temeraire and announces that she has set herself to his destruction; as opposed to merely killing him, she wishes to see Temeraire deprived of all he holds dear, and live out the rest of his life in squalor and despondency.  - Black Powder War
  • dr Robert Verne (Robert Foxworth) is fed up with dealing with the squalor of city tenements, where he feels he isn't making a difference.  - Prophecy (film)
  • This shows an insight to Michael's adult personality; his determination to succeed in order to avoid raising his family in the same squalor his parents did.  - Click (2006 film)
  • He endures the coarseness and squalor of their home in hopes of keeping Piper and Russell in school and under control, but he is kicked out when he crushes Piper and Russell's toy guns.  - Maniac Magee
  • As the girls try to deal with the violence and squalor of prison, Hank begins work on their case.  - Brokedown Palace
  • They co-exist comfortably in languid squalor until Chinaski becomes upset after an altercation where he beats a wealthy man at the racing track who refuses to give up his seat.  - Factotum (film)
  • After seeing her story on the local TV news on the same day, Dean, the dismissed carpenter, and a widower living in squalor with four sons, decides to seek revenge, or more specifically, get Joanna to work off her unpaid bill and losing his tools.  - Overboard (film)
  • The young protagonist, Stach (Tadeusz Łomnicki), is living in squalor on the outskirts of the city and carrying out wayward acts of theft and rebellion.  - A Generation
  • The CHIP numbs a person's senses to the misery and squalor around them better than any drug and sold millions around the world.  - Syndicate (video game)
  • Upon their arrival, the kids are immediately exposed to the regimentation and squalor of camp life which is a stark contrast to their comfortable residences back home.  - Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown
  • Many workers come forth and accuse Alfredo of letting them suffer in squalor while he profited from their labors.  - 1900 (film)
  • As they walk through the streets of early morning Donnafugata, both of them overwhelmed by the squalor and despair surrounding them, both men think the situation has got to change, but where Chevalley believes it will, the Prince is convinced it won't.  - The Leopard
  • Though he appears to live in perpetual squalor in an abandoned warehouse, he is in fact a professional hitman, known as El Chivo (The Goat).  - Amores perros
  • The women live in squalor and Sethe is unable to work.  - Beloved (film)
  • Barbara is the first to realize the truth when a hypnotic disc intended to make her mind receptive to the hypnotic pulses slips off her forehead, causing her to realise that Morphoton is actually a place of dirt and squalor rather than beauty and luxury.  - The Keys of Marinus
  • Sacco devotes whole pages to drawings of the destitution and squalor prevalent in the occupied territories.  - Palestine (comics)
  • They end up living in squalor in a drafty London garrett.  - Pandora's Box (1929 film)
  • Blackadder smugly reminds the Merry Men that they face certain death if they're caught, live in total squalor in the forest with no toilet facilities, yet give all they steal to the poor, who do nothing but "sit on their backsides," waiting for the next cash installment.  - Blackadder: Back & Forth
  • He thinks sadly of the downfall and squalor of the South after the American Civil War.  - The Sound and the Fury
  • Tromeo lives in squalor with his alcoholic father Monty and works at a tattoo parlor with his cousin Benny and friend Murray.  - Tromeo and Juliet

Example sentences for "squalor" in interesting articles

  • “Bloodshed was not the unfortunate by-product of revolution, it was the source of its energy,” the historian Simon Schama wrote in his book Citizens (paywall), published in 1989 to mark the bicentennial of the French Revolution, which he said depended “on organized killing to accomplish political ends.”These stories ignore the fact that 80% of France’s citizens before 1789 were peasants, living in absolute squalor while a disconnected monarchy partied in Versailles, which often shocked foreigners who visited pre-revolutionary France.  - Assassin's Creed: Unity is re-igniting an historic debate
  • We're allowed to drink and smoke across state lines, buy buying insurance! *gasp* NEVER! The horrible, horrible, squalor and sinful temptation one could be led into by those LOW RATES! Buying insurance, it's just like SHOOTING CRACK I tell you! People need the government to control this behavior, FOR THEIR OWN GOOD! reply to this report spam log in or register to reply Sean W.  - Why I prefer French health care

Meaning of "squalor" in English

  • sordid dirtiness

Meaning of "squalor" in Hindi

  • मलिनता ( Malinata, malinataa)
  • गन्दगी ( Gandagi, gandagee)
  • गंदगी ( Gandagi, gandagee)
  • गंदगी

Synonyms of "squalor"

  • squalidness
  • sordidness

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