How to use "state" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "state" in popular movie and book plots

  • He runs and runs, eventually finding himself on a crowded state highway.  - Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  • Hickory shocks the state by reaching the championship game in Indianapolis.  - Hoosiers
  • When the emissary returns soon after, Hazel and his rabbits learn that Efrafa is a police state led by the despotic General Woundwort.  - Watership Down
  • Hans takes Bonnie to the competition at the state capital and prepares to sing a song written by Ribaldi.  - Rigoletto (film)
  • They then leave Rivendell and arrive at Bree and find that the little town is in a great state of fear.  - The Return of the King
  • Anna asks the Kralahome to give her ring back to the King; both schoolteacher and minister state their wish that she had never come to Siam.  - The King and I
  • Kip suffers severe frostbite and is kept in a state of cryopreservation while the Mother Thing's people figure out how to heal him.  - Have Space Suit—Will Travel
  • The welfare of each region is determined by the state of one of four shining crystals: earth, water, fire, and wind, respectively.  - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
  • Jenny nurses Garp, observing his infantile state and almost perpetual autonomic sexual arousal.  - The World According to Garp
  • She lavishes him with the attention of her and her fairies, and while she is in this state of devotion, Oberon takes the changeling.  - A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Andy begins writing weekly letters asking the state government for funds to improve the decaying library.  - The Shawshank Redemption
  • During the trip, she pulls over on the side of the road and falls asleep, only to be awakened by a state patrol officer.  - Psycho (1960 film)
  • Asuka is reduced to a catatonic state by her depression, and Kaworu Nagisa replaces her as pilot of Unit-02.  - Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Gracie is entered as "Gracie Lou Freebush", representing her home state of New Jersey.  - Miss Congeniality (film)
  • The fate of Princes Henry and Charles would be improvised; their role in state ceremonies was, as yet, uncertain.  - Gunpowder Plot
  • Godzilla returns to Monster Island, and Jet Jaguar returns to its previous, human-sized state and reunites with its inventors.  - Godzilla vs. Megalon

Meaning of "state" in English

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Meaning of "state" in Hindi

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